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-**C'tis** may refer to: +**C'tis** is an Egyptian-like civilization of lizardfolk, available in all three [[Ages]]. It may refer to: 
-  * [[c-tis-ea | EA C'tis, Lizard Kings]] +  * [[c-tis-ea | EA C'tis, Lizard Kings]] <- This one has Chariots, Dancers, and powerful 'Sauromancers' who've bathed in the Underworld. 
-  * [[c-tis-ma | MA C'tis, Miasma]] +  * [[c-tis-ma | MA C'tis, Miasma]] <- This one has Marshmasters, masters of Swampy magic, and the crocodilian giants they've accidentally awakened. 
-  * [[c-tis-la | LA C'tis, Desert Tombs]]+  * [[c-tis-la | LA C'tis, Desert Tombs]] <- This one has reformed 'Sauromancers' from crypts in the desert, who can rally Early-Age mummies.
 +All three have [[Death]] magic, and their best Mages are found in all of their forts.
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