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Fast Aging and Slow Aging

Some items provide points of Fast Aging, and each point of it doubles the amount of times a commander will age in a year. The turns that this extra aging is applied in are random, but are never over-applied or under-applied within a year, dumping all aging the commander has missed for that year on them when Late Winter comes.

For example,

  • The Forbidden Light provides Fast Aging 1, so units holding it will age twice each year.
  • The Heart of Quickness provides Fast Aging 2, so units holding it will age four times each year.
    • On the other hand, the Heart also provides Quickness, which adds 100% to the aging rate. This thus makes each instance of aging apply two years to the unit's age.

Other items provide "Unaging" or Slow Aging, which subtracts a fixed percentage from the aging rate. This goes against the aging boost provided by Quickness. For example, the Unaging Bless subtracts 75% from all Sacred units' aging rates, so a Sacred commander wearing Boots of Quickness will age only 25% (100% - 75%) more than a typical unit.

Uneven percentages have only their listed chance to apply years of age with each instance of aging. For example, a unit with a 125% aging rate (from wearing Boots of Quickness and having the Unaging Bless) will always age one year with each instance of aging, but will have a 25% chance of aging two years instead. Someone with a below-100% aging rate thus has a chance to not age at all.

  • Going back to The Heart of Quickness example; if the commander also has the Boots of Youth to provide 90% Slow Aging and the Elixir of Life to provide 80% Slow Aging, then they will have an aging rate of 30%, (100% + 100% - 90% - 80%), giving four 30% chances to age a year spread out across each year.

Not aging at all is possible, but it doesn't appear possible to age backwards through having a negative aging rate.

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