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Talk: Pretender Titles

Up to date raw titles

! Who Stole the Fire
# of Every Flame
# of Flames
the Flame of Evil
# of Fires
# of Ashes
# of Fires of the Earth
# of Volcanoes
# of Magma
# of Brilliance
# of Fever
# of the Desert Sun
# of Heavenly Fires
the Brilliant God
the Everburning One
the Loyal Master
# of the Dawn
Feeder on Impurity
the Burning Soul
# of Light
# of the Sun
Regent of the Sun
# of Volcanic Fire
# of Spring and Sunlight
# of Penitential Torture
Enemy of Darkness
Eater of Filth
Devourer of Sins
the Great Sun of Life
the Consuming Fire
! Who has the Sun as Eye
# of Air
# of Clouds
Rider of the Clouds
# of Mists
Holder of the Windbag
# of the Winds
# of the Wind and of the Hoe
# of the Scorching Winds
# of the Freezing Winds
# of the Four Winds
# of the North Wind
# of the South Wind
# of the East Wind
# of the West Wind
# of the Black Wind
# of the Desert Wind
# of Thunder and Lightning
the Pillar that is Purity
Reaver of the Skies
Warrior in the Gale
Messenger of Gods
# of Illusion and Masquerade
# of Storms
Maker of the Storms
# of Heaven
# of the Sky
Sky of all the People
! who Mounts the Clouds
# of the Breath of Life
# of Wind on the Waters
the Breathmaker
Bull of the Storms
the # of the Power of the Air
the Great Deceiver
the One Far Above
# of Water
the # Knowing the Waters
# of Deadly Waters
# of Fishermen
Harvester of Sailors
Friend of Sailors
Divine Inspector of Canals
# of Navigation
# of Rivers
# of Rain
the Boiling Spirit
# of the Raging Seas
# of the Eternal Sea
# of the Waves
# of Frost
# of Ice
# of Winter
the Long Winter
# of the Winter Realms
# of the Frozen Waste
Turner of the Flood
# of the Ocean Underneath
Keeper of the Water Dead
# of the Oceans
# of Primordial Waters
# of Primeval Depths
# of all Sources of Water
the Sea Mother
the Whirlpool
Ruler of the Ocean's Surface
Mother of Fishes
Opener of the Wells
Smotherer of Life
the Embracer
Lady of Embracing
She who Embraces
! who Strangles
! who Shoots Forth
! who Runs like an Arrow
Fountain of All Waters
Lady of Shipwrecks
Patron of Smiths
the Divine Smith
# of Forgiving
the Coppercaster of the Gods
# of Bricks
# of the Foothills
# of the Soil
# of the Stony Ground
# of Mountains
# of Metals
# of Inventions
the Inventor of Science
# of the Crafts
# of Earthquakes
the Earth Monster
the Armorer
the Unmoving Master
the Unshakable
# of Tremors
# of Might
# of Strength
the Fortifier
the Hammer of Gaia
the Mountain Lord
Guardian of Existence
Patron of Artisans
the Hungry Earth
the Maker of Mountains
# of the Forges
! Who Tempers the Spirit
Earth Mother
the Rock
# of the Rock
# of the Mountain Springs
# of the Greater Earth
# of Dirt
! who is on the Mountain
the Great Potter
Great # of the Earth
the Soul Forger
Warrior Against the Sun
! who Hungers for the Sun
# of Darkness
the Shadow Over All
! Who Loves not the Light
# of Shadows
# of Disease
! who Gave Birth to Death
# of the Dead
Guardian of the Dead
# of Famine
# of Plagues
Mother of the Plague
# of Pestilence
# of Death and Rebirth
# of Decay
# of Corruption
# of the Night Sky
the Eternal Judge
Judge of the Dead
the Watcher of the Gallows
# of Dark Magics
the King at the Crossroads
the Lady at the Crossroads
# of Terror
the Harvester
# of Untimely Death
# of Suicides
the Terror of the Tomb
the Lurker in the Crypt
the Collector of Souls
Guide of Souls
Star of the Dead
the Personification of Death
# of Death
# of the Afterlife
# of the Underworld
the Dead and Undying God
the Dead and Undying Goddess
# of Darkness and Destruction
Patron of Necromancers
the Grey One
the Shadow
the Pockmarked Savior
Gatherer of the Dead
Friend of the Dead
the Stealer of Corpses
# of the City of the Dead
Foremost of the Westerners
the Shadow of Death
the Old Quiet Lady
Pure Queen of Them Below
# of Eclipses
the Evening Star
the Morning Star
Divine Scribe
Crystallizer of Dreams
the Maker of Moons
Father of Horrors
Most Evil Mind
# of Insanity
Protector from Insanity
# of the Void
Shining Boat of Heaven
# of the Barge of Heaven
Opener of the Ways
# of Fortune
# of Arcane Mysteries
Lord of Luck
Lady of Luck
# of Stellar Lights
the Afterthought
# of Dreams
# of Astral Fires
Dispenser of Fate
# of the Celestial Bodies
# of the Heavenly Fires
# of Destiny
# of Fate
Director of the World
! Who Holds the Fate of All
# of Immortal Wisdom
! who Gave Birth to Fate
! who Gave Birth to Time
the Undeceivable God
the Baleful Eye
Pivot of the Universe
Maker of Everlasting Worlds
# of the Pole Star
# of Men's Fates
# of the Sacred Eye
Creator of the Calendar
the Far Traveler
! who Confuses the Way
! who Makes Clear the Way
the Persuasive One
the Fate of the World
Guardian of the Bridge
the Face Painted with Bells
Star of the Sea
the Brilliant One in the Sky
Light-Giver of Heaven
the Remote and Inaccessible #
# of the Healing Arts
# of Nature
the Carpenter of the Insides
Goddess of Birth
the Womb
the Mother of All Children
# of Growth
# of Fertility
# of the Forest
# of Animals
# of Vegetation
# of Verdure
# of Grasses, Grain and Reed
# of Plants and Trees
the Howler
Fecund Breed-Bull
# of the Wild Cows
# of the Dying Forests
the Unsleeping God
the Unsleeping Goddess
# of the Wildlife
# of Beauty and Charm
# of Poetry and Song
the Creator of Wine
# of Revelry
# of the Hunt
Herder of Men
# of the Blessed Lands
Patron of Herbalists
Healer of the Lands
First Born of Gaia
Patron of Berserkers
the Hidden One
# of the Forest that Thirsts
He Who Felled the First Tree
# of the Eternal Forest
# of Birds and Parrots
the Essence of Fertility
the King of Berries
Lady Precious Green
the Old Old One
Bringer of Abundance
# of Eloquence
the Leaflord
# of Insects
the Divine Shepherd
# of Horses
# of Hunting
Patron of Huntsmen
# of the Spring
# of Flowers and Spring
Midwife of the Gods
Gardener of Happiness
# of Forbidden Love
# of Afar
the Queen that Hungers
the Death Caused by Lust
# of Immortal Evils
Eater of Children
the Evil Prince
the Evil Princess
Patron of Human Sacrifice
# of Blood
# of Blood and Perfume 
# of Pain
Sovereign of Sin
Lord of Flies
Enemy of Infants
the Power Perverse
# of Taint
# of Suffering
Bane of Men
the Leech
the Leeching Darkness
the Bloodlusting Lord
Seducer of Life
# of Evil
Mother of Demons
God of Unnatural Lust
Goddess of Unnatural Lust
the Infernal Sovereign
Drinker of Blood
Lord of Kokytos
# of the Abyss
# of Horrors
the Man Eater
Tamer of Demons
Tower of Strength
Lord of Madness
the Merchant of Souls
Goddess of Eternal Youth
Left Hand of Knowledge
# of Wisdom
# of the Elements
! who is Crowned with Wisdom
Master of Magic
Mistress of Magic
# of Rainbows
# of Witchcraft
! who has Infinite Power
the Cat of Slime
the Vessel of Might
Exalted Above and Below
King of Kings
the Most High
August #
Lord of Fear and Trembling
Father of Gods
Mother of Gods
Prince of Majesty
Queen of Majesty
God of Invincible Power
God of Gods
the Beginning and the End
He who Is at the Center
the God above All
# of Many Names
# of this World
# who Knows All Things
the Everlasting Father
the Everlasting Mother
the Destroyer
Patron of Thieves
# of Beggars
Patron of Beggars
# of Fraud and Theft
Patron of Injustice
# of Tyrants
# of Insolence
# of War
Bringer of War
the Lover of War
the Angry Face
# of Chaos
# of Turmoil
# of Spontaneity
Enemy of Reason
the God with Backward Feet
Patron of Liars
# of Mischief
Bringer of Discord
the Jealous #
# of Bloodshed and Conflict
the Enemy of Both Sides
the Two-Faced #
She of Two Faces
# of Two Faces
# of Civilization
Gate of Peace
# of the Open Road
Patron of Merchants
the Divine Architect
# of the Hierarchs
# of Order
# of Patience
# of Discipline
# of Ostentatious Ornament
the Fountainhead of Order
# of Wealth and Power
# of Writing and Speech
Friend of All
Patron of the Rich
God of the City
Commander of Truth
Patron of Arbitrators
Protector of Oaths
# of Oaths and Friendship
Guardian of the Law
the Kindly One
# of Excellence
the Beloved Father
the Symbol of Unification
Great Defender
# of Marriage
# of Chastity
the Peacemaker
Destroyer of Demons
! whose Work is Perfect
the Foundation
# of the Harvest
the Giver of Food
Giver of Life
Nourisher of the Fields
# of Fruit Trees
Author of Life
# of Vultures
# of the Scorched Earth
# of Hope
Patron of Outcasts
Patron of Heroes
Guide of Heroes
the Compassionate
Goddess of Mercy
# of Gambling
Patron of Gamblers
Bestower of Good Gifts
Bringer of Misfortune
She Who Opened the Box of Woe
Enforcer of Misfortune
the Narrow Face
Giver of Riches
# of Greed
the Eternal Poet
the Teacher of Philosophy
# of Education and Science
# of Love
Cow of Plenty
Wish-fulfilling Cow
Mother of all Cows
the Battle Crow
the Wheel-God
# of the Turning Year
the Three Heads of Doom
the Huntress
the Virgin Goddess
Protector of Virgins
the Fire of Hatred
# of the Wastes
the Raging #
Enemy of Man
Lord of the Smouldercone
# of the Deeps
the Basalt #
Master of the Coral Towers
Mistress of the Coral Towers
Eater of the Lands
! of the Bountiful Tent
the Pearled #
Mother of Pearls
# of Stormy Coasts
the Proud Emperor
# of the Emerald Throne
# of the Spheres
the Eternal Emperor
# of the Fay
the Once and Future King
Lady of the Lake
Mistress of Avalon
# of Iron and Machines
# of the Swamp
the Serpent Mind
Lord of Poison
# of Choking Moisture
the Entombed #
# of a Thousand Stars
# of Time
the Savior
the Shroud
Enemy of Life
the Adversary
Soul of Darkness
the Stillness of Death
Master of the Seraphim
Mistress of the Seraphim
the Storm Herald
the Blizzard King
# of the Morning
Marshal of the Host
# of Justice
Soldier of the Sun
Bright Sun of Justice
the King Unjust
the Fallen #
the Beast
the Beast #
# of the Wild
# of the Gallows
the Hanged God
Father of Ages
Mother of the Vanir
Lord of Niefel
Lady of Niefel
the Hunger Without Thought
the Lurker at the Threshold
He Who Should not be Named
the Key and the Gate
the Future Past
She of the Jade Skirt
Jaguar King
the Bloody Mistress
the Eater of Hearts
Patron of Cannibalism
the Twisted Obsidian One
# of the Obsidian Blade
the Obsidian Butterfly
the Lawgiver
the Corn #
Minister of the Five Elements
Minister of the Eight Winds
God of Luck Through Hard Work
the Rice #
# of Medicine
# of Medical Arts
the Summer Lord
the Heart of Darkness
# of Spiders
the God in the Mountain
the Goddess in the Forest
the Wheel
# of the Apes
the Hunger Below
the Maker of the Seal
the Obsidian Mind
# of Opulent Halls
the Golem #
# of the Tombs Underneath
# of the Bakemono
# of the Oni
# of the Date Clusters
House of the Date Clusters
Lady of the Bountiful Tent
the Lamenting #
the God-slayer
# of Near and Close
the Self Created Master
Sword of Balance
the Awesome
Patron of Soldiers
Patron of Languages
# of Courage
# of Agriculture
Patron of Farmers
the Unforgiving #
Councilor of Gods
# of the Cold North
# of the Frozen Marches
# of Gluttony
He Who Waits
the Night Hag
Duke of Hell
Fiend of the Wounding Spear
# of Silence
# of Desire and Grace
Lady of the Obscure
Lady of the Creamery
the Great Leap Forward
Desire of All Nations
the Born God
the Unborn
the Self-Manifested #
Collector of Things Lost
Banner of Victory
The Many Eyed #
Patron of all Bards
the Mouth of $
the Voice of $
the Will of $
the Fist of $
the Herald of $
the Messenger of $
the Chaplain of $
the House of $
the First General of $
the First Minister of $
the Eternal Bookkeeper of $
the Right Hand of $
the Left Hand of $
! who is Always Behind $
Firstborn of $
the First Follower of $
the Second Follower of $
the Son of $
the Daughter of $
! who Aided $ to Victory
! who Saw $ First
! who Heard $ First
! who Betrayed $ and Survived
the Most Devout Follower of $
the Joy of $
the Seed of $
the Housekeeper of $
! who Walks Before $
Foremost of $'s servants
the Slave of $
the Marshal of $
the Flame of $
! who Carries the Flame of $
the Light of $
the Wrath of $
the Breath of $
the Keeper of the Storm of $
the Keeper of the Flood of $
the Boatkeeper of $
the Wallkeeper of $
the Hammer of $
the Anvil of $
the Forester of $
the Dark Hand of $
the Shadow of $
the Star of $
the Bright Mind of $
the Slaver of $
the Spirit of the Fear of $
the Judge of $
the First Priest of $
Enforcer of $'s Prophecies
Protector of $'s Name
$'s Shield Man
Mighty One of $
Star Out of $
Only Potentate of $
Branch of $
Counselor of $
! who Gives Advice to $
First-begotten of $
Lover of $
Mistress of $
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