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Talk: To-Do List

Conquest of Elysium 4

Probably should be another wiki installation at, since I'm guessing the games will have different needs. lmk as I haven't played coe. –Timotej

Lets also be sure that things default to Dom5, not to CoE. Lets not lie to ourselves and pretend that Illwinter has two great game series - Mandarbmax

As long as there's some easy way of finding to the other wiki from the Dom5 start page, that's fine. If Illwinter comes out with other titles, I'd like wikis for them as well - and for that matter I think it could be good to include other tangentially related materials, like e.g. tabletop homebrew documents. - Althaea

Illwinter has two great game series and other great games they won't share with the rest of us. -pencils (a floor plan generator wiki would also be good)


I'm in favor of singular forms in general, in the style of Wikipedia, unless plural is clearly more appropriate, e.g. "List of Blesses"

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