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Adept Cross Breeder

A unit possessing this ability has a better chance to get rare units when performing the Cross Breeding, Improved Cross Breeding, and - to a lesser extent - Infernal Breeding rituals. It also positively affects the number of units created with each ritual. Other factors, such as era and scales also affect the outcome. Testing of Infernal Breeding1) indicates Luck 3 / Misfortune 3 has more impact than neutral Luck scale when generating certain unit types.

See also: Infernal Breeding

FIXME As each value of this ability found in-game is divisible by 2, I assume it is half as effective for Infernal Breeding, but do not have any concrete evidence ~~Saiden

Adept Cross Breeder Items

The following items will grant your assassin, thug, or supercombatant this ability.

The Manual of Cross Breeding blood 33nature 3315bloodslave15naturegem Construction 8
Makes the user adept at animal husbandry until they are caught at it. BY HORRORS.
Adept Cross Breeder +20
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