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After Action Reports

LA T'ien Ch'i - Exercise in Masochism

Author: TiredTaleTeller
Nation: LA T'ien Ch'i
No. of players: 9
Map: MapNuke
Mods Worthy Heroes

I had intended to do a write up of my first win as MA Ulm weeks back, but due to some of the events in that game, plus the fact it was a newbie game it left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided against doing so. So here is my second solo Dom5 win instead. To the AAR

Ea Kailasa - Dominions 5 on Hard Mode: the Ballad of the Flying Brick

Author: FilthIncarnate
Nation: EA Kailasa
No. of players: 12
Mods J Brereton's Balance Mod (JBBM)

FilthIncarnate, warrior sage of the Ruby Discord, takes us through an attempt at making Ea Kailasa work. Along the way he highlights his approaches to diplomacy and focus on game winning. A tome that bears much pondering. To the LP

Kirkostaculis - Hey Man, nice mod. For a clown to play, at the circus.

Author: Gonadic Io
Nation: Kirkostaculis
No. of players: 8
Mods Pretenders Enhanced, SILT, Domingler, many nation mods.

Gonadic Io takes us on a journey through the wide world of Dominions mod nations. He plays Kirkostaculis, a nation of giant clowns, in a Ruby Discord "modgame" featuring nations of trolls, ants, feet, and… rocks? Hilarity ensues! To the LP

LA Mictlan - Less New, More Bad

Author: Purple XVI
Nation: LA Mictlan
No. of players: 9

Purple XVI, self proclaimed main character of the Ruby Discord, concludes the "newbad" trilogy of Let's Plays. These LPs chronicle a series of games played only by people who had never won a game on the server. Purple's playstyle involves a lot of bribery, extortion, and extremely litigious readings of Discord messages. An experience not to be missed! To the LP

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