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Air Shield

The Air Shield ability gives the unit a percent chance to ignore non-area of effect projectile attacks that would otherwise hit it. As well as bow and crossbow projectiles, this also affects projectiles created by spells such as Blade Wind and Iron Blizzard. Projectiles with a described area of greater than "one person" are unaffected, as are those that ignore shields.

There are three sources of Air Shield: Unit tags, spells, and magic items. The unit ability applies Air Shield to the unit who has the tag. The Air Shield spell applies this effect to the caster, while the Arrow Fend spell grants it to all allied units on the entire battlefield. The Amulet of Missile Protection, Robe of Missile Protection, Shield of Valor and Silver Hauberk all grant the wearer an Air Shield that will be in effect at the beginning of any battle.

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