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Mages can perform Alchemy in any province with a laboratory. This converts two gems of any one type into an astral pearl, or two astral pearls into a gem of any type, and it happens instantly. This can be done to produce gems of needed types in a pinch. Click on the desired Gem icon (), or the pearl () next to the gem type you intend to spend, to make the exchange.

Unlike almost every other action that you can take, Alchemy cannot be undone in-menu. To undo Alchemy, you must press "x" to negate all of your alchemical exchanges made before you last closed out of the menu. The alternative is to quit without saving in the Options menu; this will, of course, undo other actions you made in that turn before you last saved and quit.

Example Exchanges:

  • 2firegem1astralpearl (Spend it wisely!)
  • 3firegem1firegem1astralpearl (There are no half-Pearls or half-Gems.)
  • 4firegem2firegem1astralpearl2astralpearl1naturegem (Not super-efficient, but an option.)
  • 4firegem2firegem1astralpearl2astralpearl1firegem (NO REFUNDS!)
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