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Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice is a national trait that allows priests to sacrifice blood slaves at temples in exchange for 1 temple check per slave. A sacrificer can use 1 blood slave bloodslave per turn up to their holy level for blood sacrifice in addition to any adept sacrificer value they might have.

If there is a laboratory present in the province and there are blood slaves left in the treasury the mage will automatically be assigned more slaves at the start of the next turn.

Nations that can blood sacrifice:

  • Early age: Mictlan, Marverni, Sauromatia, Abysia, Pangaea, Vanheim, Helheim, Hinnom, Berytos
  • Middle age: Abysia, Vanheim, Vanarus
  • Late age: Marignon, Mictlan, Abysia, Midgård, Gath

This is useful whenever you need to aggressively expand your dominion.

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