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Here is a list of YouTubers for Dominions 5 in alphabetical order. Are you or someone you know not on the list? Feel free to update the list.

Symbol Youtube Channel Active in the last 6 months
attica.jpg Attica No
bloax.jpg Bloax Yes
cardjrable.jpg Cardjrable Yes
dartimos.jpg Dartimos Yes
dastactic.jpg DasTactic Yes
ddrjake.jpg DDRJake Yes
fogmind_gaming.jpg Fogmind Gaming Yes
game_master_dave.jpg Game Master Dave Yes
general_confusion.jpg General Confusion Yes
jbrere.jpg jBrereton Yes
kirbyone Yes
last_pretender.jpg Last Pretender Yes
lucid.jpg Lucid Tactics Yes
Maerlande Yes
marcusaureliuslp.jpg MarcusAureliusLP No
mu.jpg Mu Yes
nuclearmonkee.jpg Nuclearmonkee No
nunnullus.jpg Nunnullus Yes
olympus_entertainment.jpg Olympus Entertainment Yes
perun.jpg Perun Yes
r2_plays_poorly.jpg r2 Plays Poorly Yes
rck79.jpg RCK79 Yes
saquenay.jpg Saquenay Yes
the_distant_horizon.jpg The Distant Horizon Yes
zan.jpg Zan Yes
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