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Here is a list of YouTubers for Dominions 5 in alphabetical order. Are you or someone you know not on the list? Feel free to update the list.

Symbol Youtube Channel Active in the last 6 months Is Dedicated only to Dominions?
aganea.jpg Aganea Yes Yes
AO Reaper Yes Yes
arco_alias.jpg Arco Alias Yes Yes
astarvox.jpg Astarvox No Yes
attica.jpg Attica No Yes
battlemode.jpg BATTLEMODE Yes No
battlemoose.jpg Battle Moose No No
bcnoexceptions.jpg bcnoexceptions No Yes
bing_xi_lao.jpg BING XI LAO Yes No
bloax.jpg Bloax Yes No
bluejay.jpg Bluejay Yes No
camoes_gamer.jpg Camoes Gamer Yes No
breaking_the_stream.jpg Breaking the Stream Yes No
chazzyburger.jpg ChazzyBurger Yes No
colonial.jpg Colonial No Yes
cyrusexile.jpg CyrusExile Yes No
darksidecookies.jpg DarkSideCookies Yes Yes
dartimos.jpg Dartimos No Yes
dastactic.jpg DasTactic Yes No
ddrjake.jpg DDRJake Yes No
Donald Allen Yes Yes
eidoloclast.jpg eidoloclast Yes No
elitezeon.jpg EliteZeon No No
enraged_eggplant.jpg Enraged Eggplant Yes No
er__zero.jpg er__zero Yes No
fogmind_gaming.jpg Fogmind Gaming No No
game_master_dave.jpg Game Master Dave Yes No
generalconfusionplays.jpg GeneralConfusionPlays No No
generalist_gaming.jpg Generalist Gaming Yes No
hp_munchcraft.jpg HP Munchcraft Yes Yes
ic0n_gaming.jpg Ic0n Gaming Yes No
in_gamia_res.jpg In Gamia Res No Yes
ironcinder.jpg Ironcinder No Yes
iseenub4.jpg iSeenUB4 No No
jbrere.jpg jBrereton No Yes
josh.jpg josh Yes Yes
kirbyone Yes Yes
Klavicus Gaming Yes No
lab-grown_mox.jpg Lab-Grown Mox No Yes
last_pretender.jpg Last Pretender No Yes
libluini.jpg Libluini Yes No
lucid.jpg Lucid Tactics Yes Yes
marcusaureliuslp.jpg MarcusAureliusLP No No
meneliki.jpg Meneliki Yes No
mu.jpg Mu Yes No
nuclearmonkee.jpg Nuclearmonkee No Yes
nunnullus.jpg Nunnullus No Yes
officiallydevin.jpg Officially Devin No No
offyd_sgamegrounds.jpg OffyD's Game Grounds Yes No
ogiwon_tv.jpg Ogiwon TV Yes No
olympus_entertainment.jpg Olympus Entertainment No No
cardjrable.jpg Panic Yes No
perun.jpg Perun Yes No
perungamingau.jpg PerunGamingAU Yes No
r2_plays_poorly.jpg r2_plays_poorly No Yes
RCK79 Yes No
real_homosapien.jpg Real Homosapien Yes No
saquenay.jpg Saquenay No Yes
self_critical_automaton.jpg Self Critical Automaton Yes No
socal_gg.jpg SoCal GG Yes No
j_liu.jpg Sombre Yes Yes
sorcererdave.jpg SorcererDave Yes No
splorky.jpg Splorky Yes No
stehlen.jpg Stehlen No Yes
stonetroll.jpg Stonetroll No Yes
sy.jpg Sy No Yes
temeron_s_tactics.jpg Temeron's Tactics No Yes
the-3-horned_boar.jpg The-3-Horned Boar Yes No
the_archcast.jpg The ArchCast Yes No
the_distant_horizon.jpg The Distant Horizon Yes No
the_false_god.jpg The False God Yes Yes
the_pale_wizard.jpg The Pale Wizard Yes Yes
the_psiko_gamer.jpg The PsiKo Gamer Yes No
time_and_tactics.jpg Time And Tactics Yes No
tlaloc_.jpg Tlaloc_ Yes Yes
tokshen.jpg tokshen Yes No
trajanus22.jpg trajanus22 Yes Yes
tyrianstrasz.jpg Tyrianstrasz No No
uristmcary.jpg uristmcary Yes No
vagrant.jpg Vagrant Yes Yes
wadestar.jpg WadeStar Yes No
yakri.jpg Yakri No No
zan.jpg Zan Yes Yes
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