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Damage Reversal

When a unit with damage reversal should take damage, the attacker must make a magic resistance check or take the damage instead. This is similar to blood vengeance, which differs in that the intended recipient takes the damage regardless of the magic resistance result.

Damage Reversal inflicts "internal" damage; it is not prevented by Ethereal, Luck, Twist Fate, Mossbody, or Mistform. If the attacker fails the magic resistance roll, they take AN damage equal to the damage that would have been dealt to the defender.

The point value next to the trait is a modifier for the penetration roll the trait-possessor rolls against the attacker's magic resistance check. Since the unit being attacked rolls penetration, they win ties.

Sources of Damage Reversal

The only item that gives Damage Reversal is the Flesh Ward, an Artifact that the wearer can't take off. This provides Damage Reversal (+2); since Base Penetration is 11, that means the wearer's base Penetration for Damage Reversal is 13.

Once you've completely finished your Research in Blood, the Damage Reversal spell can be used by even blood 11 mages at the price of 1bloodslave.

Other than that, Damage Reversal is a very rare ability. The two groups it's found on are some of the grislier Horrors and especially-bloodstained religious figures. Middle and Late R'lyeh also have access to Damage-Reversers, in the Vastness and the Uttervast Pretender Chassis.

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