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Dominions Discord Servers

Dominions' most thriving community is currently on discord. Discord is a website which functions similarly to a feature rich IRC client. There are many discords related to dominions, both general ones and specialized ones.

Gamehosting Servers

Gamehosting servers are servers that host multiplayer games, most of them using the Clockwork Bot. All feature channels dedicated to Dominions strategy discussions, active games, and non-Dominions related talk. These servers tend to be large, active, and act like hubs for other dominions activity.

Dominions Nexus

The largest and oldest server is known as Dominions Nexus and is run by Althaea, who moderates just about everything. As the largest Dominions Discord you can find more than a little bit of everything there, from noob games to mod strategy to book clubs!

Clockwork Hounds

The next largest is Clockwork Hounds hosted by Drithyl, creator of the Mr. Clockwork bot which has revolutionized the world of Dominions game hosting. This server is no more focused than Althaea's discord but has by far the most active blitzing community.

Reddit Dominions Discord

After this is Reddit Dominions which is most notable for having an outrageous concentration of high concept meme games, having given rise to the entire Aleph series which has inspired many spin offs and derivative meme games.


A Discord server aimed at facilitating people's entry into the multiplayer scene by providing mentorships. Anyone who joins the server may request a private channel where they may ask for advice from experienced "Mentors" without fear of giving away anything to their opponents.

Dominions Games Hub

Welcome to the Dominions' s Game Hub. This is a home for players looking for Dominion's games. Feel free to look around at the games and maybe join one! (…) The goal of this Server is to exclusively serve as a place for games and the tools Game Hosts need to start those games. If you have a ping here, it's because of a game.

Ruby server

The last general server of note is the very official discord server, often referred to as the ruby server. This server mostly caters to something awful community and their strange and alien memes (see

YouTuber Servers

YouTube servers are Discords belonging to a specific YouTuber. Some of them have gamehosting capabilities (e.g. Lucid's and General Confusion's), while others are dedicated to discussing the work of your favourite YouTubers.

General Confusion

Specialized Dominions Discord Servers

The specialized Discord Servers are dedicated to covering a specific topic.

Dominions 5 Wiki and Technical Projects

This discord is primarily about improving the illwiki. Join up and help improve the wiki.

Dominions Guides & Discussions

Created by 7thPath, this Discord was created as part of an ongoing effort to stimulate the writing and discussing of strategy guides and for authors to promote their content. Each guide gets a separate channel where players can give feedback to the author and discuss the guide.

Mod Discords

These Discords are dedicated to modding Dominions.


DominionsMods is a discord server for all the mods. They have a channel for each mod. If a mod you know is not there, you could ask the moderators to add it.


Hellenika is a greek themed mod pack chiefly by Aethernomad. The discord for it plays host to a surprisingly active noob modding community

Legendary & Confluence

Legendary by Executor is one of the most complex and opaque mods ever created adding thousands of events to spice up a regular game. This server pulls double duty for both it and Executor's other mod pack, Confluence, a combination of all of his mods. Executor has also created a range of quality maps that can be found here.

The FourthAge Mod

The Fourth Age mod is a Post LA mod pulling themes and color from the very early age of the sail, the renaissance, and the late middle ages for inspiration. (…) The final goal as far as balance is concerned is that any of the mod nations could be slapped into an otherwise purely vanilla LA game and not be notably stronger or weaker then any of the other factions.

Dominions of Middle-Earth

Dominions of Middle-Earth seeks to insert Tolkien's lore into the world of Dominions as if it were a mythology as Tolkien intended it to be.

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