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Darkwolf's Good Turn Habits

Author: Darkwolf
This guide was first published here. If you have a suggestion please visit the Dominions Guides and Discussions Discord.

This guide was made by the one and only Darkwolf with a tiny bit of help from his friends.

Good Turn Habits

1) Go through
the Messages

  • Remember you can press m to open the Read Messages menu.
  • Read all the events and other notifications before giving battles more than a glance.
  • Go to locations where you find gems. Sites are important so it makes sense to know where yours are to protect them better
  • Make sure to read the throne description if one has been claimed. It will tell you what events are caused by this, like Gaia spawning hordes of creatures.

2) Review all
the battles

  • If a battle contains more than a squad of raiders without a mage watch it.
  • For enemies it is important to review their scripting, what gems their commanders are carrying, thug gear, and if any thugs or sc get afflictions.
  • Watch your own battles for the same reasons seeing if your thugs or sc get afflictions or if the enemy is attempting to counter script. People reinforce stealthily and switch gear all the time. By looking at all non-raiding battles you avoid losing in future battles, since you will discover that this Tartarían has a completely different gear and script setup than he had a few turns back.

3) Gain strategic

  • Take a moment to look at the map. Even if you want to get into the turn and are in a rush, take a moment to make sure that you understand the new situation.
  • Note if any new enemy forces have appeared near your land.
  • Look at where your forces are situated. Imagine where you want them to be a few turns from now.
  • Press F9 to open the Thrones page. It pays to know who has the most thrones or thrones that let them recruit amazing mages with different paths then their nation has access too.

4) Check the
various menus

  • Press F1 to see all your provinces. Do a quick survey to make sure everything looks right, then click tab and make sure everything has 1-6 pd.
  • Press F3 to check the Hall of Fame. This lets you see what kind of thugs your enemies are using.
  • Press F5 to remind yourself of what you are researching. Ask yourself if you need to change anything.
  • Press F6 to quickly check what Globals are up.
  • Press F8 to make sure you have equipped all your research boosters. Remember, mages cannot benefit from having two research boosters of the same type.
  • Press b to see what Mercenaries are available and who has won previous auctions for Mercenaries.

5) Do all

  • Do diplomacy before you do your turn. That way you don't have to redo your turn because of a new NAP.

6) Spend your gold

  • Compare your income to your upkeep. When your upkeep approaches 50% of your income be more conscious about what you recruit.
  • Decide if you need more infrastructure as in forts, temples or labs, or more troops.
  • Consider what troops and mages you will need in future turns.
  • Press r to check what you are recruiting in each province starting with your capital.
  • As soon as you can afford it, prioritize recruiting cap-only mages - and units if they are important to your nation.
  • Whenever you conquer a new province make a mental note of any special recruits in that province.
  • Make sure to recruit scouts if you can.

7) Give orders to
your commanders

  • Press n to cycle through your commanders. Give them your orders.
  • Consider what you want to do with your mages. Do they need to forge anything? Is there a ritual you could benefit from (like a remote sitesearch)? Should you send some out to sitesearch?
  • Check your sitesearching mages and make sure they are set to "Retreat".
  • Press t to see what troops and commanders are available in a province. Check their scripts, formations and placement on the battlefield. Make sure none of your archers are scripted to "Hold and Attack"
  • Check your mage scripts. Are they casting what you want them to? Do they have the gems they need?
  • Double-check your mage scripts. Did you really script them right? Did you set up your communions right? Are the spells cast at the right time?
  • CHECK those scripts again until you develop script OCD! Or maybe not.

8) Plan ahead

  • Make sure your mages load up with spare gems when going to the field or
  • Better yet, make sure you bring scouts along with gem refills for your mages. This is really important and really easy to forget. Not ferrying gems to your mages properly may result in wasted future turns.
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