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Life Drain

Life Drain is not extra damage, but instead is a way for the attacker to restore his or her hit points and fatigue by damaging an enemy. Once damage has been calculated (if the target is a living unit), the attacker with life drain:

  • Increases its hit points with damage / 2
  • Reduces its fatigue by damage x 2

Partial life drain are less potent, and only the first 5 points of damage dealt are treated as drain. The remainder are considered normal damage only.

Life Drain cannot increase a unit’s hit points above 150% of its maximum hit points +10. Lifeless units only take 25% damage (after Protection). Life drain and Partial Life Drain can be gained from spells like Soul Vortex or weapons like Bloodthorn Some units like Vampire Lords have natural attacks with life drain.

Units with the inanimate tag cannot be life drained. They can life drain as normal.

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