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Mistform is a powerful defensive buff that mages can apply to themselves with the spell Mistform, or to an entire army with Fog Warriors.

It reduces any source of damage against the affected unit by 25 points, to a minimum of 1 point. Then, it will dissipate if:

  • The damage was magical
  • It did more than 25 points of damage
  • A 1% chance regardless

Since nonmagical attacks rarely do more than 25 points of damage after protection, Mistform is most commonly broken by magical attacks; it makes units nearly immune to nonmagical damage.

Since solo raiding thugs mostly fight province defense with their mundane weapons, Mistform is a powerful buff on air thugs such as Vanjarls.

Fog Warriors (Alteration 7, air 55, 3airgem) can make an entirely army nearly immune to mundane attacks in opposing armies unless an opponent can quickly apply some small amount of magical damage to the battlefield to break it. It is still useful against large magical attacks, since it will essentially negate the first blow from hard-hitting elites with magical weapons like Shard Guard and Sheshai Anakites.

Fog Warriors is strong enough to be a defining research goal for air nations that can readily cast it.

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