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The Dominions 5 Mod Inspector

The Inspector by Larz is without exaggeration the single most important tool in the dominions community, for everyone from the greenest noob to the most grizzled veteran. The in-game user interface obscures a lot of information from the player; for example, there is no way to find what exact unit a spell summons in-game, except for actually casting the spell! The mod inspector allows you to peruse these stats in fantastic detail, removing a significant barrier to learning the game and improving your play.

The mod inspector allows you to find the stats on:

  • Items
  • Spells
  • Units
  • Sites
  • Mercenary Companies
  • Events

However, the mod inspector is still not perfect! As of 2022, the following issues remain:

  • Gold costs of mage-commanders recruited from discovered magic sites are much lower than they should be.
  • Recruitment point costs are not properly calculated.

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