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Dominions 5.61

The major change in this update is that scoregraphs will now only be revealed when the last human player dies. This will prevent those eliminated early from revealing the graphs in multiplayer games. There has also been a whole bunch of other fixes, including some important AI related ones.


  Scoregraphs now only revealed when the last human player dies
  Gem bait prevention fixes
  Break Siege orders were canceled when changing magic items
  Claim Throne orders were canceled when changing magic items
  Supplies from magic sites didn't work properly
  Info about lance restrictions now shown among item stats
  Fix for independent mages with berserk ability rushing forward in melee
  Age numbers from decay didn't take slow aging abilities into account
  Number of mountains shown in map editor statistics
  Magic sites in kelp forests didn't work properly
  Fix for magic shields staying damaged on commander
  Stygian Paths didn't initiate a magic phase battle
  Air shield showed incorrect value when it came from more than one source
  AI magic item evaluation bug fixed
  Fixed bug where AI could sometimes unequip a cursed item
  Fix for move getting incorrectly converted to patrol when playing against AI
  --benchmark didn't print the result correctly
  Fixed potential crash when shutting down Linux version
  Event fixes
  Typo & stat fixes

Dominions 5.60

This update consists of a bunch of bug fixes, minor tweaks as well as a few usability and performance improvements. E.g. affliction chance is now based on the highest of max-HP and current-HP, preventing pretenders attacking into hostile dominion from getting too many afflictions.


  Armageddon wish now leaves corpses in provinces
  Affliction chance is now based on the highest of max-HP and current-HP.
  Added information about Marignon Inquisition feature in nation summary
  Fixed potential exploit with leadership boosting items
  Iron Darts/Blizzard now have the iron tag
  Fix for rain of stones not hitting heads as often as it should
  Cast order could be removed when changing items if gem treasury was low
  Can no longer give retreat orders to mindless commanders
  Fixed layout when writing messages to other players
  Unholy weapon bless didn't affect enemy pretenders, fixed
  Performance improvement for main map screen
  Scrollbars can now be navigated using Home/End keys
  Fixed bug that made the ground flicker slightly in some battles
  Fear overflow fix
  Crash fix for badly formatted map files
  Safer handling of corrupted files
  Potential crash fixes
  Typos & stat fixes


  Mods are now sorted alphabetically
  Fixed crash in mod error checker
  Fix for #coastcom getting an incorrect popup
  Mod security fix
  Mod error checker can be exited with Return/Esc
  Manifestation couldn't use negative monster numbers properly

Patch released 2023-04-21

Dominions 5.59

This update contains a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. AI players will now handle disciple games better and a bug preventing the AI players from equipping items properly has also been fixed. The game will also work better for some users of the new AMD Radeon driver in Windows.


  More new AMD Radeon Windows drivers should now be detected and work ok
  Fix for AI in disciple games not handling allied territories properly
  Fix for certain remote spells not being castable underwater
  Communion boosts now affect penetration properly
  Fix for missiles sometimes hitting an incorrect bodypart
  Rituals that should sometimes horror mark the caster didn't do this
  Faster creation of games with very many players
  Fixed bug with worm mage becoming an unkillable ghost
  Thawing didn't work properly
  Phoenix Pyre no longer works on swallowed beings
  --kelppart didn't work
  Tzitzimitl range weapon was not always visible
  Map drawing performance improvement
  Save bugfix for very large games
  AI item equip bug fix
  Minor Mapeditor fix
  Fix for Censer weapon stat box
  Stat and typo fixes

Patch released 2023-01-26

Dominions 5.58

Dominions 5.58 The most important fix for this version is that Dominions should now work better with the new AMD graphics driver for Windows. This fix should be enabled automatically for the relevant driver, but if it isn't start the game with the "–renderpath 1" startup option (no ""). There are also a bunch of bug fixes and small new features that have accumulated since the last update.


  OpenGL Info button in 3D settings
  Keyboard shortcut 'm' to toggle monthly ritual
  Symbol shown for negative Blood Searcher bonus also
  Independent Enchantresses have more spells to choose from
  Possible item duplication bug fixed
  Details on Gale Gate description added
  Mechanic Bonus now affects Clockwork Soldiers too
  Dagon now digests swallowed victims properly
  Pressing Del to delete orders didn't work
  Description for Poison Weapons
  --renderpath startup option (--renderpath 1 works better on new Windows AMD driver)
  Passwords of up to 49 characters can now be used everywhere
  Network server didn't send host status messages when in text mode
  Dominions could hang on a corrupted 2h file, fixed
  Stat and typo fixes

Patch released 2022-10-10

Dominions 5.57

With about half a year since the last update it is time for another one. This update consists of mostly bug fixes and minor stat fixes. One notable bug fixed in this patch is that blood slaves could not be used to boost the caster's level in combat properly.


  Fix for monkeys not becoming the right type of soulless
  Increased maximum number of combat reports per turn file
  Ghost Ship Armada reported wrong number of kills & gold when multiple armadas were active
  Kindly Ones behavior changed to correspond better with description
  Unleash Imprisoned Ones didn't change the site properly
  Utterdark Fiends of Darkness can no longer spawn underwater
  Blood Slaves could not be used to boost caster's level properly in combat
  Fix for AI spell choice vs nearby enemies
  Heal didn't work properly for units with altered max HP
  New --blindlog features (ctrl-p in army setup and main map)
  --blindlog province connections also mention status of rivers and mountain passes
  Carrion Reanimation removed too many corpses
  Wish soul slay effect didn't slay the soul properly
  PD could sometimes be raised past limit if shift was pressed
  Fix for deselecting commander from commander group
  Oath Stone site now also grants a commander for PD
  --statusdump could get a turn nbr -1 after network host, fixed
  Magic gems capped at 25000 per type
  Fix for corrupted text with newer versions of the sdl2-ttf lib
  Most ghostlike units are now amphibious
  Tartarians can now enter the water
  Ichtycentaurs now also have a hoof attack
  Stat and description fixes


  Event commands req_targaff & req_targnoaff now accept high bitmask values properly

Patch released 2022-02-25

Dominions 5.54

A small patch, mostly to improve the performance of very large games.


  Potential host crash bug fix
  Improved path finding and battle performance when many enchantments are active
  Immobile ranged units will fire at closer target if main target is out of range
  Improved description for enter void gate order
  Fixed rare bug where allied armies could create a pushback when moving past each other
  Gem bait tweaks

Dominions 5.53

This is mainly a bug fix update, but there are a few new improvements as well. Most importantly it fixes a bug that removed excess gems from rituals if you changed the caster's magic items while he was casting it. Yomi also got a boost as their Oni now have full item slots in their spirit form as well.


Nation Overview now mentions if the nation can build underwater forts
Communion Masters with conservative gem usage didn't try to use spells of higher levels
Oni Spirits now have full items slots
Petrification could remain after battle ended in some rare circumstances, fixed
Fixed start location bug occurring when only a few nations had 'specstart'
Better randomization of who gets to attack an indie province first
Blood Vengeance can no longer punish its owner
Fix for Soul Slay not properly slaying the soul
Disease Demon now amphibian
Altering magic items no longer removes the Blood Hunt order
Fix for extra gems being removed from rituals when changing magic items
Faery Trod will no longer cross water boundary by mistake
Faery Trod can no be cast from kelp forests as well
Blood sacrifice bug fix
Fix for some battle effects not taking effect on very rare occasions
Fix for stats details when both blind and lost eye
Stability improvement
Event fix
Stat fixes
Typos fixed

Modding New weapon command: #soulslaying

Dominions 5.51b

Small Update / Patch Notes Posted Sun, December 13

This is a quick fix for a problem the occurred when forging unique items in the previous update.


  Forging unique items prevented any further forging that turn, fixed.

Dominions 5.51

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, December 9

This is a bug fix update. Most notably it fixes a long standing bug where mages overcompensated when trying to hit fast moving targets, so fireballs should work better against cavalry units now. There is also a bunch of other bug fixes. As for modding, scripted events will now be resolved in a random province order. This should make it easier to create effects that affect a limited number of provinces with random events.


  Aiming overcompensated for fast units, fixed.
  Wishing for non unique items didn't work properly
  Communions did not boost spell ranges properly
  Iron Darts and some other spells/missiles were not properly affected by shields
  A unit can now have more simultaneous effects on it (to prevent communion exploit)
  Fix for hit areas when clicking on sprites
  Settings window can be closed by the return key
  Could use some army formation setup shortcuts when it shouldn't be possible
  Desert vegetation bug fix
  Problem with specstart in map file fixed
  Ongoing construct palisade orders are removed when finding a fort in a site
  Fix for restore recruitment queues
  Cataclysm warning event now occurs one turn earlier
  Fix for Ind hidden dominion exploit
  Stability improvement
  Stat & typo fixes


  Scripted random events now resolved in random province order
  req_maxdominion now works for negative values too
  Documentation fixes

Dominions 5.50

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Sat, October 24

Version 5.50. This is the first time we have reached version .50 when patching a game, so ideally this update should be full of exciting stuff. But unfortunately it is only bug fixes and a few new modding features. But at least these bug fixes are quite important as Dominions could crash during the host phase without them.


  Stealthing allied forces could incorrectly take over siege, fixed.
  More generous hit areas when clicking on sprites
  Dominions 5 could crash during host (pillage stage)
  Horror Seed could crash if more than 2000 units were in the same province
  Horror Seed could sometimes horror mark mindless units
  A PD unit could sometimes have the global enchantment icon, fixed.
  Typos fixed


  Mod Error Check can now report bad image files
  Increased maximum number of researched spells 1000 -> 1500

Dominions 5.49

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Mon, September 21

This is mainly a bug fix update, but there is also some new modding features and Invulnerable Sauromancers for early age C'tis.


  Fixed bug where some items on main map could not be clicked on sometimes
  Fixed occasional incorrect battle message in disciple games
  Death explosion chain reactions now work properly
  Make sure Phoenix Pyre is gone for swallowed beings before spitting them out
  Rat Tail and some other weapons destroyed shields much too easily
  Elephants now have head slots
  EA C'tis Sauromancers now have invulnerability
  Feast for Ghuls now produces upkeepless ghouls
  The --noglfinish behavior is now default (Use --glfinish for old behavior)
  stat fixes


  New event commands: #setpoptype, #setxp
  New monster & item command: #adeptsacr
  New spell command: #strikesound
  The #worldage command didn't work correctly

Dominions 5.48

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, August 12

This is mostly a bug fix update for incorrect armies shown on the main map. But there are also a few new features, balance changes and other bug fixes.


  Fix for 'c' showing unclickable battle reports
  Fix for PD not being present in raid battle replays
  Only one type of monsters were show in each province on map, fixed
  Elephant Barding now has head protection as well
  Updated soulless types for Life After Death
  Sites with limited range were not actually range limited
  EA & MA Abysia, Theorodos, Lanka and LA Phlegra now has more expensive mercenaries (25%)
  Lemuria now has more expensive mercenaries (100%)
  Wishing for unique units bug fix
  Magic items were not scaled properly on the F1 screen
  Rounding error for heat scale info fixed
  In very large battles some units could be unaffected by battlefield wide spells
  Yomi can now recruit Demon Priest in all provinces
  Yomi home site counts as mountain for Oni spawns
  Onis didn't get rid of poison and excess damage when becoming spirits
  Marid is now amphibious
  Event and stat fixes


  #montagweight didn't work
  All commands that take a Nation Number can now take a Nation Name instead
  Event command #xp didn't work properly

Dominions 5.47

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Mon, July 20

This update makes battle replays more consistent when upgrading Dominions or any of the mods used. It will help in future upgrades (to version 5.48+) and when upgrading mods during ongoing games. There are also major balance changes to Mekone and a whole lot of new minor features, bug fixes and mod commands.


  Battle replays less affected by upgrade to new version of Dominions or Mods
  Scoregraph flashes when you keep mouse over nation flag
  Shadow no longer leaves ground when a flier takes off
  Ind's hiding dominions now works better with custom named provinces
  Fix bug with Ind's dominion hiding effect
  The Eyes of God is no longer affected by Ind's dominions hiding
  Niefelheim could get duplicated greyed out giants in recruitment list
  Salt could affect non-salt-vulnerable targets, fixed
  Fix for cataclysm horror battles
  Wrong province info was shown after Game Over
  Bone Grinding cripple effect was incorrect
  Icon for curse bestower
  Gifts from Heaven cannot be cast in a cave province
  Meteor Shower cannot be cast in a cave province
  Perpetual Storm from summoning the four dwarves didn't work correctly
  Storms no longer affect caves
  Magic Resistance bless gained from Thrones no longer capped at 18
  Battle sound effects lower volume at increased speeds
  MA Caelum Citadel of Frozen Crystal now spreads cold
  Summon Ghulah cost 23 -> 31
  Host "Update Scoregraphs" part is now a lot faster
  Magic Weapon bless didn't affect missiles
  Unit recruitment wasn't always reset properly when province was conquered
  Damaged helmets never got repaired
  Stat bonuses from larger now stack with other enlargements
  More sacred commanders can now be affected by the unaging bless
  Random map mountains were not draw on large maps with much mountains
  --nouseolddata switch (disable Battle Replays not being affected by upgrades)
  Fix for map not adjusting to window size properly
  Kurgi will now also destroy thrones while besieging a fort
  Fix for Maker of Ruins fort destruction ability
  Fix for monthly casting of multiple Voice of Tiamats
  Host crash bug fixed
  Reduced memory usage
  Stat and typo fixes


  Archon slow to recruit, recruit everywhere, cost increased to 305
  Geronte and Ephor slightly cheaper
  Polemarch is slightly younger
  Gigantomachia reduces price for giants by 10
  Gigantomachia Dominion conflict bonus +2 -> +3
  Gigantomachia easier to cast 5/4 -> 4/4
  Blessing of the God Slayer now blesses the commander properly
  Gigante reclimit increased by +1


  New event commands: #req_worlditem, #req_noworlditem
  New nation commands: #minprison, #maxprison
  New monster commands: #maxprison, #enchrebate10, #enchrebate20, #montagweight, #appetite
  New monster/item mod commands: #shapechance
  New event commands: #req_godisnotmnr, #req_mincorpses, #req_maxcorpses
  #natcom and #natmon didn't work with monster names
  #drawsize wasn't shown correctly in some places
  Can now use multiple #req_targpath1 etc. for a single event

Dominions 5.46b

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, June 3

This is a quick fix for a problem with disciples for awake pretenders in the previous patch.


  Disciples for Awake Pretenders were not awake, fixed
  Wrong secondary shapes for some of Ubar's Ghuls
  Marids can now be summoned under water as well
  Ubar's Marid summoning was incorrect
  Typos fixed

Dominions 5.46

Major Update by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, June 2

A brand new nation called Ubar is now available for the Early Age in Dominions. Ubar is the kingdom of the Unseen, the Jinnun of the deserts. Its heart is a paradise hidden beyond three deserts of scorching heat, one red, one white, and one as black as the night. However the paradise was sealed off by the previous Pantokrator and cannot be accessed until the Pretender God trapped inside manages to break free.

There are also new random events, new features and the usual bug fixes.


  New EA nation Ubar
  Ritual Spells are now preserved if possible when changing magic items
  New random events
  Bug fix for 'x' to restore recruitment
  Network couldn't handle really large turn files, fixed.
  New item for Na'Ba: Jinn Bottle
  Icon for Minimum Leader Size
  Commanders stats in recruitment screen now also shown as if in a neutral province
  Stat and typo fixes


  Parsing fix for commands with numbers, e.g. #range050
  New nation command: #futuresite
  New monster and item command: #saltvul

Dominions 5.45

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Sat, May 9

This is a small patch that fixes a gold exploit introduced in the previous update. Cheating this way would be discovered by the cheat detection, but it was still serious as the exploit could be triggered by mistake.


  Recruitment was not reset properly when a fort was besieged, fixed
  Lands initiated in a random order to prevent skewing of unique sites
  Cheat detection/prevention can now sell gems to pay gold debts

Dominions 5.44

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Mon, April 27

This update comes with various improvements, bug fixes and new mod commands. The mod parser has also been slightly remade, hopefully making it less likely to parse things incorrectly in the future.


  Improved automatic site search behavior for rituals
  Magic item battle spells could not be scripted unless also researched
  Mind Hunt will no longer attempt to target mindless commanders
  Infiltration, Lure, etc. now has normal assassin wall climbing restrictions
  Plant beings cannot use twiceborn
  Hotkey for fire & keep distance didn't work on commanders
  Nordic name commanders could get an empty name
  Fix for resource accounting bug during repeat recruitment
  Soul Slay also prevents Phoenix Pyre, Reincarnation and the Nazca Mummify ability
  Directional Dwarf global effect no longer delayed
  Directional Dwarf hurricanes will no longer affect underwater provinces
  It was not possible to wish for the Directional Dwarves, fixed
  Fix for wrong province name in Wish spell
  Site cheat mitigation
  --blindlog to create a special blind friendly log
  ctrl-c print connections for current province to blind log
  ctrl-o move to a province by entering the province number
  Popup for formation fighter now shows the value of the ability
  Fixed Vaetti ages
  Nemedian Mages got increased Magic Resistance
  Moose are now cold resistant
  More popups
  More stat & typo fixes


  More robust mod parsing
  New monster command: #drawsize
  New item command: #itemdrawsize
  New spell mod commands: #reqplant, #reqnoplant
  Fix for linked randoms with +4

Dominions 5.42

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Sat, March 7

A minor bug fix release, that fixes some problems with the last patch.

General Breaking down forts didn't take place on the first turn, fixed Soul slay now prevents twiceborn too Twiceborn chassis fixes Fix for –tcpquery (broke in previous update) Stat fixes

Dominions 5.41

Major Update by Dominions 5 Posted Fri, March 6

All Nordic giant nations have been updated and there is one entirely new nation called Vaettiheim. Vaettiheim is a nation of mostly small goblins called Vaettir, but there are also a few giants there. There is also a lot of minor improvements, balance tweaks, bug fixes and new commands for modders.


  New late age nation: Vaettiheim
  Niefelheim, Jotunheim and Utgård have been updated
  New heroes for Jotunheim and Utgård
  New rituals: Summon Dwarf of the Four Directions and Winter's Call, Summon Rimvaetti
  Illwinter global now enables a limited recruitment of Niefel Giants in all Forts
  Illwinter cold spread didn't work correctly
  Moose Riders leave behind a rider when the moose die
  More Nordic names
  Curse Tablet is now difficult to resist
  New Pretender Gods: Great Archon, King in Yellow, Serpent of the Underworld and Demiurge
  New unit for LA Marignon: Plague Doctor
  New twiceborn chassis
  Twiceborn ritual cost is now size dependent
  Option to close windows by clicking outside them
  Speedup when selecting commander with sail ability
  Icon for Summon Allies
  Ind hidden dominion information leakage fixed
  Flame Jelly fireshield didn't work under water
  Squad size was not always updated correctly after setting guard commander order
  lumber construct increased prot
  Mictlan jaguar pretender cost fix
  New icons for some underwater sites
  Contact Jinn & Summon Jinn Warrior more expensive
  Na'Ba lab cost 250 only in wastes
  Hit locations did not take Larger bless into account
  Supply usage did not take Larger bless into account
  Weapon damage no longer capped to 50% on head hits on a being that cannot live without its head
  Unique non-artifacts could be mass produced on one turn, fixed
  Minor fatigue damage vs immune beings no longer shown in log (chill/heat auras)
  Automatically found sites are now found on turn 0 (for games with extra start provinces)
  Crossbows and Arbalests had infinite ammo, fixed
  Beam Weapons no longer hit the user
  Fix for battle summonings from retreated units
  Break Siege now lasts for the entire turn (also vs. random events)
  It was possible to keep reanimating Supayas when besieged
  Wrong popup for Supaya reanimation
  Most heroes are now unique, i.e. there can be only one of each
  Kavi Archer cheaper
  Zhayedan more expensive and -1 Att skill
  Caelum could sometimes get guardian angles for non-priests, fixed.
  Commander recruitment point fix
  New random pretender title
  Improved spell info for certain combat spells
  Recruitment greyed out when province has 0 resources
  Faery Queen now has Iron Vulnerability
  Message when a commander dies from old age
  Items didn't go to lab when dying from old age due to ritual, fixed
  Assassination targets now don't care about conservative gem usage
  Some battlefield wide offensive spells will never be cast against few opponents in order to save gems (especially when on conservative gem usage)
  Huntress for Ind 2 rec points
  Perpetual Storm now always has a visible snow/rain effect in battle
  Undo for Alchemy
  Help screen for Alchemy
  Arena combatants could refuse to fight when they wore the slave collar
  Net and Web are now separate effects
  Possible game freeze fix
  Ghost Ship Armada wasn't removed properly when the last armada was defeated
  Mictlan Slave Warrior got a Stone Spear
  Darkvision bless effect from sites wasn't shown properly
  Ind Lord of Heathen Tribes ability is no longer restricted to one per province
  Ind Lord of Heathen Tribes ability now increases unrest slightly
  Ind Bishop Vicomte & Viceroy Primate now reduces less unrest
  Game Victory message is now written to debug log
  New random events
  Event fixes, stat fixes, typo fixes


  New nation commands: #defchaos, #defsloth, #defdeath, #defmisfortune, #defdrain
  New nation commands: #badindpd, #coastrec, #coastcom
  New site commands: #nat, #natcom, #natmon
  New monster commands: #domshape, #notdomshape
  New monster & item commands: #dompower, #slaver, #slaverbonus
  New item command: #deathpower
  Maximum number of descriptions increased
  #snaketattoo didn't work
  New event commands: #req_arenadone, #req_godismnr
  Don't crash when the maximum number of researched spells for a player has been exceeded
  Fix for #noreqlab getting the wrong popup
  #req_targnotowner and similar new commands didn't work
  #tempscalecap now caps all scales

Dominions 5.39

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, November 28, 2019

A small update that fixes a few annoying bugs that were introduced in the Jubilee update released previously.


  Ind no longer has national PD in swamp fort provinces
  Not possible to recruit more than one commander per turn & fort
  Game crashed when giving items from lab to a commander
  Balance tweaks for Na'Ba summons
  Na'Ba stat fixes
  Description for Birds of Splendor
  Typos fixed


  #req_targowner was broken

Dominions 5.38 (2 year anniversary)

Major Update by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, November 27, 2019

This two year anniversary update comes with two brand new nations Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert and Ind, the Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue.

Ind is a fabled kingdom of marvelous riches hidden beyond heathen lands. In Ind every soldier is a priest, every priest is a bishop and every noble is a King.

Na'Ba is a hidden kingdom from which traders with silver tongues travel far and wide with luxurious wares imbued with ancient magic. Na'Ba is a middle eastern inspired nation where the rulers are descendants of a race of mighty Jinn.

There are also a bunch of new features, improved modding capabilities and bug fixes. Among the new features is an improved Ghost Ship Armada and prior searches being shown while selecting target province for site searching rituals.


  New nation: Ind, Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue
  New nation: Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert
  New pretenders: Bronze Colossus, Wooden Colossus, Statue of Beginnings, Ilahat of Fate, Ilahat of Might
  New ability: Iron Vulnerability
  New ability: Unseen
  Improved battle log for missiles/spells
  Increase maximum length of battle log for 64-bit versions
  Maximum nbr of installed maps increased in 64-bit versions 300 -> 1000
  Battle enchantment popup shows who has cast it
  Less filtering of main map, making it sharper when zoomed out
  Prior searches shown for site searching rituals
  New keyboard shortcuts in Forge screen
  Flyers could get stuck when trying to attack units on walls
  Ghost Ship Armada is now a real ghost armada of growing strength
  Patrol Strength shown under the Precision stat
  Undisciplined units now have halved patrol strength
  Fix for advancing multiple rounds of combat with the 'n' key
  Fix for God Vanquished message
  Routing units sometimes failed to run in fort battles
  Routing units will now sometimes take a slightly non-straight route
  Winter Wolves now have frost breath
  New longdeads for some nations
  Dragon tail slap was used too often
  Fixed memory leak in map editor
  Expand all province borders (ctrl-x) much faster now
  Improved spell details
  New icons for kelp forest & gorge
  Icon for Obfuscate ability
  Icon for Corruptor
  Improved cheat detection
  Fix for commander queue resource exploit
  Shortcut help screen for Unit Overview and Gem Transfer (press ?)
  Commander only filter for Unit Overview (c)
  Red background in searched gems for untraceable gem income
  Statistics in map editor now includes Team Starts
  Sometimes a unit losing an arm could retain his magic 2-handed weapon
  Magic Duel could miss in some circumstances
  --tcpquery together with --nodonwlmods will not enable/require any mods
  Sites affecting aging rate will now affect all recruited commanders
  Unstealthy units can no longer raid out of besieged forts
  Fix for item equip rules not being enforced properly
  Black Hawks got Dive Attack
  Event fixes
  Typo and stat fixes


  The commands #notfornation and #onlymnr can now be used multiple times
  New spell commands: #notmnr, #sethome
  New item commands: #clear, #unique
  New nation command: #domsail
  New monster & item command: #batstartsum1d3, #ironvul
  New event commands: #req_targnotowner #req_targnotally #req_targally
  New event commands: #req_targnopath1...#req_targnopath2
  New event commands: #arena, #resolvearena1, #resolvearena2
  New event commands: #codedelay, #codedelay2, #resetcodedelay, #resetcodedelay2
  Random event text length increased 1200 -> 1400 characters
  New special event texts: ##natname##, ##profname##
  The '%' character can now be used in descriptions
  Non commanders can also have retinues
  #undeadreanim didn't work
  Maximum nbr of events increased 6000 -> 6500
  Speedup for random events
  Maximum number of outstanding delayed events increased
  Fix for shapeshifters in random event triggers

Dominions 5 Jubilee Update

News by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, November 19, 2019

To celebrate the two year anniversary of Dominions 5 on November 27th, we will release an update with two brand new nations. Ind, the Magnificent Kingdom of Exalted Virtue and Na'Ba, Queens of the Desert.

Ind is a fabled kingdom of marvelous riches hidden beyond heathen lands, based on the medieval myths of Prester John. In Ind every soldier is a priest, every priest is a bishop and every noble is a King.

Na'Ba is a hidden kingdom from which traders with silver tongues travel far and wide with luxurious wares imbued with ancient magic. Na'Ba is a nation inspired by preislamic arabic kingdoms and the nabateans of Petra. It is a land of men and giants ruled by descendants of the Jinnun of Ubar.

The update will also feature a remade Ghost Ship Armada global as well as a bunch of new features, fixes and new modding capabilities.

Dominions 5.36

Regular Update by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, September 11, 2019

This update brings Performance improvements, bug fixes as well as some new features. Also the 64-bit version for Windows will now be used by default if possible. Modders also get a few new commands to use.


  Earliest time for the eruption of the Burning Mountain delayed by one year
  Spell AI Improvements
  Battle performance improvement
  Blood mages smarter at sharing blood slaves
  Icon for Slaver
  Sorting of units/commanders from sites
  Solar Brilliance and Solar Rays can no longer be cast without a sun presence
  Fix for incorrect temple destroyed message
  New launch option: --noglfinish
  Out of time sound warning during network play
  New launch option: --timerwarn (set seconds before hosting for a warning sound)
  Improved cheat prevention
  Magic duel now only affects one target
  Precision 100 spells could miss in some rare cases
  Attack rear now behaves better when targeting flying units
  Speedup of map editor area editing
  Immobile units can no longer be seduced
  Automatic site searching no longer targets captured capitals
  Scrying sites now have a default range of 6 provinces
  Fix for arena winner getting an unusable item
  Innate Spell Caster and Time Stop didn't work properly
  Province owner hiding effect no longer hides from neighboring provinces
  AI fix


  64-bit win version is now HiDPI aware
  Recreate temp dir if it has been deleted while the game is running
  Put an empty file in temp dir to prevent it from looking deserted


  Remember scrollbar position when selecting mods
  Increased maximum nbr of abilities by 4
  Minor mod related memory leak fixed
  Spell commands: #ainocast, #aibadlvl, #aispellmod, #details
  Event commands: #req_targminsize, #req_targmaxsize
  Unit & Item commands: #uwregen
  Item commands: #minsize, #maxsize
  Site commands: #scryrange


  • Capture slaves: In addition to the ~2.5 popkill per slave, it now generates ~1 unrest per slave
  • Sun Presence: "Buer and Solar Disc are suns. Forbidden Light is part of the sun. They allow you to cast Solar Brilliance." (kristoffer)

Dominions 5.35

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, June 19, 2019

This update comes with a 64-bit version for Windows. It is not used by default, but can be used if you want to try it. It should be a bit faster than the 32-bit version and if no major problems arise it will be made the default one for 64-bit systems. There are also a few bug fixes and a few new features such as the Fata Morgana enchantment hiding who owns the province and which buildings it has.


  64-bit Windows version (beta)
  New shortcut 'K' for Blood Sacrifice
  Fixed spell AI bug where battlefield wide spells (e.g. divine blessing) would not be cast when the enemies were outnumbered.
  Fata Morgana now uses a province ownership hiding effect
  --research 4 didn't work
  Serpent Acolyte's Hydra summoning was not terrain restricted
  Epopteia raised Dominion instead of lowering it
  Fix for twiceborned lizards
  Improved cheat detection
  Start position tweaks
  Description and typo fixes

Dominions 5.34

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Sat, June 8, 2019

This update contains various bug fixes as well as new contents for Man and Pythium. There has also been some performance improvements and new features for modders.


  New unit for MA Man: Landless Knight
  New Pythium rituals: Katabasis, Epopteia
  Serpent Priests can train Hydras in swamp temples
  Mother of Avalon reduced in price
  R'lyeh dreamland dominion didn't spawn mad men for disciples
  LA Pythium has automatic 10 poison res bless effect
  Increased AoE on Gift of the Sacred Swamp
  Increased magic on Renatus and Renata
  Hydras cheaper
  Serpent Assassin now costs 2 Rec.Points and can be recruited everywhere
  Army targeting rituals got broken in the last update, fixed.
  Icon for Temple Trainer
  Battle performance improvement
  Map scroll wheel zoom is now frame rate independent
  New independent poptype
  Time limit for battle auto rout increased, 75 -> 90 rounds
  --mapprov didn't set number of provinces in map editor
  It was no longer possible to turn off host time interval completely
  Find starting position speedup
  Check for bless effect scale restrictions when starting a new game
  Turn limit for some severe emigration events
  Wishing for Dominion slightly more effective
  Gold +xxx message showed the wrong number
  Summon Spirits shortcut 'A' didn't always work
  If castle is besieged 'y' only shows units that will participate in a break siege
  You were too likely to fail finding your own items after a battle
  Wrong message after freeing your own castle without a battle
  Some Bakemono were not changed to size 1, fixed
  Spell AI could cast fear spells on berserking units
  It is now possible to a network host to force a cataclysm
  New layout for network host screen
  File handle leak on Corrupt Turn File fixed
  Vampire Event fix
  Stat and typo fixes


  New monster mod command: #notsacred
  New event modding commands: #req_targnoorder, #req_targnoaff
  Mod .sgi files can now be automatically downloaded too

Dominions 5.32

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, May 14, 2019

This update adds new heroes for a number of nations and new summons for the Japanese inspired nations. Other notable improvements are unique vampire summons for Ulm, user interface improvements, additional details shown for many rituals. There is also the usual bug fixes, minor tweaks and improvements for modders. The manual has been updated as well.


  New heroes for Rus, Vanarus, Shinuyama, Man and MA Xibalba.
  Spell details printed as yellow text
  Late age Ulm can now summon a limited amount of unique vampires
  Sneaking commanders have grey backgrounds on Army Setup screen
  New layout for Host Schedule for network games
  New layout for Select Nations during network play
  View statistics in Map Editor
  Army affecting rituals will now target the largest enemy army if multiple are in the same province.
  New summons for some of the Japanese nations: Araburu-kami, Omukade, Bakeneko, Tanuki, Okami
  Oni Generals can command more regular units
  Bakemono Sho size 2 -> 1
  Bakemono have mountain rebate
  Shuten-doji now has invulnerability
  Kappa has land encumbrance instead of negative land reinvigoration
  Recruitment rebates now affect the price directly
  Some heroes got older in later eras
  Fix for Siren's lure message
  Forge item screen now remembers the selected item type
  Burning Mountain site can now only appear in the capital of Phlegra
  Master of the Games starts with a random heroic ability
  The detailed Dominion info now takes hostile dominion penalties into account
  Fix for some bad 3d backgrounds in main menu
  Try harder to create temporary file
  Improved Combat Speed info on monsters
  Plate Hauberk defence penalty -3 -> -2
  Combining multiple PD rituals didn't work properly
  Seduction could result in incorrect message when no commander was found
  Grey Ones got too many eyes when imprisoned
  Rec Points is no longer capped at 40000 population
  Bless effects sorted properly
  Make sure not too many render commands get buffered up
  Fix for disciple design points after pressing 'r'
  Pangaea White Minotaur is now a multi hero
  Fall damage from Wind Ride is now size dependent
  Perpetual Storm increases map movement cost
  PD have home province
  Toad Tribe PD fixed
  Fire Shield values slightly raised
  Bane Venom Charm less deadly
  A mage will refuse to cast communion slave when it is the only caster left
  Fix for potential double host when using schedule with fixed host times
  Add/remove pretender 2h files manually on server during network game creation and the game status will be updated accordingly
  Numbness will no longer affect units with cold res 5+
  Error messages when trying to cast Twiceborn on undeads and similar
  Chaos Power, Magic Power, etc. now affects stealth value too
  A New special troll province
  A commander's auto spawned units appears in squad with same units
  Nametype bug fix for new heroes
  Network game would crash if no nation was selected the first time
  Chak Muuch Dart Thrower now has a poisoned spear
  Description and typo fixes
  Biddyn map fix
  Stat fixes
  Site fixes


  New commands: #reqspellsinger, #reqtaskmaster, #reqseduce
  New commands: #enchrebate25p, #enchrebate50p
  New commands: #noreqlab, #noreqtemple, #sleepaura, #startheroab
  New commands: #bugreform, #reformtime, #springimmortal
  New event commands: #req_targnomnr, #req_targprophet, #assowner
  #onlymnr can be used with montags
  #poisonarmor and #berserk for items didn't work
  Improved modding error messages
  #newweapon and #newarmor no longer requires a number
  Event Modding: delay 0 events will now be resolved in the same turn
  Event Modding: #delayskip

Dominions 5.29

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, February 12, 2019

This Balance patch alters scale effects, bless effect costs, pretender costs, summoning rituals, many of the powerful spells and much more. Maximum Dominion Strength is no longer capped at 10, meaning that temples can increase it above 10. This high dominion will help when trying to push weaker dominions and when you want to recruit even more sacreds. Global blood rituals now have their strength value required for dispelling divided by two, because blood slaves are easier to get than normal gems. It is also easier to permanently kill immortal beings, any soul slay effect will do it now. Hopefully all of this should make more strategies viable when trying to win the game. There are also a lot of minor changes, bug fixes and modding improvements.


  Many balance changes
  Dominion Strength no longer capped at 10
  Phantasmal Attack now gets archers too
  Mechanical Militia got more men and an iron fly
  Phantasmal province defence for Fata Morgana improved with new phantasmal archers
  Teleporting units can now cross Sea of Ice
  New look for Wailing Winds and some other battle enchantments
  Normal Soul Slaying also kills immortals permanently
  Spell AI improvements
  Blood globals only use half amount of blood slaves to determine strength
  Two Bracers of Defence no longer stack
  Vampire Queen creates vampires once per winter
  New disciple titles
  Do not create incorrect status dumps during network host
  Increased maximum message length
  Spies can no longer infiltrate own capital when it is besieged
  Ring of Returning removed afflictions when used
  Knight who lost both arms lost their hoof attack, fixed
  --nocrashbox to disable crash dialogue box on Windows
  --renaming didn't work with --newgame game creation
  Site searching warning now takes level 4 sites into account as well
  AI will now longer send mercs to the arena
  AI got same name for all 3 gods in a trinity
  Centaur commanders can now equip magic lances
  Mirror image no longer removed by poison, blood vengeance and similar
  Scrollbar could not be grabbed at top of army setup screen
  AI performance improvement
  AI bug fix
  Fix for Ritual of Rebirth giving mummies of the wrong size
  Small bugs now have poison damage only
  New sound for trampling gelatinous cube
  Could not see all PD in extreme cases
  Blood Surge is printed in combat stats
  Improved castle info for Ulm and Agartha
  Fateweaving bless effect was not shown
  Fix for incorrect road on Biddyn map
  Event fixes
  Stat fixes
  Typo and description fixes

Bless Balance Changes

  Bless Magic Weapons cost 2 -> 4
  Death Explosion size dependent
  Swiftness bless, cost 2 -> 3, def +1
  Frost Weapons bless, cost 5 -> 4
  Quickness bless, magic scale 1+
  Larger bless, cost 5 -> 4, no longer incarnate only
  Fortitude bless, cost 7 -> 8
  Luck bless, cost 8 -> 9
  Reforming Flesh bless, cost 7 -> 6
  Berserker bless, now for non blessed sacreds too

Scale Balance Changes

  Scale changes: order income 2->3, order resources 2->3
  Scale changes: growth income 4->2

Other Notable Balance Changes

  Altered cost for pretenders, most monsters a bit more expensive and most titans a bit cheaper
  Horde of Skeletons has a lower number of effects
  Demon Bane easier to make
  Holy Scourge more expensive
  Wailing Winds gem cost 1 -> 2
  Fire Storm 5 -> 3 gems
  Rigor Mortis 1 -> 3 gems
  Solar Brilliance 5 -> 3 gems
  Condor got reduced siege bonus


  Delay 0 events now prevents following events from happening normally
  req_monster... uses original shape for both monsters
  Maximum number of mods files downloaded increased
  Spell number of attacks 500+ = one extra per two extra levels
  New monster command: #lanceok
  New item command: #islance
  #req_nopath... didn't work
  Fix for Gigantes being called No Name when using mods
  Mod and event manual fixes

Dominions 5.27

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, October 2, 2018

This update fixes the incorrect battle replays that could occur when mixing Windows and Linux computers. There was also a false cheat report when using trinity pretenders in the last patch that has now been fixed. Read the list below for more fixes and features that made it into the patch.


  Battle inconsistency between Linux & Windows fixed
  Cheat detection was incorrect for newly made trinity gods
  Master Password can be used when changing password
  Only one message for killed immortal non-commanders reappearing
  Border summon spells no longer shows AoE in spell info
  Mounted commanders could get wrong sized mummy after Ritual of Rebirth
  Too slow map move for some rare mages
  Early Arcoscephale got new PD commander
  Sailors' Death and Blood Boil now causes internal damage
  Sun Awe printed on magic item info
  Slimed now slows the victim
  Commander minimum size printed in morale info
  Hydras had wrong number of eyes
  Cyclopes now require size 4 commanders
  Stat and event fixes


  Don't show Conjuration Bonus 0 etc.
  New event command: #req_thronesite

Dominions 5.26

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, September 13, 2018

This update has a new late age nation called Phlegra, Sleeping Giants. There are also many bug fixes, UI improvements, tweaks and improvements for modders.


  New nation: Phlegra, Sleeping Giants
  If two players can win with the same amount of Ascension Points most dominion wins
  Can change password during the game
  Replaced PD info with total unit count in army setup screen
  Number of eyes show in 'hit locations' (size stat details)
  Free map memory before creating new random map
  Increased minimum random map size
  Chariots become giant soulless when they died
  Oni cave province defence now gets a demon priest at PD level 1
  Petrification only worked about 50% of the time
  Summoning enchantments are now somewhat less effective
  Scrollbar when viewing premade gods is not reset
  Earth elementals are now stone beings (immune to petrification)
  Golem start age is now 0
  Random river tweak
  More detailed dispel global enchantment message
  Fixed bug where you could select an illegal formation
  Drowning blood slaves message was incorrect
  Removed debug print from finding start position, making it a bit faster
  Fire as default for flying archers
  Fix for tramplers trampling one square too much
  Heat and Chill aura bless gives increased resistance 5 -> 10
  Fateweaving harder to resist
  Cheat detection takes blesses into account too
  AI pretender design sometimes didn't spend all points
  Lingering effects with strength modified damage didn't work
  Improved feedback for wind ride
  Fix for site 'The Highest Peak'
  Sprite fix for Titan of Growth and Spring
  Stay dead after losing head and changing shape
  Ryujin didn't always get their pearl
  Immigration message mentions amount of people
  Too many ability icons could overflow
  Don't show swimming icon for amphibians
  Trinity god 2 & 3 didn't auto bless units
  Don't crash for assassination attacks in unforeseen places
  Fixed crash when viewing history replay before viewing map
  Battle log fix
  Event fixes


  #req_targowner didn't work
  New monster & item commands: #corpselord, #ivylord, #dragonlord, #lamialord
  New monster & item commands: #alchemy, #warning, #deadhp
  Monster commands: #indepspells, #corpseeater
  Item commands: #hp, #recuperation, #noforgebonus, #stealthboost
  Item commands: #yearaging, #noaging, #noagingland
  nation description for nations with same name didn't work
  res_targundead...req_targmagicbeing didn't work
  fix for info on items with #batstartsum
  pregame events that occur when game is created
  poisonarmor without value didn't work
  Increased maximum number of new descriptions
  Better load PNG support

Dominions 5.24b

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Fri, June 22, 2018

Since a few versions back Dominions could crash when using perfectly good mods, this small update takes care of that.


  Dominions could still crash on recruitment screen with modded units, fixed.
  Dominions could crash when creating a game with many modded nations, fixed.

Dominions 5.24

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Mon, June 18, 2018

This update fixes a crash that could occur when using modded nations. Also some improvements to the spell AI, map editor, modding and more.


  Spellcasters may overrule scripted battlefield wide damage spells in some circumstances
  Fixed bad ...cannot lead magic beings message
  Earthquake graphics shakes more
  Pretender's start items weren't always shown when choosing form
  Press 'del' to remove orders on setup army screen too
  Map editor no longer wraps brush on non-wrap maps
  Fixed map image corruption when exiting/reentering map editor
  "No throne" can be set in map editor
  Bitch queen got invulnerability
  Stat fixes


  Dominions could crash on recruitment screen with modded units, fixed
  Keep event numbers stable for mods and version upgrades
  Modded nations shown as white flags when choosing game to continue
  #poisonarmor takes a dmg argument
  New item mod command: #nationrebate
  New event mod command: #req_domchance
  Two modded nations with same main name didn't work, fixed

Dominions 5.23b

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, June 12, 2018

This update only fixes an issue where games using mods would crash during host due to the changes in spell numbers in the previous patch. Non-modded games are not affected by this patch and savefiles are fully compatible with 5.23.

Dominions 5.23

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, June 5, 2018

This is mainly a bug fix update, most importantly it fixes the slowdown when rendering lots of province names on the map that was introduced in the previous version. It also fixes an event for Arcoscephale that inadvertently raised the province income permanently instead of giving a small amount of extra gold for a single turn.


  Numpad enter resulted in an 'X'
  Reverted the reduced text cache size
  Fatigue damage printed in battle log
  Fatigue damage will not sever head on 50% damage
  Arco Hydrophoria event increased province income instead of just giving gold
  Spell AI could cast movement speed spells on immobiles
  Undead cavalry is now slightly faster
  Golden Horns attack wasn't disabled when putting on a helm
  Pretender blessed everyone after a while even outside his dominion
  Trinity gods 2 & 3 gained XP before they awoke
  Cut of too long pretender names on message screen
  Proper default names for Titan of the Crossroads
  --nomaster to disable master password
  Crash bug for maps with fixed start positions fixed


  New nation mod command: #islandsite

Dominions 5.22

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, May 30, 2018

This patch updates the Greekish nations with new features and pretenders. Also a whole bunch of fixes and improvement for random things.


  Foul Air didn't work in combat
  Battle inconsistency fixed
  New ability: Spring Immortality
  Cloud Trapeze had wrong distance shown when selecting target
  New summoning ritual for Greek nations: Procession of the Underworld
  Battle performance improvements
  New Gods for Greek nations: Titan of the Spring, Titan of Growth, Titan of the Hunt
  New Gods for Greek nations: Titan of the Crossroads, Grey Ones
  Destruction spells destroy one level at a time but helmets and shields too
  Magic armors have partial resistance against destruction spells
  Don't lose teleport ability from old age
  Unique summons get orders cleared when resummoned
  Broken helm had wrong info icon
  New map editor feature, ctrl-x, expand area of all provinces
  Fixed purging of failed random gods
  LA Arcoscephale got Hydrophoros
  Therodos forts prevent the last population from dying
  Improved mouse click hit locations when recruiting and transferring units
  Increased number of old network connections that are saved
  ctrl-9 to show province numbers on map
  Blinking units auto succeed at freeing from earth grip/web/tangle vines
  Hell Power updated
  Most horrors are now floating
  All blood spells requiring blood slaves not castable under water
  Death sound effects when immortals die too
  g for goto province in map editor too
  Ethereal crossbow now properly soul slays the target
  Passwords replaced with ***
  Dome of Corruption less horror marking and granting +2 magic scale
  New look for soul vortex
  New look for Drain Life and Leech
  New spell for LA Ulm: Gift of the Moon
  New ritual for late Arco: From Death Comes Life
  2 new spells for late Arco
  New priestesses for Arcoscephale
  AI got better understanding of trinity gods
  More popups for item abilities
  Mistform will never negate more than 25 points from a single hit
  More rituals got "goto targeted province"
  Gore attack from horns will be lost when wearing a helmet
  Can no longer seduce over unfrozen river
  Goto province was missing on some assassination type messages
  AI item distribution improvement
  Capped damages will no longer damage shields
  Spells affecting only demons didn't work properly
  New layout for empowerment screen
  Shadow on modified map text colors was inverted
  UW castles now have triton defenders when owned by land nations
  The Ark blesses wielder if he's sacred
  Constructs can no longer heal in enemy labs
  Spell casting AI more likely to cast resistance buffs to boost existing resistance
  Poison res from spells increased 5 -> 10
  Illithids didn't target single non mindless correctly
  Reported deaths from Wrath of God, Purgatory, etc. didn't work properly
  Leadership penalty from feeblemind and dementia now rounded down
  Graphics for banefire strike
  Destroyed temple message when conquering forts
  Blood Fecundity enchantment no longer shown in battles
  New divine titles
  Event fixes
  Typos fixed


  Spell numbers for modding 1100-2999 -> 1300-3999
  #nextingeo works for single target spells too
  Event modding: #req_targminmorale, #req_targmaxmorale
  Event modding: #req_targnoitem
  New commands: #uwfireshield, #farsail, #templetrainer, #islandnation, #syncretism
  New commands: #fireblessbonus, etc.
  New command: #domwar for nations
  Event modding: #req_targforeignok
  Event modding: #req_domowner
  Event modding: #req_targinanimate, #req_targmindless, #req_targimmobile, #req_targanimal
  Event modding: #req_targmagicbeing, #req_targowner, #req_targundead, #req_targdemon
  #multihero.. goes up to 7
  Do not count dom5ws_pfid when counting number of files for workshop
  New commands: #manikinreanim, #supayareanim, #greekreanim, #ghostreanim
  Better error codes from workshop failures
  #reanimpriest never requires an argument now
  Can now mod descriptions for exiting spells/units/items
  Fix for #defunit... commands

Dominions 5.20

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, April 5, 2018

This update fixes a few map and workshop related things as well as having a few other random improvements. One new thing is shadows to province names on the map, making it easier to read the names when on a winter background.


  Shadow for province names on map
  Create New Map didn't work
  No random sea players on land only maps
  Error message for too many underwater players for chosen map
  Delete Map disabled on workshop maps
  Workshop maps are remembered for later upstarts without steam
  Ladon can only be summoned once
  Eyes of God helps disciples too
  Workshop config file no longer requires an extra newline at the end
  Limit number of open fonts (stability improvement for Windows)
  added --nosteam to --help
  Typos fixed


  Polymorph now accepts montags
  #worldincscale and similar didn't work for scale numbers higher than 3

Dominions 5.19b

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Fri, March 30, 2018

This small update fixes two bugs that came as unforeseen side effects of the new workshop support introduced in 5.19.


  Creating random maps didn't work
  Starting games via command line didn't work
  Added missing dlls to get workshop working

Dominions 5.19

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, March 29, 2018

This update comes with Steam Workshop support for maps, a few new arch-mage pretenders, a new spell, some AI improvements and a whole bunch of tweaks and bug fixes.


  Workshop for maps
  3 new Arch Mage pretenders
  New twiceborn shapes
  Blood slaves are usually not present during assassinations
  New spell: Awaken Jotun Draugar
  Maps can have all files in its own subfolder
  Download maps in savegame dir when playing via network
  Luck no longer affects dead people
  Size modified weapon lengths now works properly versus damage shields
  Ulm shields got increased resource cost
  Old Dominions 4 start option --passmount removed from --help
  Spell scripting takes Strength of Gaia into account
  More bronze weapons for Pangaea
  Utgård, Phaeacia and T'ien Chi now starts with max upgraded forts
  Poison Slings had incorrect graphical effect
  Fire at closest with mindblasts could target non-mindless units
  Wrong PD in new bronze indep poptype fixed
  Mercs will desert if their leader is dead for unknown reasons
  Twiceborn no longer affects demons
  Smaller less likely to be hit than larger if in same square
  Goto commander replaced with goto province when commander is dead
  Parting of the Soul didn't produce any birds
  Ravenous Swarm didn't work
  Growing Fury didn't work
  Foul Air didn't work
  No fort upgrade construction can be performed if fort is or becomes under siege
  Magic Duel more likely to be cast in huge battles
  'P' for preach shortcut didn't work in allied provinces
  AI can sail
  AI use a second slot in research queue too
  Events can now send a message to a second affected player too
  Event fixes
  Stat fixes
  Typo fixes


  Fix for sites with wallunits
  New event commands: #req_nonation, #req_notforally, #extramsg
  New commands for UW PD
  New commands: #defunit1c..d & #defmult1c..d
  New monster command: #twiceborn
  Using mods could result in "No Name" commanders for Phlegra

Dominions 5.17

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, March 6, 2018

There was a bug in the scheduling that made the arena death match much too common. This update also brings new independents with bronze armaments to the early ages and Twiceborn now has more suitable chassis for some non-humans. Also a bunch of new mod commands and minor fixes.


  New independents with bronze armament for the early ages
  More type of chassis for the Twiceborn ritual
  Setting to disable click sound
  Arena too common fix
  Fix for purgatory message
  Castles without any units must still be conquered in a battle
  Battle performance improvement


  Globals can occur in indep provinces by default
  Event with no effect can occur too
  New weapon commands: #dt_realstun, #dt_interrupt, #dt_bouncekill
  Fix for #bird and #djinn bodytypes
  New monster commands: #minsizeleader,
  Item type 9 = crown
  New site commands: #recallgod, #domwar
  New nation commands: ...labcost, ...templecost
  New event commands: #req_notanycode, #req_mnr, #req_deadmnr

Dominions 5.16

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Sun, March 4, 2018

Phaeacia's expeditions to the blessed gardens will now occur yearly if the guardian is no longer there. But most importantly this update fixes a few problems with underwater province defence that appeared in the previous update.


  Death Curse didn't work vs immortals
  Golden Apple expeditions happen once per year
  Arena deathmatch more common
  Better checking for illegal moves
  Light effects for fire elementals and similar units
  Invisibility didn't work fully on scout reports
  PD didn't get commander under water
  Better messages from Purgatory
  Vengeance of the Dead can target sneaking commanders
  Print info on rituals that can target sneaking units
  Forts do not get extra integrity if upgraded same round as sieged
  Some auto found site locations on maps didn't come with an auto found site
  2 new magic sites
  Damage info for poison spells
  Stability improvement
  New look for Master Enslave


  PD works with montags again
  New monster mod commands to set bodytype
  New monster/item commands: #insanify, #nomovepen

Dominions 5.15

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, February 27, 2018

This update has two new middle age nations Phlegra, Deformed Giants and Phaeacia, Isle of the Dark Ships. There are also new spells and tweaks mainly for the greekish nations.

There is also a more detailed and logical hit location system. The shape of the monster will influence what body parts are reachable. A size 6 giant snake will be much easier to reach and hit in the head than a size 6 giant humanoid, an elephant will be somewhat in between.

New Throne defenders and measures have been taken to make throne defenders get enough supplies even when playing on high independent strength settings. There are also be some UI improvements, new minor features and the usual bug fixes and modding improvements.


  2 new middle era nations: Phlegra and Phaeacia
  Bodytypes for monsters (more logical hit locations)
  LA Agartha gets extra entrance guards in cave PD and none otherwise
  LA Arcoscephale +1 divine title
  New heroes for Erytheia
  Erytheia got national fort defenders over water too
  Ritual messages have both 'goto commander' and 'goto targeted province'
  Late Arcoscephale has the new Syncretism ability
  New spell for greeks: Forge Brass Bull, Craft Keledone
  New spell for late Pythium: Taurobolium
  Spell for Mekone: Blessing of the Godslayer
  New look for some spells
  Improved Spell AI for sacred spells
  New commander for late Arcoscephale: Cerulean Commander
  New spells for Phaeacia and Erytheia: Call Ladon, Contact Hesperide
  New spell Summon Hound of Twilight for all Greek nations
  Golden Apple event for Phaeacia and Erytheia
  Summon Hekateride & Summon Daktyl for Erytheia too
  New layout for menu in battle
  Another message level that is basic log, but with dark background
  Removed change battle graphics detail with 5-9
  Some units from rituals causing battles did not show up in battle summaries
  Send Horror rituals never resulted in a horror mark
  Mekone: Geronte and Ephor cheaper
  Mekone: Basileus +1 water magic
  Devils from Soul Contracts could disturb the bodyguard squad
  Blood Vengeance effect more visible over long distances
  Removed nostart on Silent Sea islands
  Chill Aura was not printed among bless effects
  Tweaked spell terrain restrictions
  Events stealing provinces destroys temple too
  Merc units could be transferred to garrison in one circumstance
  Can no longer interact with random events while sneaking
  Vastness better at obeying scripted orders
  Flame Jelly has fire shield that works under water
  Fire shield doesn't strike on secondary attacks
  Dragon Teeth, number of effects 5 -> 10
  Cyclops Shepard Shaman with Muflons
  Shrunken commanders drawn smaller on commander tokens
  Small elementals drawn smaller outside battle too
  Army rout less affected by PD and slaves dying
  Suitable throne defenders for more wild and death thrones
  Return gems before changing spell to make it easier to switch between spells
  Hit location details printed under Size
  Gigantes affliction resistance and cheaper
  Gigantes of Mekone more skillful
  God Slayer Spear +1 att & dmg
  Greyed out order for search/preach when they aren't useful
  Inspirational Presence no longer gives leadership to sacred scouts
  Dragon could not fire after voluntarily changing shape
  Fix for flippering berserkers
  Riches from Beneath gives more gold too and is extra good for mines
  New dual colored team squares
  Invisible units could be seen in scout reports
  Only one spy message from multiple spies doing instill uprising in same land
  Proper reincarnation for late Arcoscephale
  Graph knowledge spreads to all allies
  Less defenders in waste
  Supply items for some throne defenders
  More orders remain during item redistribution
  Don't cast petrify on petrified targets
  More space for commander tokens on map screen if playing on widescreen monitor
  It was possible to use undisciplined as bodyguards
  Fix for disease spreader not affecting units
  Can change between different event interactions directly
  Stability improvement
  Stat fixes
  Event fixes
  Typos fixed


  Mod command #eyeloss works on items too
  New monster/item mod commands: #unsurr, #skirmisher
  New spell mod command: #nogeodst
  New mod command: #commaster
  Autocost takes 25-75% randoms into account as well

Dominions 5.14

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, February 8, 2018

This update offers performance improvements for huge games, new spells, more modding commands as well as a few new features and bug fixes. One of the more noticeable new features is that the map will now be drawn as snowy during winter if you don't know the actual temperature of the province (likely a better guess).


  New arena fights (2 different and foreseeable by fortune tellers)
  New unit: Orphic Mystic
  New spells: Bind Keres, Curse Tablet & Seith Curse
  Unknown map parts shown as snowy during winter
  Ctrl+t to setup army for selected commanders only
  Better performance in army setup for very large armies
  Lightning bolts weren't drawn when they hit an empty square
  Fix for battle with 10000 soulless hanging the game
  Random map creation multithreaded
  Winter overlay didn't work properly for very large maps
  Cataclysm shown in Thrones of Ascension box
  Cataclysm setting shown among other game settings
  Immortals try to never rout
  Out of ammo archers didn't attack
  Sound effects slowdown during time stop
  Units always face proper direction when striking
  Red coloring of orders now take Power of the Spheres into account
  Turn number shown in season popup
  Improved stat info
  AI item distribution improvements
  Fire shield never works under water
  Mercenary bidding box supports shift for +/- 10
  Same start of message for castle battles regardless of defender/attacker win
  Curses shown on commander tokens
  Curses show when holding Tab on army setup screen
  Fix for unique monsters & Lord of the Hunt aging every turn
  Pluralization fix
  Stat fixes and tweaks
  Typos fixed


  Using default flag with different color didn't always work
  Spell modding: #friendlyench, #hiddenench, #onlycoastsrc,
  Spell modding: #nocastmindless, #spellreqfly, #onlymnr
  Spell modding: #polygetmagic, #nextingeo
  Nation modding: #aicheapholy, #homefort, #buildfort
  Nation modding: #builduwfort, #buildcoastfort, #nationinc, #aiholyranged
  Nation modding: #halfdeathinc, #halfdeathpop, #noundeadgods, #domdeathsense
  Nation modding: #uwallmult, #uwallcom, #recallgod, #forestlabcost
  Nation modding: #foresttemplecost, #fortunrest, #riverstart
  Event modding: req_nomnr, req_code & req_anycode can be used multiple times
  Event modding: #inccorpses

Dominions 5.13

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, January 30, 2018

A quick fix because Fire at Closest got broken in the previous update.


  Fire at closest didn't work
  Man non-spellsingers could not always cast spells properly

Dominions 5.12

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, January 30, 2018

This update fixes a problem where battle reports could get mixed up and attach to the wrong message. There are also a few new things like more heroes and random events as well as a bunch of other bug fixes.


  Battles could overwrite previous battles resulting in confusing reports
  New heroes (Members of the Third Tier)
  New divine epithets
  New random events
  End turn warning also on expiring mercs and empty research queue
  Quickness was too quick when attacking
  Global message for Theft of the Sun
  New prophet proclamation message
  More popups
  Don't show inspirational icon for non-commanders
  Don't show spell singer icon for non-spellcasters
  Lower combat speed in swamps
  Rearmost target more reliable (but still not perfectly reliable)
  Fields of the Dead was only half working
  It was possible to target rearmost with hold and fire
  Fix for text highlighting in commander tokens
  Small delay before firing missile weapons
  Improved early movement anticipation for ranged units
  Innate casters no longer cast spells after battle has ended
  Far Caster blessing works properly now
  The last killing poison damage (green numbers) was not show in battle, fixed
  Fix for load/save with many maps in map editor
  Unique titles for disciples as well
  Mekone can cast Sow Dragon Teeth too
  Event fixes
  Stat fixes
  Typos fixed


  Fix for #divineins

Dominions 5.11

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Sun, January 21, 2018

A new nation appears, Mekone is a nation of giants that have unfinished business with the Gods. The random map creation has also been improved together with new features for the map editor. There are also new modding commands, some new contents for other nations, battle AI improvements, performance improvements and a whole bunch of bug fixes and minor tweaks.


  New nation: Mekone
  New god epithets
  New Hero for EA Ermor
  New spell: Sow Dragon Teeth
  New item: Boots of water walking
  MA Man recruitment cost tweaks
  Attack rear now less reliable
  Leper effects only results in one message per province
  Battle performance improvement
  Huge battles start in slow motion
  'x' for super slow motion
  Skip turn (n) speeds up more and returns to old playback speed
  Raise/lower camera in battle with mouse wheel
  Champion's Skull 10 -> 5 death gems
  Battle AI slightly more willing to use gems at all
  Sun awe more effective during Second Sun and Solar Brilliance
  Events cannot occur if affected nation isn't in play
  Limit number of units for commanders in events automatically
  Fatigue 25 -> 50 for dmg
  Took too little damage from communions
  Smoother text scaling for income boxes
  Too many combat recordings could crash the game
  Network clients can change team nbr and pretender/disciple settings
  Fix for multimove out of besieged castle
  Fix for random gods with 3 in sorcery/element
  Fix for communion damage
  Fix for battle teleport
  Fix for Hunter of Heroes crashing the game
  Awe works against trample
  Charge bonus is strength limited
  Improved message for farstrike spells
  Cannot view battlelogs outside combat
  Communion fix (Masters casting slave)
  Skirmisher trait for Ulm and Mekone
  Fix for ranged target prediction
  Unholy Weapons now affect pretenders too
  Fix for Erytheian princesses and unaging
  Fix for Throne of Creation
  Shock damage could stun even when no damage was inflicted
  Blood slaves started on walls
  Fix for host time skew
  Stupid units no longer attack themselves
  Spellcasters in drawn out single combat will advance eventually
  Fix for Mace of Eruption weapon info
  Event unrest has a random variation
  Chorus communion restricted properly
  Prevent events causing negative population
  God Vessels unwishable
  Network showed disabled nations
  Immortal now works when dying from some more unusual circumstances
  Higher chance to remove some afflictions when reforming body
  Fix for resource computation on multi turn commanders
  Ardmon's Soul Trap didn't work
  Hall of Fame size didn't wrap around properly
  Wait now counts as Defend regarding siege strength
  Typos fixed
  New events
  Stat fixes

Map Related Changes

  Can set team start positions in map editor
  Can hide flags in map editor
  Tweaked filters in map editor
  Better island and small sea creation for random maps
  Use swapfiles during random map generation (less memory usage)
  C'tis doesn't mind starting next to many rivers, others do
  Mapeditor: Ctrl-b = load border pic and autocalculate areas
  New map command: #teamstart
  randommap progress bar improvement


  temporary blood slaves create real blood slaves in battle
  event #exactgold didn't work
  Fix for modding fly- and explosion particle effects
  Armor modding: #magicarmor, #woodenarmor, #ironarmor
  Event modding: #req_2monsters, #req_5monsters, #2d3units - #4d3units
  Event modding: #cleartag, #claimthrone, #poison, #xp, #kill2d6mon

Dominions 5.09

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, December 20, 2017

This update mostly consists of a bunch of UI updates. There are also a few bug fixes, some improved graphical effects and more modding commands.


  Draw affliction and temp effects on square unit selection
  1-6 to switch between units in square unit selection
  Nation overview details show recruitment list
  Water amount setting for quick random maps
  Poison damage does not awaken sleeping targets
  d -> q for Clear all orders
  New graphics for bog beast poison spit and frost arrows
  New graphics for some spell effects
  Frost Bow didn't work
  New message for The World has Fallen
  Print "Current Map move with units" in stats
  Show army map move in com stats
  c = select crippled
  l = select limping
  New wish
  Fix for pretenders with too long names
  Stat fixes


  New mod commands: #mapteleport, #blink, #bringeroffortune, #combatcaster
  New nation/site commands: #wallcom, #wallunit, #wallmult, #uwwall...
  Modding: #domunrest now 0.1 point per value*dominion
  Icon for XP promotion

Dominions 5.08

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Sat, December 16, 2017

Last update made supplies and berserk not work properly. This update fixes that and a few other things as well.


  Berserk didn't work
  Starvation & Supplies didn't work properly
  Random Gods not purged properly
  Limit dominion overlay size for less capable graphics cards
  Recruitment mult not saved with ctrl-s
  God Epithet fix
  Typos fixed

Modding Network mod download didn't download item sprites [*] Modding doc update: flag size 64 → 128

Dominions 5.07

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, December 14, 2017

Man, Tower of Avalon now gets Chorus Communion spells, but mainly this update fixes a lot of bugs and improves performance of the battle replays. There are also some new features and fixes for modders.


  New chorus communions spells for Man
  Defence and increased range on walls
  Half Dead bless didn't work
  Battle performance improvements
  Particles speed up more
  --borderless to start up in borderless fullscreen mode
  Game remembers fullscreen type for next startup
  Fixed dominion spread info for disciples
  Limping units risk getting crippled (not dying) on long marches
  Lemuria can create Shade Beasts under water too
  Commanders got 1 point too powerful fire shield bless
  Prevent dead commanders from showing up in next commander
  Chest wound printed in strength info
  Trinity god gets praised properly
  Trinity god gets 3 random names
  Small random delay at start of battle for squads & commanders
  Battle log fix for weapons with 2 attacks
  Reduced memory consumption
  Fix mod loading memory leak
  Upgraded protection for some artifact shields
  Income box greys out resources and recruitment when used
  Early Agartha AI don't choose cold scales
  Fix for undying
  Cu Chulainn can go berserk even though he is mounted
  New color for Ark effect
  Curse of Stones now slows movement and encumbers flying and melee too
  Grow Fortress can grow kelp forts under water
  Repeat last order key changed r -> x
  Can scroll commanders in choose commander box
  Mirror of Earths Memories fixed
  New icons for blood bond, affliction resistance, etc.
  New unit: Bogarusian Scout with winter move
  Oceania pretender rebate fixed
  Misbred had random recruitment cost
  More names for Ur & Uruk
  Merc fix
  Event fixes
  Stat fixes
  New tip
  Typos fixed


  Modding: montags acceptable for more commands (e.g. batstartsum)
  New spell mod commands: #casttime, #godpathspell
  New monster mod commands: #domimmortal, #snow, #swimming
  Modding a weapon could result in a spell getting the name "end"
  Modding: forest & mountain foreign recruits displayed properly
  Mod command #supply was capped at 100
  More Mod fixes
  Element- & Sorcery range boosts now printed in site info

Mac OS X

  Switch to borderless fullscreen by default on alt+return

Dominions 5.06

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Thu, December 7, 2017

This update fixes a serious multiplayer bug where some commanders could lose their orders and names for no reason.


  Could not enter 0 for Cave Clustering or Island Chance
  Elixir of Life didn't work
  Smoother font scaling for map province names
  Commanders could lose their names and orders in multiplayer games, fixed
  Help screen for Battle Orders
  'r' will repeat last single round battle order
  Shade Beasts killing size 1 units resulted in huge gods popping up
  Changing resource multiple didn't work
  Slightly reduced memory usage
  Never use real texture compression on fonts
  Prioritize steam key over manually entered key

Dominions 5.05

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, December 5, 2017

This update fixes a bunch of bugs and has a few changes under the hood that will hopefully improve both performance and reliability.


  Recruit point multiplier when creating new game (--recruitment)
  Lance could be used many times, fixed
  Breath weapons tweaked
  Lingering effects take effect twice as often at half the strength
  Secondary missile effect didn't always take effect
  New ability: stun immunity
  Don't draw a white map after failing to create dominion overlay
  Reduced random map max size to 7500x7500
  Man PD fix and new unit (Logrian Slinger)
  Gossamer Cloth and Cauldron of the Elven Halls got national rebates
  Could not use Magic Lamp and Atlas of Creation
  Dwarves & Gnomes slower
  --simpgui for a simple GUI
  Mercs cannot use Guard Commander order
  Hunter Spider new rider in home and no longer undisciplined
  Ice Lance couldn't be equipped by the proper units
  Increased chance for Lemurian Lictors
  New special recruits for some sites
  The Throne of Churning Ocean is now UW only
  Carrion Reanimation crashed during host
  Don't recalculate host time left all the time
  Scrolling in nation selection didn't work
  Reduced memory usage
  Speedup of AI phase
  New tips
  Stat & description fixes


  Raspberry Pi executable added (untested)

Dominions 5.04

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Wed, November 29, 2017

This is hopefully the last of the one per day patches. It fixes a serious bug where the game would continue to crash after an Allfather pretender had been created.


  Enlarge battlefield more for large armies (fixes very slow to resolve battle)
  Don't use a np2 texture
  Creating an Allfather would crash future game creations

Dominions 5.03

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Tue, November 28, 2017

This patch mostly fixes a few crash bugs as well as some problems with the Windows version.


  Fix for crash during battle replay
  No description for 2 heroic abilities
  Too many exploding sacred could crash the game


  Use directsound by default
  Sound options didn't work
  --sdlsound to force default sdl sound
  Set window position to prevent it from starting with top bar outside screen

Mac OS X

  Start in windowed mode by default

Dominions 5.02

Small Update / Patch Notes by Dominions 5 Posted Mon, November 27, 2017

This is a mostly a quick fix for some problems with the Mac OS X version.


  Stat fixes
  Fort stats fixes for some nations

Mac OS X

  Fixed file paths
  Fixed crash when starting new game

Dominions 5.00

Developer change list: Illwinter

Mechanic changes:

  • Dominion generation chance changed from [10% * max dominion] to [50% + 5% * max dominion]
  • Imprisoned is now 350 instead of 250 points
  • Your god is autoblessed in your dominion but can't be blessed outside your dominion (as the god itself isn't sacred) and loses all bless effects for itself. Be careful if you rely on an incarnate bless with your expander!
  • Dominion 9+ doesn't give the pretender Awe anymore.

Bless Changes:

  • All major bless effects now are incarnate only (cost more than 4 bless points, active only when the pretender is on the map), limiting imprisonment.
  • The former major/minor blesses are split up e.g. the nature bless is now Regeneration (without HP) and Resilent (HP) and earth bless is now Hard Skin (+5P) and Reinvigoration etc.
  • Regeneration doesn't work on inanimate units anymore, undead now have Reforming Flesh
  • Minor blesses (< 5 bless points) are always enabled and are cheap to get with a rainbow pretender.
  • Some blesses are passive (e.g. Larger or Recuperation) and work on the campaign map too.


  • Now works outside of your dominion, as does Twiceborn
  • Immortality now has a ‘turns to reform’ value and two types: full (works everywhere except outer planes), dominion (works in friendly dom only).
  • Also units resurrect in their home province, not always the capital and some units like vampires require extra turns if they died far from it. Being Soul-slain doubles resurrection time, and Soul devouring circumvents immortality.
  • Immortality only gives a recuperation check at resurrection, not every turn.

Auras and battlefield magic

Red_Rob: With the change to "real-time" battles most ongoing effects were changed to deal 1/3 of their damage 3 times per round. Therefore the 5 fatigue damage from auras would equate to 1.66 damage, rounding to 2 damage triggering 3 times per round. I believe the effect of Heat/Cold scales on auras affects their aoe rather than the damage, so a Heat 3 aura in Cold2 scales becomes 1 square affected per turn. In practice, due to the effects of DRN the change has meant that small amounts of AN damage have become much stronger in Dom5 than previous versions. Things like heat/cold auras and Foul Vapours get 3 times the chance for a DRN spike which will usually outweigh the original damage value, and being AN it goes straight to the targets hp/fatigue. On the other hand lingering effects which allow prot such as Fire Cloud or Leeching Darkness are a little weaker now as most of the time they will just be negated by the enemies Prot.

Other changes

collected by Tanaka:


  • Repel is nerfed, now it works more like in Dom3, instead of Dom4.
  • Length-1 weapons are a bit better. Weapon lengths now go from 0-5, rather than 0-6. All length 2-6 weapons have dropped a category. So previously length-1 weapons benefit from this, since they aren’t repelled by previously length-2 weapons anymore.
  • Critical hits are -25% instead of -50% to protection. And critical hits become more likely at fatigue >= 50
  • Shields (even magical) can be damaged or broken. They are auto repaired after battle. And yes, magical shields can be lost permanently this way (they only can get damaged, if broken they dissappear). Magic shields get a bonus to resist this.
  • The formula is attack damage vs shield prot (+5 if magical) * 2, with slashing/blunt/pierce getting + 75% / +25% / +0%
  • Reinvigoration 1 for everyone (as in, every turn awake units recover 1 fatigue). This means slightly less criticals.
  • 2-hand weapons get +25% dmg bonus.
  • Ranged weapons have a +33% STR bonus to damage (before it was 0, unlike normal melee weapons), but a bit less base damage, and extra range. Stronger than average archers (like giants) will benefit.
  • Short swords were rebalanced: from +2 def to +1 att & +1 def.
  • New order: Hold & Fire. They hold ‘2 turns’ and then move until firing range.
  • Line formation needs a good leader, but it doesn’t slow units anymore.
  • Fort defense works like PD. They have infinite ammo.
  • The harassment penalty (every attack received after the first one) is -1 def per attack on infantry, -0.5 penalty per attack on cavalry.
  • Flying in battle needs one ‘turn’ to move from one point to another. If a flier want to move to a close position, they can walk.
  • All resists stack, but resist work differently now, you still roll if resist >= base damage
  • Post-resist damage now rounds down, instead of up.
  • Some AoE attacks have the ‘lingering’ tag. The effect stay for 3-4 turns.
  • Some units (usually with multiple head, ie. Hydra) have a bonus against the ‘receiving multiple attacks’ effect.
  • New retreat system, good leaders can prevent units from dispersing in all directions. If instead you have a bad leader, if a province have 5 connection, and only one connected to an ally progince, you can easily lose 80% of the retreaters.
  • Leader get 75% odds of going to friendly provinces, 87.5% with terrain survival (speaking about retreating)
  • Formation fighter is changed: now increase unit density, effectively “decreasing size”, so you can have more size 3 units on square than 2.
  • AI archers more likely to ignore smaller squads.
  • Squads with guard commander order will always appear guarding the commander (no cheese).
  • Undisciplined gives reduced siege defence and is an extra penalty for retreating/following your commander.
  • Piercing damage -20% prot effect seems to apply to shields now too
  • AI is also better with communions.


  • Assassins work slightly better thanks to casting time of mages in real time combat and being more readily available, guard commanders is limited to 5 units.
  • New ability: sun awe, different to normal awe. It doesn’t work in caves, in darkness or in rain.
  • Gladiators only disappear if they were wounded or if they killed someone.
  • Uruk still does not lose pretender paths at death. HOWEVER, that mechanic is now much kinder to everyone
  • Pretender death & recalling loses AT MOST one path, and can even gain you Blood or Death (rarely)
  • Nature is the most likely path to be lost; you can also lose 1 point of domstrength IIRC.
  • Some new heroic abilities: Soul Butchering, Troll Blood and Fast Casting
  • Invisibility: cannot be discovered except by spirit sight units, attackers in melee have -10 attack (not sure about ranged effect).
  • Spirit sight counter it, and it isn’t THAT rare, there’s a bless and many undead, demons & spirits have it.
  • Worm mages have their unique Reform ability:
  • When the mage dies on the battlefield, they explode in multiple bugs. One however is a ‘soul bug’, and in X turns the worm mage reforms UNLESS the soul bug is killed first. This triggers 100% of the time (before it was 75%)
  • Pillaging gives more gold.
  • Fortunetelling has higher values, on average.
  • Gem events are harsher now (they take gems from commanders).
  • Quickness gives double aging, on the world map presumably too
  • Animals & undisciplined have lower siege defence.
  • New sleep effect: similar to CoE4, unit doesn’t act, wakes up if damaged, X% chance to awake each turn (10?). Shinuyama vamps sleep aura also uses this new effect; Elf shot does not however.
  • You no longer get redundant scale events. (Events that only give + to a maxed scale)
  • Stun is a new effect caused by lightning damage/fatigue and Mesmerize; unit doesn’t act and has -75% defence, usually recovers in 1 round.
  • Being limp or crippled will reduce a commander’s map move. Troops with these afflictions will not slow the army down but may die if forced long distances or march at all, respectively.
  • Limp = 25% death chance moving more than 1 province. Crippled = 50% at all, 75% more than one.
  • Hypnotize is now melee, doesn’t work on blind, Stun instead of Confusion, infinite ammo
  • Woundfend is now a divisor rather than a percentage. So the odds of getting afflictions drops greatly with even a small woundfend value but you can’t make yourself completely immune.
  • Siege formula is different, the total values are divided by 200 and not by 100, so even if some of the new forts have high wall integrity, you should break siege a bit faster than in Dom4, on average.
  • Similar changes mean that fliers with below average strength have less siege attack score than before (nerf to Caelum and Xibalba).
  • Scouts can see forts under construction.
  • Hoburg soulless units!
  • Fear is capped at -5 morale.


  • Conservative casting is now saved with orders and there is an * to remember a mage has it.
  • Army setup screen: it shows province defense value, total supplies, total siege strength. Commanders show more clearly the number of squads and number of units at their care, and the supplies taken by every group, and the current and total leadership consumed (normal / magical / undead).
  • Monthly casting and monthly forging are now options in the UI.
  • You can see unit list (main ones and foreign rec too) and national spells in the Nation description.
  • Warning Popup saying you can’t group up mindless with normal units.
  • MP messages can be edited.
  • Hall of Fame shows the heroic ability of every hero.
  • Item info boxes are now much more informative.
  • Battle summary log track kills, show icons of units and flags of nations. Province defense appears in a separate category (like another nation).
  • Battle log is more detailed (includes penetration rolls).
  • A dotted colored line indicates province connections. Color indicate :
  • Road between province, green
  • Normal connection, orangey yellow
  • Mountain is red (fades to indicate passability)
  • River is blue inside yellow (again fades)
  • Blue is underwater/to water province.
  • Spell lists show gem cost and type (ritual or not) more clearly.
  • Magic sites show up as square icons in the map.
  • Events show thumbnail image of the location of where it happened.
  • Reorganized battle orders screens so ‘choose target’ is integrated in the same window.
  • You see magic paths while placing a mage in the battlefield (editing the position in army setup).
  • You can move squads in the Position Army Box by right clicking them without having to go to previous screen. And Commanders are rounded squares unlike normal squads (squares as always).
  • Insane commanders revert to previous orders when they go sane again.
  • New UI screen: Battle Overview, pressing F1 in a battle. Shows a list of every unit participating. It can filter by unit type, nation, HP, FP, XP. There’s also a “status” column, but not filterable. (“Status” shows things like “dead” or “stunned.”)
  • Box Army setup: you can see the all the troops contained in a selected squad, and the map has lines indicating 25%, 50%, 75% distance (in the X axis).
  • If you have both stealthy and non-stealthy commanders selected, both will automatically move without stealth.


  • You can have 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 global spell slots.
  • You can set the default AI level for multiplayer games.
  • Hall of Fame size more configurable.
  • Story event settings options are off, minimal, full.
  • Special site frequency customizable, from 0 to 75.
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