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Physical Resistances

Bludgeoning resistance (blunt)
Piercing resistance (pierce)
Slashing resistance (slash)

Physical Resistance is one of three types of resistances in the game, the others being Magic Resistance and Elemental Resistances. The physical resistances halve damage taken from their respective types, rounded up. This reduction is applied after factoring in protection. For this reason physical resistances amplify the value of Regeneration and spells that mitigate raw damage (e.g. Mistform and Mossbody)

Buffing Physical Resistances

When buffing physical resitances, the player has fewer choices than when buffing magical or elemental resistances. For this reason units with inherent physical resistances can be quite valuable throughout the game. The following buffs physical resistances:

  1. Picking up the Fortitude Bless during pretender creation.
  2. Some spells grant various physical resistances.


  • Temper Flesh - Blunt, Slash Pierce
  • Liquid Body - Blunt, Slash, Pierce
  • Wave Warriors - Blunt, Slash, Pierce
  • Skeletal Body - Pierce
  • Gift of the Second Soul - Blunt

Note: Lucid's Thematic Gem Gen adds the Ghost Orb item that autocasts Skeletal Body


A particularly powerful defense against physical damage is to combine high Prot and physical resistances with the spell Mossbody. Mossbody reduces damage after all other damage reductions, meaning that a unit can potentially become immune to all physical damage for as long as the Mossbody effect lasts.

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