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List of Lesser Magic Items

Lesser Magic Items are Magic Items you can craft upon reaching Construction Level 2. These are the generic ones.

Some notes:

  • DMG is Damage, AP is Armor-Piercing (ignoring half of Protection), and AN is Armor-Negating (ignoring all of it).
  • FAT is Fatigue, and is Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Poison Damage is also Armor-Negating (AN) unless said otherwise.
  • Other stats use Manual notation (STR is Strength, ATT is Attack, DEF is Defense, MOR is Morale, PROT is Protection, etc.).
  • Shatter Damage applies only to Inanimates, but I'll restate it anyway.
  • "Damage to Armor" can break it; like what normal Damage can do to Rusty Armor.
  • Capped DMG hits can never do more Damage than what the weapon says, though DRN rolls and Strength apply beforehand.
  • Bouncing DMG is also called "Chaining" Damage, and will never hit the same guy twice in a row.
  • Stuff that "adds X" constantly reapplies "X" while held, if you somehow Heal it.
  • Holding 2 of an Item does not give you the item's out-of-combat effects Twice, aside from some Afflictions.
  • Damage Multipliers are applied after Strength and before DRN rolls vs. Protection.
  • Research Boosters only work for those who can already Research (as in, those who already have Research Points).
  • The number after "Obfuscate" indicates the change in the Army Size that foes will see; negative decreases, positive increases.
  • Tainted Items, as mentioned in the Items page, have the listed chance to apply a Horror Mark each turn.
  • Bold text in the top line is supposed to indicate that the item is Cursed, or Unremovable, while an EVER is meant to specify that it is Unlootable (can't be picked up by other Commanders after the holder dies) if that isn't mentioned in the bottom line.

One-Handed Weapons

Burning Blade fire 115firegem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is on Fire! It doesn't burn its sheath, though.
SLASH, DMG 12, ATT +2, DEF +1, also does 10 AP FIRE DMG on hit
Coral Blade water 115watergem Cheap for EA Pelagia & MA Atlantis!
This Broad Sword (Length 1) is bloodthirsty, but not for yours; it makes yours nicer!
SLASH, DMG 9, ATK +2, DEF +2, HP +8, causes Bleeding on DMG
Sword of Sharpness earth 115earthgem
This Broad Sword (Length 1) treats armor like butter!
AP SLASH, DMG 10, ATK +2, DEF +2
Bane Blade death 115deathgem Cheap for MA Machaka!
This Broad Sword (Length 1) makes low-MR foes not feel so good!
SLASH, DMG 7, ATK +1, DEF +2, causes Decay on DMG (MR negates)
Ice Mist Scimitar water 11air 115watergem5airgem
This Scimitar (Length 1) creates dissipating chill with each swing!
SLASH, DMG 8, ATT +2, DEF +3, CR+10, also causes 10 COLD FAT on hit (AOE 1)
Faithful earth 11astral 115earthgem5astralpearl
This Short Sword (Length 1) might like you.
PIERCE & SLASH, DMG 7, ATT +2, DEF +4, Lucky, Affliction Resistance +1
Main Gauche of Parrying earth 115earthgem
This Dagger (Length 0) can replace a Shield, if you only care about melee!
Duskdagger death 11astral 115deathgem5astralpearl Cheap for MA Jotunheim!
This Dagger (Length 0) is so sharp, it ignores armor!
AN PIERCE, DMG 3, ATT +3, DEF +1, causes Bleeding on DMG
Hunter's Knife nature 115naturegem
This Dagger (Length 0) isn't as sharp as a Duskdagger, but it's cheaper.
Knife of the Damned nature 11astral 115naturegem5astralpearl
This Dagger (Length 0) curses everyone and everything. You can't let it go, EVER!
AP PIERCE, DMG 4, ATT +4, DEF +1, Curses Luck on hit, Curses on DMG, adds Curse
Axe of Sharpness earth 115earthgem
This Axe (Length 1) chops right through armor! It's bad at parrying, though.
Stinger earth 115earthgem
This Spear (Length 3) will get through armor, if it's not too thick!
Thorn Spear nature 115naturegem Cheap for EA Pangaea & MA Asphodel!
This Spear (Length 3) does most of its damage slowly.
PIERCE, DMG 5, ATK +2, DEF +2, also does 15 POISON DMG on DMG
Smasher earth 2210earthgem
Most Hammers (Length 1) pierce; this one just destroys Inanimates.
BLUNT, DMG 16, ATK +2, DEF +1, also does 20 AN SHATTER DMG on hit (Inanimates only)
Dwarven Hammer earth 3315earthgem Cheap for EA & MA Vanheim!
Most Hammers (Length 1) pierce; this one just fosters industry & looks like the Smasher.
BLUNT, DMG 8, DEF -1, Forge Bonus +2
Mace of Eruption fire 2210firegem
This Mace (Length 1) can hit people next to your target, though not as strongly.
BLUNT, DMG 11, ATT +2, also does 8 AP FIRE DMG on hit (AOE 1)
Star of Heroes earth 2210earthgem
This Morningstar (Length 1, +2 ATT vs. Shields) does not like Armor.
BLUNT, DMG 12, ATT +4, DEF -2, also does 10 DMG to Armor on DMG (even to Magic gear)
Thunder Whip air 115airgem
This Whip (Length 4, capped DMG) releases something that works like Orb Lightning!
SLASH, DMG 2, SR +5, also does 3 Uncapped Bouncing AN SHOCK DMG on hit
Vine Whip nature 2210naturegem
This Whip (Length 4, capped DMG) releases something that works like Tangle Vines!
SLASH, DMG 0, ATT +3, also Entangles on hit
Sceptre of Authority fire 115firegem
This Sceptre (Length 1) has a ranged Magic spell in it!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, Leadership +25, Combustion spell
Rod of the Leper King death 115deathgem
This Sceptre (Length 1) has no downsides, if you're Undead!
BLUNT, DMG 0, ATT +1, Undead Leadership +50, adds Disease
Eyecatcher earth 11water 115earthgem5watergem
This thing (Length 0) only goes for the Eyes, and can't steal Magic Eye-tems.
AN PIERCE, DMG -5, ATT -2, causes "Lost an Eye" on DMG

Two-Handed Weapons

Greatsword of Sharpness earth 115earthgem
This Great Sword (Length 2) is supreme among cheap 2-handed damage-dealers!
AP SLASH, DMG 15, ATK +4, DEF +4
Bane Blade death 115deathgem Cheap for MA Machaka!
Yep, they come in Great Sword size (Length 2) too!
SLASH, DMG 10, ATK +2, DEF +3, causes Decay on DMG (MR negates)
Halberd of Might earth 115earthgem
This Polearm (Length 3) makes you stronger, but it also takes two hands.
PIERCE & SLASH, DMG 16, ATK +2, DEF +3, STR +4
Doom Glaive death 11astral 115deathgem5astralpearl
This Polearm (Length 3) will end your foes, one way or another!
PIERCE & SLASH, DMG 16, ATK +2, DEF +2, also Curses on hit (AOE 1) & causes Decay on hit (AOE 1, MR negates)
Hammer of the Mountains earth 115earthgem
This Warhammer (Length 3) is unwieldy, sure, but powerful!
BLUNT, DMG 25, ATK -1, DEF -3, also Stuns on hit (AOE 1)
Holy Scourge fire 2210firegem Cheap for MA Marignon!
This Flail (Length 2, 2 Attacks, +2 ATT vs. Shields) obliterates evil!
BLUNT, DMG 6, ATK +5, DEF -2, hits do x3 DMG against Demons & the Undead
Staff of Flame Focus fire 115firegem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) lets you cast Fire spells further!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATK +2, DEF +4, Far Caster 1 (Fire)
Ice Pebble Staff water 3315watergem
This Quarterstaff (Length 3) lets you sorta freeze people!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATK +2, DEF +4, CR +5, Numbness spell
Lightning Rod earth 115earthgem
Hold this Quarterstaff (Length 3) while building Corpse Constructs!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATK +2, DEF +4, SR +15, Corpse Lord 3
Thorn Staff nature 115naturegem Cheap for EA Pangaea & MA Asphodel!
Use this Quarterstaff (Length 3) if you're a hardcore Mage!
BLUNT, DMG 5, ATK +3, DEF +5, also does 15 POISON DMG on DMG
Gloves of the Gladiator nature 2210naturegem Cheap for MA & LA Pythium!
Use your Fists (Length 0) more effectively with these!
BLUNT, DMG 3, ATK +2, DEF +1, STR +3, MR +1, provides 4 attacks
Trueshot Longbow air 115airgem
This Long Bow (12 shots) might allow you to hit something at range!
PIERCE, DMG 12, PRE +30, RANGE 50, 1/3 STR added to DMG
Black Bow of Botulf death 115deathgem
This Long Bow (12 shots) breaks minds! Meme your foes into incapability!
PIERCE, DMG 12, PRE +5, RANGE 45, 1/3 STR added to DMG, causes Feeblemind on DMG
Just Man's Cross fire 115firegem Cheap for MA Marignon!
This Crossbow (12 shots, shoots every other round) used to ignore shields! It doesn't anymore, though.
AP PIERCE, DMG 12, PRE +4, RANGE 45, 1/3 STR added to DMG, hits do x3 DMG against Demons & the Undead
Piercer earth 11air 115earthgem5airgem
This Crossbow (12 shots, shoots every other round) still ignores shields, along with armor and water!
AN PIERCE, DMG 12, PRE +10, RANGE 35, 1/3 STR added to DMG, works Underwater


Weightless Tower Shield air 2210airgem
This Tower Shield (not usable by Mounted guys) doesn't weigh a thing!
Crystal Shield astral 33earth 2215astralpearl10earthgem
This Tower Shield (not usable by Mounted guys) is very thick, and heavy with magic power!
PROT 30, PARRY 7, DEF -4, ENC +4, Power of the Spheres spell (Start)
Weightless Kite Shield air 2210airgem
This Kite Shield (usable by Mounted guys) doesn't weigh a thing!
Shield of Valor earth 11air 115earthgem5airgem
Knights use this Kite Shield (usable by Mounted guys) when facing those gosh-darn Crossbowmen!
PROT 21, PARRY 8, DEF -1, ENC +1, Air Shield +80
Ice Aegis water 2210watergem Cheap for MA Caelum!
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) exposes you when it's hot. How rude!
PROT 21, PARRY 8, DEF -1, ENC +1, CR +5, Ice Protection +1
Lead Shield earth 2210earthgem
This Round Shield (usable by Mounted guys) is made out of solid lead, something magic doesn't like!
PROT 23, PARRY 6, DEF -3, ENC +3, MR +4
Eye Shield nature 2210naturegem
Be careful with this Buckler (usable by Mounted guys) holder, or else your eyes will disappear!
PROT 16, PARRY 5, Sight Vengeance (causes Blindness on melee attackers, MR negates)


Dragon Helmet fire 115firegem
Wear this Helmet to feel safe and comfy in the midst of battle, and to see in the dark.
PROT 22, Morale +5, FR +5, Darkvision 50
Ice Helmet water 115watergem Cheap for MA Caelum!
It's an Ice Cap for your head!
PROT 18, CR +5
diddly-darn clipping Horror Helmet death 2210deathgem
The noodly appendages on this Helmet are amusingly spooky in-game.
PROT 22, Fear +5
Horned Helmet nature 115naturegem
This Helmet gives a bonus attack (Length 0)! They can't hit or grab your horns if they're dead!
PROT 22, SLASH, DMG 0, ATT -1, DEF -1
Crown of Lead earth 115earthgem
Crowns fit on various head sizes, and this one bestows a little Magic Resistance.
PROT 9, MR +1
Ivy Crown nature 115naturegem
Wear this Crown when traversing the woods, and while Awakening Vine Men and Vine Ogres!
PROT 9, Forest Survival, Ivy Lord 1


Fire Plate fire 115firegem
This Plate Cuirass goes well with the Dragon Helmet, if you really need extra Morale or Fire Resistance.
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +2, MM -2, Morale +2, FR +5
Copper Plate air 115airgem
Copper doesn't make a good Plate Cuirass, but it does hold electricity!
PROT 13, DEF -1, ENC +2, MM -2, SR +25, Charge Body spell (Start)
Armor of Souls blood 5540bloodslave
This Chain Mail Hauberk holds forty pure souls! Don't ask where they came from.
PROT 16, DEF -1, ENC +1, MR +5, blood 11 boost
Lightweight Scale Mail air 115airgem Cheap for EA & MA Vanheim!
This Scale Mail Cuirass is light and cheap. Either Dwarves or Elves invented it!
PROT 11, ENC +1
Weightless Scale Mail air 2210airgem Cheap for EA & MA Vanheim!
This Scale Mail Cuirass is lighter and more expensive! Is it worth it? Maybe!
Mirror Armor air 11water 115airgem5watergem
This Ring Mail Hauberk has one big sewn-in scale, which sorta reflects some magic!
PROT 13, DEF -1, ENC +1, MR +3
Shambler Skin Armor water 115watergem
This Hauberk-cut Shambler Pelt compensates for both your lungs and your gills, and for your lack of either!
PROT 9, ENC +1, Water Breathing, Air Breathing
Dire Wolf Pelt nature 115naturegem
This Dire Wolf Pelt improves your mobility! On the other hand, it's not super protective.
PROT 8, DEF +1, ENC +1, ATT +1, CR +5
Kithaironic Lion Pelt nature 11earth 113naturegem2earthgem Cheap for EA & MA Machaka!
This Pelt comes from a Kithaironic Lion, and also covers your head!
PROT 15 (Head & Body, Also Fills Head "Slot"), DEF -1, ENC +1
Ranger's Cloak nature 115naturegem
These Light Magic Furs improve your Stealthiness, if you're Stealthy!
Robe of Missile Protection air 115airgem
These Magic Robes will protect you from arrows and a few ranged spells, at the very least!
PROT 3, MM -2, Air Shield +80


Chi Shoes air 115airgem Cheap for EA & MA T'ien Ch'i!
These Shoes make your Useless Kick (Length 0) less useless, giving you a bonus strike!
Boots of Giant Strength earth 115earthgem
These Low Boots make you super strong, improving your strikes!
STR +5
Boots of the Behemoth earth 115earthgem
Having these Low Boots lets you step on people! Note that results scale with Size.
Birch Boots nature 115naturegem
Warm-colored High Boots that keep your toes warm, and that hold out snow.
CR +5, Mountain Survival, Snow Move
Ranger's Boots nature 115naturegem
These go well with the Ranger's Cloak, but anyone could find them useful, such as normies in Pangaea!
Reinvigoration +2, Forest Survival, Stealth +20 (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY)

Miscellaneous Items

Burning Pearl fire 115firegem
This glowing ornament provides a coveted Attack Skill boost, but it also blows your cover for Assassinations.
ATT +4, FR +5, Patience -1
Fire in a Jar fire 115firegem
The fire in this jar can be used in place of one Fire Gem for each battle! You can't dump it on foes, though.
CR +5, 1firegem (Temporary)
Eye of Aiming air 115airgem
You can't see out of this Magic Eye, but it makes your other eye(s) sharper! You can't take it back out!
PRE +8, Unlootable, applies Lost an Eye
Owl Quill air 115airgem
A very handy item for boosting Research, doing so by taking notes for their users.
Research Bonus +6
Ring of Levitation air 115airgem
You become physically incapable of touching the ground while wearing this! (Cave ceilings might touch you, though!)
Ring of Warning air 115airgem
This thing gives you crippling paranoia, enabling you to have 5 extra bodyguards!
Patrol Bonus +10, Warning +5
Amulet of Breathing air 2210airgem
You can breathe anything with this thing on, if you have lungs!
Water Breathing
Amulet of Missile Protection air 2210airgem
Wear with the Robe if you're extra paranoid! Or wear this with normal Armor.
Air Shield +80
Gossamer Cloth air 22nature 1110airgem5naturegem Cheap for EA Tir na n'Og!
This hides 25 of your non-Commander friends in the same province, until battle commences!
Obfuscate -25
Flask of Holy Water water 115watergem
Very good for those Sacred Commanders who can't Bless themselves otherwise, if they're late to mass!
Ring of Water Breathing water 115watergem
This only lets you breathe water; if your destination is under a sea of milk, you're out of luck.
Water Breathing
Clam of Pearls water 11nature 115watergem5naturegem Cheap for EA & MA Pelagia!
Unfortunately, the Pantokrator decreed that this clam's pearls are for battle only.
2astralpearl (Temporary)
Bracers of Protection earth 115earthgem
Unlike in D&D (where these are almost-certainly pilfered from), Armor Protection in Dominions stacks! Yay!
PROT 2 (Head & Body), DEF +2
Cat's Eye Amulet earth 115earthgem
This thing makes you slightly nocturnal, and slightly harder to get.
Darkvision +50, Stealth +20 (DOES NOT MAKE YOU STEALTHY)
Lodestone Amulet earth 115earthgem
Lodestones are magnetic, generating a magnetic field that bends certain "wussy" magic.
MR +4
The Pebble Pouch earth 115earthgem
You need 20 Strength, 2 hands, and a Size of 4 or higher to Throw these 15 Boulders… with one hand. (Illwinter please!)
BLUNT, DMG 8, RANGE is 1/3 of STR
Stone Bird earth 11air 115earthgem5airgem
This thing (Length 5) attacks on its own; you don't need to do anything! It prefers to crack skulls.
BLUNT, DMG 9, DEF +2, STR not added to DMG, Attacks FOUR TIMES
Wound Fend Amulet earth 11astral 115earthgem5astralpearl
This protects against permanent damage, aside from the ultimate permanent damage caused by temporary damage (Death).
Affliction Resistance +2
Pendant of Luck astral 115astralpearl
Unicorns are Lucky! Well, I guess the Unicorns in MA Man aren't… but those have pink horns, so do they even count?
Champion's Skull death 115deathgem
This guy gets revenge on trapped stuck in his skull by making all of your dreams about your job.
Provides 3 Experience per turn
Effigy of War death 11nature 115deathgem5naturegem
Dissuade Raiding and delay the inevitable by claiming you have extra men! Just try to make it believeable.
Obfuscate +50
Barkskin Amulet nature 115naturegem
This makes the top of your skin bark-like! You should take it off during hugging sessions.
Barkskin (NAT PROT 10, or NAT PROT 1 if already 10 or higher, FR -5)
Handful of Acorns nature 115naturegem
Each of these grows into a middle-aged Vine Man when planted, and remarkably quick!
Magic Leadership +1, Retinue of 3 Vine Men
Cat Charm nature 2210naturegem
This makes you prefer dudes. It also makes you harder to touch. Coincidence? Perhaps.
DEF +4, Female
Enormous Cauldron of Broth nature 3315naturegem
Liquified Soylent Green? My favorite!
Supply Bonus +100
Imp Familiar blood 115bloodslave
This guy can do almost anything, but not very well. He'll never leave you, EVER, but he might accidentally taint you.
Undead Leadership +1, Research Bonus +3, Retinue of 1 Shadow Imp, Tainted (1% chance per turn)
Ring of the Warrior blood 115bloodslave
This thing gives you a coveted Attack Skill bonus AND a Morale bonus! Now you can smack that annoying Elf!
ATT +5, Morale +2
Soul Contract blood 33fire 1190bloodslave5firegem Cheap for LA Marignon!
Sign this to let Devils into this world, for as long as you live! This isn't cheap, despite what the Pantokrator says.
Undead Leadership +10, Auto-Summons 1 Devil per turn, Unlootable, Tainted (10% chance per turn)
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