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EA Vanheim, Age of Vanir


Vanheim is a land of misty moors and bitter forests inhabited by a tall and innately magical race known as the Vanir. The Vanir are mortal enemies of the giants of Jotunheim and since the beginning of time they have waged a great war upon each other. They are masters of illusions and are able to trick mortals with their glamour. In halls under the mountains of Vanheim live Dwarves, smiths capable of crafting fabulous items. Vanheim is a land of magic and even the horses are enchanted and exceptionally fast. Vanir are skilled shipwrights and navigators and can sail the oceans. Lesser beings are not held in high regard and their blood is sacrificed to sate the Awakening God.

General Overview

FIXME How the nation plays and what it is good at should go here, aka why would it be cool to play, what's good about it (in general terms) and where they falter possibly there could be a standard for nation classification (sacred heavy, elves, communion nation, blood nation, research, economical, forging, stealth, thug based, etc.) National Features

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Perfer Cold scales +1
High Defence and MR
Sailing Elf Vikings
Strong Thugs
NO cheap Mages
One of the Best Sacreds of EA: Elf Bezerkers
blood 22(Rare 3)
death 11(Rare 2)
air 44(Rare 5)
earth 33(Rare 4)
fire 11(Rare 2)

Summonable: water 22*, air 44*,
earth 33*, fire 22* , nature 22*, death 22*

*Can't be summoned natively.
Average (max holy 22)
Can perform Blood Sacrifices.
Standard Fort(Fortress)

Capital Special Sites

FIXME add the site pics

Vanhalla The Halls of Andvare
Enables recruitment of Vanadrott, Vanhere.
Generates 3airgem per turn.
Enables recruitment of Dwarven Smith, Fay Boar
Generates 3earthgem per turn.


The nation is made up of mostly Elves, Longlived Glamoured units with high defense skill. The majority of your armies will be invisible on most player's tactile maps of other players, making you an ever-elusive threat that can steal land at any moment.


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Van Scout
Gold 40
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
Scout for Scouting.
Glamour makes it near impossible for most patrols to catch him.
Gold 120
air 11holy 11 7
Sailing(3, Max 999)
Army Leader, Light Thug, and your "Cheapest" Mage.
They can become pinch "Mass" lighting casters if Storm is up, Even making the most use of Shock Wave because of their high defense.
Dwarven Smith
Gold 140
Capital Only
earth 22random1100%+10% 11
Master Smith(1)
Mountain Survival
Prophet Shape(Dwarf Elder)
The smith that makes a lot of your thug gear.
national Master Smiths are rare and good, able to forge a large variety of gear.
Can participate in battle but movements a visible on the map.
Grants Prot boosting and anti-armor magic in combat.
Gold 260
air 22blood 11holy 22 11
Sailing(3, Max 999)
Better Thug chasse, Air mage, And your "Cheapest" Bloodhunter.
Air two makes them nearly impossible to hit by normal units.
in the later game, they can form Blood sabbaths and Spam Thunder Strike
Gold 415
Capital Only
air 33blood 11holy 22random1100%+10% 15
Resist Shock(5)
Sailing(3, Max 999)
The national masters of air and blood, are Vanjarl with more magic paths.
They put up Storms for the nation and perform big rituals.
Earth randoms make better thugs.


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Serf Warrior
Gold 8
Decent Sidge chaff, getting 3 for about one Huskarl.
Not a fighting unit when compared to elfs but a massable national unit to break walls.
Gold 25
The mainline and line wall of the nation.
Hard to kill with its high Defenceive traits and having javelins makes killing dangerous indies safer.
non-sacred expanders and makes up the majority of raining parties.
Gold 25
Trade some defense skill for better prot and a higher damage axe which is more effective against Player armies as they tend to have higher prot than indies.
Gold 30
Improved armor and Defence skill over Huskarls.
Form the elite line of the later game when you have the income.
Mounted Hirdman
Gold 50
Have very high defense parred with being mounted and Glamored, make them extremely hard to hit.
They can be used as front attacking PD raiders that can traverse massive distances on the game map, or used as conventional rear attackers in mixed armies.
Gold 45
Capital Only
One of the main contributors that place Vanheim as a powerhouse of the early age.
Not only are they hard to hit raiders like all elves are, but They are also Extra murder with having a high Bezerd value and Two hard damaging attacks, plus decent armor to protect against arrows and other grazing attacks(which proct their Bezerk).
Even without a blessing or mage support they will mulch through most Indes and early game armies.
The best counter to them is AOE magic that bypasses Defense so you only have to deal with their High MR.
Fay Boar
Gold 100
Capital Only
supply bonus(50)
Forest Survival
small tramplers and help support larger armies.
It's rare for Van runs into supply problems with their smaller numbers.
Still nice to have tramplers that respawn at the cap when they die (don't waste your gold investment).
They take back their gold faster if you buff them to be better at steamrolling humanoids. (Ie. Enlarge, Gift of Flight).


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Vanlade - Vanadrott air 44death 22blood 22holy 22 21
Resist Shock(7)
Sailing(3, Max 999)
A greater Vanadrott with more paths.
He is more of a great caster and a great leader on the side.
Likely going to empower him further to give you access to greater blood and Death spell if you don't have a Pretender available for the job.
??Sölvis - Vanadis?? fire 22air 33holy 11 15
Resist Shock(5)
Sailing(3, Max 999)
Can be one of your tougher thug raiders.
Has all the good stuff of an Improved Vanjarl with Awe and Fire magic.
She is very hard to hit even for Elf standards.
Combos with casting Sulphur Haze for AOE kills, and thugging up with Phoenix Pyre and Mistform


National spells and Summons

  • Sloth of Bears: Conj 3 6naturegem nature 22 ( Great Bearx10+) Need indes to cast. Sacks of HP with high lot of strength.
  • Awaken Draugar: Conj 4 12deathgem death 22 ( Draugx3) They are undead with a chill aura and fear and hit harder when on their last legs. They are comparable to Wights, with Draugar being better equipped to win the grind game.
  • Summon Valkyries: Conj 4 1airgem air 33death 11 ( Valkyriex7) In combat, Summon Sacred flying ladies to Dive bomb the enemy with a high damage lance charge. They will be unscripted will prioriteze the squishy mages in back but will be hard to bless,
  • Summon Dwarf of the Four Directions: Conj 4 62airgem air 44earth 33. Shared between the Jotun and Vanir nations. Summon one of the four Dwarf smiths. Get a strong air 44earth 33random2200% caster and a forger for your troubles at the cost (or benefit) of some hurricanes ravaging the world. Your unlikely to summon all four, but having them all missing benefits your Vanir nation the most.

Magic Access

Mages in Vanheim is used more for thugging buffs then casting rituals or research. Your best casters are designated more towards melee then spell flinging combat spell or are restricted to the capital. Off cap you have Vanjarls with air 22blood 11 plus any indies you find, paths that need empowerment or a Storm or expensive communions to be decent ranged casters rather than Mistforming and charging.

Dwarven Smiths are masters are your earth mages and forgers. WhileVanadrotts Handle Air. Boosting a Vanadrott to cast Queen of Elemental Air is the gate to higher air, King of Elemental Earth for earth and Summon Dwarf of the Four Directions brake you into strong air/earth and another path. Climbing blood for Bind Heliophagus gives you more Blood access as well as Death and Fire.

Combat Magic

Vanheim relies more on their surprise attack with hard to hit troops and commanders that can solo battalions over traditional magic artillery. Your thugs will be forced to take up the artillery role late game when Glamour stops being a huge advantage in combat, though this is defiantly not the most gold efficient roll for them.

Early game combat involving Van is having a thugged wizards cast Mistform and Flight then attack rear, with summoned Air Elementals for extra support.

Have capital only Dwarf Smiths which bring Earth magic to combat, improving amour with Marble Warriors and harass with Maws of the Earth, Rain of Stones and Destruction. But their movement on the map is see-able by most scouts.

Vanadrotts make up your wind power, being the ones putting up Storm so your Vanherse and Vanjarls can spam lighting spells.

Blood communions are also important to the nation. Vanjarl are expensive for nearly sitting around but are the only national way to empower your mages. With the addition of boosters, can cast higher Air, Earth, Death, Fire, and blood spell (can empower any Dwarf in Blood to join). For example, you can cast Storm without Vanadrotts. Blood is useful for taking out dangerous units with Life for a Life, and shift fighting in your favor with Blood Rain, Wailing Winds, and Rush of Strength.

Wind of Death is an interesting spell as Vans still have between 100 to 500 years of life in them, So armies made up of shorter-lived races and, more importantly, the elder mages that are the backbone armies, will be crippled and die, while only some of your will only be a few decades from retirement. (There are more races in EA with long Life spans, so not always effective.)

Ritual Magic

Vanadrott and Vanjarl can Cloud Trapeze, Letting them immediately pounce on any province in range, including a surprise blood sabbath.

Late game use Storm Demons as they are strong demons. Also getting Bind Heliophagus and Elemental Royalty for Stronger power.

Magic Items

Your recruitable thugs are mounted mages that are really hard to hit. They may need not that much extra prot, but shouldn't but that much encumbrance on them as they will be casting spells. The better thing is giving them weapons to stab better (Fire Brand, or Frost Brand for AOE, Flesh Eater for anti thugging). Can make Earth, Blood, and even the hard to make air boosters (some rare Dwarven Smiths can forge Skull of Fire). Even make a Robe of the Magi for late-game magic boosting.

National Dicount Items

  • Dwarven Hammer Cont 2, earth 33, 12earthgem: A quintessential item for forging. Forge Discount on an item that gives you Forge discount is an economic win.
  • Lightweight Scale Mail Cont 2, air 11, 4airgem: light armour for non-van thugs and mages.
  • Weightless Scale Mail Cont 2, air 22, 8airgem: pay more so the Scale Mail has no encumbrance of a thug build that's more consciences about fatigue produced per turn.
  • Cauldron of the Elven Halls Cont 4, air 33, 12airgem: if your glamoured army does get reported by a scout or contains non-glamoured units, only a fraction will be reported. If you into mind game strategies having a massive army mistaken as a small raiding party grants you a greater level of surprise.


FIXME do you have a game plan? Anything you should always be working toward? Any National weaknesses?


FIXME What kinds of scales dose your nation like? Do they require any to function? Any blesses your sacreds would like? Do you desperately need an awake expander? Examples of Pretenders?

Early Game

FIXME How to expand, potential pitfalls and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, how much do you have to focus on war/infrastructure

Mid Game

FIXME what is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment to? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

FIXME How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high-level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly

youtube of someone discussing the nation
guide page on steam??
forum thread or AAR

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