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MA Ermor, Ashen Empire


"Ermor was initially a conglomerate of the Roman Empire and undead nations of general fantasy stock. With time, it has received a history that begins as something like the early Roman republic, with military units of that age and priests and diviners inspired by Roman religious officials. The New Faith replaces the old state cult of the Numina, as Christianity eventually replaced the old Roman state cult. With the turn of the age, the mistake of the Augurs becomes apparent, and the nation is brought into darkness.

Ermor is one of the first conceived nations in the Dominions universe. In the first Dominions, the Ermorian backstory influenced many of the other nations. When the eras were introduced in Dominions 3, the undead empire ended up in the late age and the Dominions history lost some of its coherency. With Dominions 4, I tried to straighten things up and once more placed the Ashen Empire of Ermor in the middle age where its antagonists and splinter empires can be found."

Ermor was once a great empire that had conquered much of the known world. The realm crumbled as the great mages of the Empire studied dark magic under the Sauromancers of C’tis. Unaware of the dangers of dark sorcery, priests performed unholy rites in the capital city of Eldregate. But there were voices who demanded that the foul practices stop. Theurgs and Thaumaturgs foresaw the cataclysm and advised generals, governors, and consuls to revolt. When the Apostate Emperor marched on Ermor itself, the Augurs and Bishops of the Empire were forced to act in concert. In one cataclysmic event, Death was let loose and the empire was shattered. The Cataclysm attracted attention from an earlier God, a dark and hungry God. The vast power of this Awakening God erased the boundaries between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Ermor is now a cursed land of ashes and darkness where nothing grows. The bones of long-dead inhabitants reassemble to form legions of undead under the leadership of the cursed priests of the old Ermorian faith. Undead legions march forth to conquer a world once theirs. The Ermorian Dominion reanimates the dead without the aid of unholy priests. It also destroys the land, turning crops and forests into ashes, and people and livestock into bones. The Pretender God of Ermor will also be able to sense where any corpses are in provinces under his Dominion.

General Overview

It's the original popkill nation! Isn't it cool? Piles of skeletal freespawn, with varying amounts of skill, allow you to wash over most of your foes. The lack of a need for recruiting troops makes this one of the archetypal "Hellbless" nations, especially with the rare few Undead Knights that can carry your bless. Your start is very weird, though, and it will take time and practice to figure out what the heck to do so you can get on your feet.

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Undead No Recruits
Free Longdead Hordes
Many Sacred types:
* Heavy Lictors
* Ghostly Grenadiers
* Fearsome Knights
death 22
With death 33 & 20deathgem:
death 44 (rare 5)
fire 22 (rare 3)
astral 22 (rare 3)
air 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
water 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
earth 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
holy 11 (death 22 & 10deathgem)
holy 22 (death 22 & 16deathgem)
holy 33 (death 33 & 23deathgem)
Standard Forts
+1deathgem for each Fort
with a Temple inside
  • Your Dominion kills the local Population at a rate of 1% per candle per month, but also raises Longdead troops.
  • Your Pretender already starts with Death 3.
  • Non-Undead troops have their Morale decreased by 1 in your Dominion, even if they belong to you.
  • Your Dominion counts Corpses for you, which is handy since they make Reanimation more useful.
  • Mercenaries are 100% more expensive.
  • You start with a death 22 Mage.

Capital Special Sites

The Unholy Sepulchre
* Produces 9deathgem per month.

Notable Units

FIXME General description of the units in the nations rooster, any standouts, shared qualities aka temperature, any foreign rec, what makes a good basis for planning around


For the sake of brevity, here's all the traits that Ermor's National Commanders share:

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
death 22
death 22 research9
poor amphibian Froggish
Stealthy (40)
Fear (7)
I think this might be the only nation where Black Servants are a sensible investment.
Anyway, 20 Death Gems is a pretty-good deal for a Level 6 Ghost Mage,
especially since they aren't locked behind a Research project.
Even if you don't start with an Awake Pretender that has death 33,
you only have to empower a single Spectator to start getting Battle Mages.
(That costs up to 5 turns' worth for Gems, or a Skull Staff if you're more patient.)
You'll feel the limitations of your gem stock very quickly if you try spamming Mages
at the same rate as you would for a living nation, however.
Dusk Elder
death 33
fire 11astral 11death 33random1100%+10% research13
poor amphibian Froggish
Stealthy (40)
Fear (8)
Acolyte of Eldregate
death 22
holy 11
Reanimator Priest
Speeding up the Horde-forming can't hurt.
Certain troops of higher quality will only show up for higher-level Reanimators, too.
Bishop of Eldregate
death 22
holy 22
Reanimator Priest
Arch Bishop of Eldregate
death 33
holy 33
Reanimator Priest
death 22
Sacred A Temple-building Mound King that can lead more skelebros.
He's also a bit more resistant to Magic, but much likelier to rout.
You start out with one, so try not to lose him if you want to save on Mage turns.


FIXME description of the workhorse options, for the sake of sanity better skip the clearly subpar and generic stuff (common indie like units with no gimmicks), merge units into a single description entry if functionally similar battle roles with only minor differences in gear.

Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.

Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.

NameUsecase depending on constraints and opponents.

Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.

Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.

Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.
Name Usecase depending on constraints and opponents.


FIXME any breakout hits that might sway someone towards luck or away from it ?


National Spells

FIXMEnational spell or summon cost and usecase, judgment if it's good.

Magic Access

FIXME What magic path/mages define your nation, what can you level, e.g., thunderstriking, astral, elementals, earth buffs, blood, what is recruitable anywhere and good, what are some summons you are likely able to get and are useable

Combat Magic

FIXME What is the best spell you can use in combat. What spells the best support your national lineup, Is there weakness that you need to fix? Any tricks you should be aware you have?

Ritual Magic

FIXME What is the best ritual you could cast. Are there any globals you want up, any units you should be summoning? Are there any Generic rituals few nations can cast?

Magic Items

FIXME Do you have any National items(Construction Level, Price, and required Paths). Any unique generic items few other nations can forge? What item would be useful on your unit lineup (non-standard recommend thug gear)?

National Items

FIXME nation exclusive items

National Dicount Items

FIXME items you get national Discounted on (Reduced Price and required Paths). Any Reasons your nation may want to forge it?


FIXME do you have a game plan? Anything you should always be working toward? Any National weaknesses?


FIXME What kinds of scales dose your nation like? Do they require any to function? Any blesses your sacreds would like? Do you desperately need an awake expander? Examples of Pretenders?

Early Game

FIXME How to expand, potential pitfalls and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, how much do you have to focus on war/infrastructure

Mid Game

FIXME what is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment to? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

FIXME How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high-level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly

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