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EA Ermor the New Faith


Ermor was initially a conglomerate of the Roman Empire and undead nations of general fantasy stock. With time, it has received a history that begins as something like the early Roman republic, with military units of that age and priests and diviners inspired by Roman religious officials. The New Faith replaces the old state cult of the Numina, as Christianity eventually replaced the old Roman state cult. With the turn of the age, the mistake of the Augurs becomes apparent, and the nation is brought into darkness.

Ermor is one of the first conceived nations in the Dominions universe. In the first Dominions, the Ermorian backstory influenced many of the other nations. When the eras were introduced in Dominions 3, the undead empire ended up in the late age and the Dominions history lost some of its coherency. With Dominions 4, I tried to straighten things up and once more placed the Ashen Empire of Ermor in the middle age where its antagonists and splinter empires can be found. The backstories of Sceleria, Pythium, Marignon, and Ulm are all influenced by Ermor. Several other nations have interacted with the nation or its shadow. It would be difficult to imagine the Dominions setting without Ermor.

General Overview

Early Age Ermor is a human nation based on the aesthetic of the Roman Empire combined with early Christianity. Its human mages focus on Fire, Astral, and Death, with a smattering of other paths. Uniquely, its most powerful mages, the slow-to-recruit Augur Elders, can be recruited outside its capital. Its troops range from militia to elites, most carrying the trademark tower shield and javelins of Roman infantry. Efficient cavalry, including strong sacred elite cavalry, round out the roster.

In the Early Age, the culture of Ermor is in a transition period. Its old elemental cult based around the Numina (Latin for Divinities) has been displaced from the capital and all Fortifications by a new religion, one focused on healing and (currently) focused on preserving itself. The new priesthood of Healers and the flexible Augurs certainly have a strong niche, but you'll have to build some Temples and Labs in some unfortified provinces if you want to experience all that Ermor's roster has to offer.

The random paths on Ermor's Mages are rather annoying, especially on its Flamens; you might not see a particular Elemental path or Nature for a very long time, especially since it's impossible to speed up the recruitment of your Flamens. You're not even guaranteed level 3 in Fire or Death on your Elder Augurs, your best Mages. In exchange for this inconsistency beyond low-level Fire, Astral, and Death, the mean cost of your Mages is pretty cheap, and you'll have a decent amount of money left over at the end of each turn for your other national features: your fine castles, your fit-for-service Healer-Priests (assuming you're not using the capital for your Mages), and your awesome cavalry.

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Average Humans
Lizard Auxiliaries
Neutral Temperature
Strong Medium Infantry
Cheap Mages
Tower Shield Infantry
National Longdead
Fast Movement
fire 33 (rare 4)
death 33 (rare 4)
astral 22 (rare 3)
air 11 (uncommon, rare 2)
water 11 (uncommon)
earth 11 (uncommon)
nature 11 (uncommon)
Summon: water 11earth 11nature 22
Strong (holy 33)
Advanced Forts(Castle)

Capital Special Sites

Temples of the Shroud
* Enables recruitment of Equite of the Sacred Shroud
* Enable recruitment of Bishop of the Sacred Shroud
* Enable recruitment of Arch Bishop of the Sacred Shroud
* Produce 3firegem3astralpearl


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Mountain Survial
Forest Survival
Scout for Scouting.
Assassin 1
Generic human assassin.
Your default leader has 80ld.
Legatus Legionis
Your slower-to-recruit 120ld commander. Not any better at surviving, but the base skill makes them phenomenal leaders once they pick up some Experience stars.
holy 11
Indie priest made national.
It's a good thing they made Indie Priests more expensive, otherwise, this guy would still be useless!
fire 11astral 11 9
Fortune Teller 10%
Your main Research Mage & only Communion Slave, reminding you to build forts.
You will have a lot of them in your forts, which will eventually prevent (or at least warn you of) some of the bad events, and which will likely serve your Augur Elders well.
Augur Elder
fire 22astral 11death 22random1100%+10% 17
Fortune Teller 10%
Your primary battle mage, strong in Fire and Death with the addition of Astral (to be the Communion Master) and Air (to prevent you from getting Fire 3 or Death 3).
Works well in the center of your army with Augur Communion Slaves, casting big spells, or off to the side if summoning Fire Elementals.
Bishop of the Sacred Shroud
Capital Only
holy 22
Healer 1
Capital-only Healers (able to remove afflictions with time).
Arch Bishop of the Sacred Shroud
Capital Only
holy 33
Healer 1
Bishops are faster to produce, but Arch Bishops are H3 priests, which Makes claiming thrones and blessing sacred formations easier.
They are one of the standout features of EA Ermor.
Rec Foreign Only
fire 11holy 22 7
Needs an unfortified Lab and Temple. You'd be surprised how expensive Mage-Priests can get, and these ones also have holy 22 for supporting non-Sacred armies.
Rec Foreign Only
fire 11holy 11random1100% 9
Your only access to Nature, Earth, and Water magic. Having a Temple and Lab without a fort is risky, but necessary for path variety. The guaranteed Fire level offers some interesting cross-paths, such as Fire & Earth for Magma Bolts, Fire & Water for Geyser, and Fire & Nature for Seven Year Fever.
More cross-path interactions can be utilized if you get Boosters, and/or somehow many them a Communion Master.
Note that having too many Fortresses around an unfortified province will steal all of its resources.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Inexpensive ranged weapons. Sadly not very useful, as slings are low damage and limited range. Could be deployed as in great numbers swiftly as siege chaff or in combination with Flaming Arrows.
A Javelin and Towershield is useful, but the unit completely dominated by its slightly more expensive peers. May have a role, if you are more recruitment point constrained.
levy Two attacks with a bonus against shielded foes make this the unit of choice against medium infantry. Their low resource cost makes them easy to mass, but they will disappear after either inflicting or suffering damage in battle. Very useful for early expansion or as an emergency defense recruit.
levy Your mainstay expansion, rush, and counter-rush units. These deal effectively with several types of elite low-strength units due to their net attack and extremely high piercing damage. The extremely cost-effective unit, with fog warriors, will of the fates, and mass flight they are weapons of mass destruction.
Tower shield and Javelin make them very much worth recruiting for expansion, but you may want to switch over to his more resource-expensive peers as the game goes on.
Your most heavily armored spear, tower shield, and Javelin option. A very good default recruitment option.
Lizard Auxiliare
Swamp Survival
Weaker Map Movement and Moral than its peers, but more resource efficient and native poison resistance make them worth considering. Beware: Cold-blooded will cause problems in provinces with cold temperatures.
Comparable to the Rorarus, but with a short sword instead of a spear and slightly more expensive. Trades slightly high damage for its repel potential. Likely your other default recruitment.
The better attack, defense, protection, and moral than the Hastatus, but also slightly slower and 27% more expensive.
Formation Fighter
Old Age(55/50)
Your heaviest armored unit, no Javelin, but a better spear. Extremely high encumbrance, combined with old age, but higher cost make this a more questionable recruitment.
Standard A Hastatus with a Flag. The extra squad morale is very welcome and a few should be sprinkled in any infantry formation.
A very average medium cavalry. Very high recruitment cost, but it's often very difficult to find a place for them.
Equite of the Sacred Shroud
Capital Only
Your capital only sacreds. Build-in recuperation makes it more likely they last to a higher experience level. Overall arguably the best human cavalry of the age, worth recruiting even without a blessing.


None of Ermor's heroes are very flashy, but they could be good. The presence of Healers in Ermor makes Old Age trivial for these two.

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
"Cornelius" - Pontifex Maximus fire 22astral 22holy 33
Old Age
Essentially Ermor's only Communion Mage-Priest. Priest levels (and his Fire & Astral) can be boosted by Slaves, while Level 3 is already a solid tier with Divine Blessing and Smite. He'd be a lot more useful in most other nations, though, as he's kind of obsolete in his home nation.
"Innocentius" - Primate holy 44
Healer 2
Old Age
One of the game's super-rare Level 4 Priests, and a better Healer than the others to boot. If only his Recuperation weren't useless; due to his Old Age, he'll need an attending Bishop.


Reaserch Piority


National Spells

Contact Lar Conj5 nature 11, 16naturegem ( Lar): Absolutely worth the cost as it is one of your nation's most important mages water 11earth 11nature 22 and is very easy to summon. Just get an Indie shaman to find Nature gems and then cast. They break you into nature and Foul Vapors Casters.

Magic Access

Your Strongest magic is Fire and Death, able to forge booster on Augur elder up to fire 55, and death 33 Which is enough for Summon Spectre which could make you Crystal gear. There is a 20% chance that a twiceborn Augur elder could return with a Death path boost, letting you climb up to Death 5 and 6 for Well of Misery and Litchs.

You have Astral magic that can be raised to astral 33 with only national paths. May not need communion to be deadly against thugs. with Astral magic

Has Air but only useful for low-level lab jobs or powered up from communions.

Flamens give you Lv1 in Earth, Water, and Nature. Earth is hard to raise. Flamens can forge Water Bracelet But need lucky random from a Spectre Mage to reach water 44 with a Robe of the Sea.

Your Nature magic comes from Lars, with a Thicle Mace are Nature 3 and 4 in combat. With the two Water boosters, Lars can Summon Naiads to reach Water water 55 and Nature nature 44.

Combat Magic

Main combat comes from Fire, Death, from Eldars with Astral and some Wind, and minor in other paths.

Fire is known for evocation. Most players are capable of resisting and protecting your troop from Fire and Cold. Big wipes from Fire Storm and Heat from Hell if the enemy is unprepared.

In addition to Death communions out grinding enemy with unending skeletons, Death had many battlefields wide spells (Rigor Mortis, Life After Death). Using Soul Vortex with Lamia bodyguards are a good way to keep you, elders, low fatigue. Wailing Winds is a way to moral rout armies, especially since Your troops will are less likely to because 1. undead rarely rout and 2. High Ld commanders and can forge Moral boosting Fire items.

Astral makes communions, and even communion of only Augers or a solo Elder can counter thugs (Mind Burn, Paralyze, Soul Slay, Enslave Mind, Nether Darts ) be careful with only having Elders with no Augers as they are targeted by Magic Duel.

Air requires communions to be effective outside, enabling some crosspath spells. Wind Guide + Flaming Arrows is good on nations whose prime line unit uses javelins. Will buff your army to be hard to hit.

Lars makes up your natural power. With a Thistle Mace and Strength of Gaia they are nature 44. Boost you legion Natural prot with Mass Protection and Combo Serpent's Blessing and Foul Vapors

Flamen Add Fire mixed with other paths, including Earth and Water. Not too useful in combat outside of Fluffing until you can get a Crystal Matrix then you now have Earth, Water, Acid, and Magma to your arsenal.

Ritual Magic

Nation Good at Dispeling.

Can Cast Vengeance of the Dead and Mind Hunt late game to remote kill enemy commanders.

By climbing Death, You can summon immortal Lich and Wraith Lord Thugs.

Can Use Gateway and Stygian Paths to teleport enemies.

Do have the tools to execute a late-game Tartarian strategy, with the national healer, a large selection of magic items, and discount on the Shroud of the Battle Saint.

Magic Items

Fire and Death make good thug items. Fire also boosts the moral of legionaries. Astral improve MR and grants luck. Flamen also can forge a lot of useful Fire crosspaths and low path items.

Can you make it Lightless Lanterns, and Owl Quills which greatly speed up your research.

National Discount

  • Shroud of the Battle Saint: Conj 4, astral 11, 4astralpearl. Can't be removed and grants low body prot, but makes the wearer Alway benefits from your bless even if not sacred. Useful to give your blessing to a summoned thug or super-combatant chasses.

Notable Thug items

  • Blacksteal Gears
  • Ivory Bow
  • Carmine Cleaver
  • Duskdagger
  • Doom Glaive
  • Eye Shield
  • Lantern Shield
  • Evening Star
  • Rune Smasher
  • Shield of Gleaming Gold


Early Game

FIXME How to expand, potential pitfalls, and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, and how much you have to focus on war/infrastructure.

Mid Game

FIXME What is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

FIXME How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high-level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly

Strategy Guides

FIXME Link here to guides for the nation, on and off(?) the wiki. This should likely include things like suggested pretender designs as well as strategy guides.

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