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EA Mekone, Brazen Giants


Mekone and its successors are inspired by giants of Greek myth. Described either as strong and proud hoplites, or in later times, as monstrous beings with serpent legs, the idea of a nation of giants that doesn’t follow the development of most other giant nations, with smaller and smaller giants in the later ages, started to take form. The serpent legged monstrosities of the late age was at first glance the most intriguing one, but I wanted to make the nation one era at a time, so I started with Mekone. Some research into ancient Athens and Sparta transformed my first ideas into a nation heavily inspired by Sparta. Since Arcoscephale is more influenced by Athens in the early age and Hellenic Greece in later ages, a Spartan society would not overlap with previous Greek influences. I also wanted to incorporate the hubris of the giants and the Gigantomachia—the war against the gods—into the nation, which in turn created the backstory for the middle and late age versions of the nation. -Illwinter

Mekone is a city of gold and marble inhabited by Gigantes, a race of exalted giants descended from an ancient god. Proud and endowed with mythical strength the Gigantes of Mekone have enslaved their neighbors and made themselves rulers over men. For ages the Gigantes have watched the lesser races and seen their kingdoms rise and fall. They witnessed the fall of Telkhinis and the injustices done to the races of old. With the aid of the Elder Cyclopes the Gigantes of Mekone have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of the gods of men. Most of Mekone’s population consists of human slaves, helotes. The population of human slaves is discontent and unrest will increase in all forts.

In Greek myth, Mekone was where Zeus and Prometheus settled on what part of the animal would be sacrificed to the gods, with the latter tricking the former into choosing the scraps.

General Overview

Mekone is a nation of Hoplite giants on a personal crusade against traditional godhood that uses its despised human population as slave chaff. The best of anything that Mekone can muster is expensive, and money can be hard to come by. In comparison to other giant nations like Niefelheim and Hinnom, they can struggle to obtain enough gold for their assets, owing to their unique fort unrest mechanic and expensive forts. Unlike other giant nations, their elite troops are also capped in recruitment. They have a fair spread of elemental magic at their disposal and skilled crafters, although they have few native options for diversifying their capabilities.

Mekone does NOT have any available Dominion 1 Pretender chassis, by the way. All of your Pretender options are relatively expensive, limiting the scales and the Magic paths that you can take. While expansion isn't too much of a problem for Mekone, you should still pick your Pretender carefully.

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Cyclops Smiths
Hoplite Infantry
Slave Humans
Giants with Magic Gear
fire 33 (Rare 4)
earth 33 (Rare 4)
air 22 (Rare 3)
water 22 (Rare 3)
Weak (holy 22 Max)
Dominion Conflict Bonus (+1)
Sacred Thugs (Commanders)
Advanced Fortified Cities
Forts Cause Unrest (happens after Patrols)

As a nation in the "Greek" region, Mekone can use Sorcery (death 22 & death 33) to summon creatures that secretly have more Sorcery (death 11blood 11 & astral 11death 22nature 11); uncovering these hidden paths requires decent investment into Thaumaturgy and either nature 44 or astral 55, however.

The Krypteion

All forts accrue unrest passively. This happens after Patrol in the Turn Order Sequence, meaning that it is impossible to fully prevent without someone who passively Reduces Unrest. In addition, the Krypteion event chain happens every autumn with the following event sequence:

  1. In Early Fall, forted provinces gain +15 unrest. If there is an Ephor present, war is declared on the helote population. Without an Ephor to organize it, the chain ends here.
  2. In Fall, the Krypteion proper begins, and helotes are slaughtered, lowering unrest by -40 or -50 and population by about 300. Some of your recruited Helotes may die.
  3. In Late Fall, the Krypteion concludes and spawns an experienced Kryptes Assassin, thus ending the event chain.

Capital Special Sites

FIXME add the site pics

City of Gold and Marble Forge of the Cyclopes
Enables recruitment of:



Generates 1airgem1earthgem per turn.
Enables recruitment of

Elder Cyclops

Generate 25 per turn.
Generates 2firegem2earthgem per turn.


FIXME General description of the units in the nations rooster, any standouts, shared qualities aka temperature, any foreign rec, what makes a good basis for planning around


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Perioeci Scout
Gold 25
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
Scout for scouting needs.
Neodamode Commander
Gold 45
Formation Fighter(2) Your Cheapest Army Leader. 60Ld on a non-Taskmaster is not so good in battle especially with your Slaves having low morale.
Only good for shuffling non-gigantes before you get indies.
Gold 85
Formation Fighter(2)
Taskmaster and cheap Gigante Leader. They can be raiders with minimal gear by being giants who already have magical armaments.
Gold 295
Capital Only
fire 22earth 22 13
Formation Fighter(2)
They are the best leaders and recruitable thugs, having thug paths and combat-caster.
Having one with Blessing of the God-slayer and better gear could take down a super combatant with some help.
Gold 100
holy 11random1100% 7
Formation Fighter(2)
Old Age (297/250)
Your most gold efficient researcher. Not a great mage, but you can afford them in the early game and they can lead Gigante expansion parties.
They are also effective at preaching away unwanted enemy dominion.

Note: The Geronte, Ephor and Archon have their leadership artificially lowered due to Mekonean tradition. Despite only leading 30-45 troops, they grant +1 morale and lead up to 3 Squads without penalty.
Gold 165
fire 11earth 11holy 11random1100% 11
Formation Fighter(2)
Old Age (297/245)
Not as gold efficient as Geronte, but are faster researchers and Mages that can do good magic in combat.
The Fire and Earth 2 have clear battlefield roles. Air randoms forge Owl Quills and other air 11 items, but can also be a Sulphur Haze caster if it has a and cast Phoenix Power.

At least one Ephor is required in each fort during Autumn for the Krypteion and the Kryptes.
Gold 305
fire 11earth 11holy 11random2200% 13
Formation Fighter(2)
Your Preliminary mages and thug. The Fire and Earth 3s are your Combat mages
An earth 33 with a for Phoenix Power are good Magma Eruption casters.
With gear, an air 22 Archon can cast Air Trapeze which make them a ideal thugs or mobile mages.
Gold 350
Capital Only
fire 22water 11earth 22holy 22random1100%
Formation Fighter(2)
Your Big Mage and General.
Has high paths for big cross path spells, and can be the strongest water mage for combat and rituals.
May need some Mid-late game with a booster as versatile mages.

Count as holy 44 for preaching enemy dominion, and are required for the Blessing of the God-slayer.
Elder Cyclops
Gold 330
Capital Only
fire 22air 11earth 22random1100%
Resist Fire(15)
Resource Bonus(25)
Master Smith(1)
Mountain Survival
Your Forge masters, get a Dwarven Hammers and craft a large array of Gear for your Thugs and mages.
They can easily produce Magic Boosters and with them forge both kinds of Elemental Staffs:
Staff of Elemental Mastery
Staff of Elemental Mastery.

Late-middle game, their Size, HP, Strength, and Magic make them Mekone's best recruitable super-combatant chassis.
No Rec
Patrol Bonus(15)
While more of a multihero, you can still get a Kryptes each year by having an Ephor in one of your forts.
Think of the Kryptes as a naked Assassin, and give him some gear before sending him out.
Having him Patrol out Unrest instead is sensible, and having someone with his talent at that is great for Mekone.


Your Gigante troops are powerful units with their stats and Magic gear. The main downside is that they cost a lot of gold and resources, they can only be lead by Size 4 commanders, and you can only recruit 5 of each kind of giant from your capital and 2 from other forts. This is somewhat offset by having cheap human slaves to fill out your numbers.


When a Helote gains 50 XP, they become a Neodamode. They are no longer slaves (3 more gold per year in upkeep), and gain +4 base Morale. Peltasts only get +3 but their leather caps are upgraded to bronze. By 50 XP, morale is also already increased by Experience stars (+2). However, they no longer benefit from taskmasters (-1 or -2 morale depending on who was leading them).

Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Helote Peltast
Gold 8
Experienced Shape(50): Neodamode Peltast
Your best unit from the fact that they are easy to spam, low on upkeep, and have javelins that your mages can buff. Bad morale and low protection can always be offset by buffs and large numbers.
Helote Ekdromos
Gold 8
Formation Fighter(2)
Experienced Shape(50): Neodamode Ekdromos
Supposedly a less resource intensive version of the Hoplites with less encumbrance and slightly better defence skill and combat speed. Ekdromos are very situational as they are more likely to die with their low protection.
Can be situationally better against enemies that try to fatigue your Hoplites out.
Helote Hoplite
Gold 8
Formation Fighter(2)
Experienced Shape(50): Neodamode Hoplite
Your secondary infantry, recruit them and in resorce-rich provinces when you reach your fort cap for Gigante. They are formation fighters, so they contribute to harrassment bonus whether it is four humans in a square or two humans and a Gigante.
Perioeci Peltast
Gold 10
Very situational as the only benefit they have over Helote Peltast is that they have better moral and do not need taskmasters to function. For what they are, you would rather recruit indies with better stats than paying the full wage of a Light Infantry.
Gold 30
Recruitment Limit: 2

Capital Recruitment Limit: 5
Minimum leader size(4) Naked strong men with two fists and a hard-hitting thrown discus. They are the easiest to recruit of the Gigante troops, but very situational because of their lack of protection.
Could knock out enemy giants if you pointbuffed their Frisbees.
Gigante Ekdromos
Gold 40
Recruitment Limit: 2

Capital Recruitment Limit: 5
Minimum leader size(4)
Formation Fighter(2)
When you do not have the resources to make a Gigante Hoplite, you make these. When compared to their Helote counterpart, they have better Combat and map move, but a weaker breastplate. They tend to die to indies.
Gigante Hoplite
Gold 40
Recruitment Limit: 2

Capital Recruitment Limit: 5
Formation Fighter(2)
Minimum leader size(4)
The second strongest giant troops behind Niefel Giants.
Clad in Magic gear that will resist armor destroying spells, and fitting 2 into a square, a unit of 6 to 16 can solo the majority of indies.
The main downside is that they are resource intensive and you do not have the best gold economy. They are also limited recruitment even if you were able to afford more. This leaves you having to spam human slaves to fill up your numbers.


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Alcyonaeus - King of Pallene
Hero Turn Available Limit(15)
fire 22earth 33holy 22 15
Formation Fighter(2)
dominion immortality(Return: 1 month)
A better Polemarch.
Needs gear in order to thug.
Dominion Immortality with a one-month respawn timer makes him ideal for protecting you land from raiding armys.
Aside from thugging, he is also capable of spamming Magma Eruption


Priorities: conj 5, Construction 4, Enchantment 4, Alteration 2, Evocation 6, thaum 7,

National spells and Summons

Procession of the Underworld Conjure 5, death 33 13deathgem, (summon 12x Lampad) Can be cast lategame with a pretender or by empowering a mage. There is a way to Lampads into mages with astral 11death 22nature 11, through Gift of Reason or Divine Name but Mekone does not have the resources to fully benefit from this. Lampads are humanoids with only Invulnerability for protection. Despite this, they can ruin thugs they hit with Decay when buffed.

Summon Hound of Twilight Conjure 5, earth 22death 11 4earthgem, (summon a Hound of Twilight) A big monster with a Fear aura and a Patrol bonus of 20. Cheap for an Empowered earth 22 in death to spam and remove your fort's unrest. FIXME How good are monsters like this is in Combat?

Bind Keres Conjure 6, death 22 12deathgem, (summon 3x Ker) Similar to Lampads, they can be used to break into Death. They are death 11blood 11 mages when made commanders. Hard to do without magic from a pretender. Keres are Ethereal Invisible Two attack Fear flyers. Tears up Weak back units, especially when they Paralyze enemy undead mages.

Forge Brass Bull Construction 7, fire 33earth 33 30firegem, (summon a Khalkotauros) A big, hard to kill Trample monster that breathes fire.

Blessing of the God-slayer Enchantment 0, water 11holy 11 5watergem, Gives a Large boost to a Polemarch and makes it a few gear forges and research goals away from being a super combatant. You can only have one and need to remember it only lasts a year (Or until the current slayer dies).

Sow Dragon Teeth Enchantment 6, earth 22 1earthgem, (summon 10x Spartae during Combat) Likely to replace as Lines by late game as Helotes die to quick and can't replace Gigante fast enough. Only cost 1 Earth Gem for 10 not-undead-not-living Hoplites with magic weapons and armor.

Gigantomachia Thaumaturgy 7, earth 44fire 44 60earthgem. An expensive late-game Global enchantment that boosts your Giant hoplite production and makes it easier to Dom-Kill. More importantly, You can be saving about 1000 Gold a turn on Giant production.

Magic Items

National Items

  • God-Slayer Spear A spear that inflicts area of effect Fatigue Damage to Sacreds. Comes standard on Polemarchs. Too situational to be good.

National Discount

Notable Items

Scutata Volturnus

Piercer/Golden Arbalest

Frost Brand

Staff of Elemental Mastery

Owl Quill/Lightless Lantern

The Copper Arm

Rune Smasher

Helmet of Heroes

Boots of Quickness

Magic Access

Mekone has decent access to Fire, Earth with 2s and occasional 3s in Air, and some 1s in water. The elemental path is decent but won't be as helpful to win the Late game.

This will talk about how to climbed paths as Mekone. This is to give advice assumes that you don't have a pretender(you can skip steps if you do), getting the unique, one-offs Construction 8 Boosters (imagine what I say but 2-3 levels higher in a path) and power spells (don't have to be stated).

:: Warning, some Ways to get High-end magic will be time and Gem intensive (especially nonnative paths). Unlikely to work unless getting lucky with Gem income and/or planed to break into at the game's start.

Earth 3 on Archons and the rare Basileus or Cyclopes gets 4. Can make a earth 33 mage to earth 55 with Earth Boots and Staff of Elemental Mastery. So can summon King of Elemental Earth, ending with a and earth 77 with boosters.

Fire is similar to earth, except you have another booster if you empower into death. Having a fire 66, and can summon a King of Elemental Fire (fire 88 with boosters).

Cyclopes can be 1, Balileus can be Water 2 and rarely 3. With Staff of Elemental Mastery, Water Bracelet, and Robe of the Sea, you become water 55. water 33 is enough to cast Sea King's Court, for a base water 33 which can then boost to water 66, he can then cast Queen of Elemental Water for water 88. by impowering a water 33 in Nature, you can cast Contact Naiad break into water 33nature 33.

Archons and Cyclopes can be Air 2, and rarely Cyclopes are 3. Air is the hardest path to climbed as you need a lucky Cyclopes, get a Staff of Elemental Mastery, or empower so you can forge Winged Helmets and then Bag of Winds. The Average Mekone Air mage goes up to air 55, which is enough to leap into Queen of Elemental Air for air 88

Despite Nature not a part of your mage line up, the EA is littered with Indies shamans. Most are nature 11, but Some times get nature 22, summon a Naiads or empower a Cyclops to craft Thistle Maces, Then empower to into to make Moonvine Bracelets, then finally can make Treelord's Staffs, likely making a shaman nature 44. As you climb, you can get cast Forest Troll Tribe(nature 33 for higher base Nature or breaking into death), Awaken Ivy King (nature 44, boosted to nature 55) which then gets you the immobile Awaken Teelord (nature 55, boosted to for lab work).

climbing death requires climbing other paths. A drop of Death on a earth 33 or water 33 to cast Hidden in Terrain spells is the easiest. Can also use a empowered Neriad to get water 33death 33 Kokythiads. Forging the Skull Staff booster is easy, but Skullface is harder. Your normal Cap without pretenders or empowering is death 33.

Astral is another hard path to climb. Empowering is easier with a good income, but need Death for the chance to get Higher Astrol mages (Hidden in Sand, Hidden Underneath, Summon Spectre). If you can summon those mages, you can forge Crystal Coin and Starshine Skullcap. With astral 44death 11 you can get a Eather Lord go obtain a boosted astral 55, or astral 66

blood is not easy to get. Often you will get one ore two by constantly recruiting the right indie nature mage. That is usually enough for collecting some blood slaves, empower an Elder to create Thug gear.

Combat Magic

Generally, the goal of your magic in combat should be to…

Buff your Troops: Thunder Ward/Lighting Resistance/Ground Army, Fire Fend/Flame Ward/Fire Resistance, Cold Resistance/Winter Ward, Legions of Steel, Strength of Giants, Gift of Flight, Army of Lead/Army of Gold/Marble Warriors/Iron Warriors, Wind Guide, Weapons of Sharpness, Flaming Arrows, Quickness

Summon Chaff: Summon Air Elemental, Ghost Wolves, Sow Dragon Teeth, Summon Earth Elemental, Will o' the Wisp, Summon Fire Elemental, Summon Lesser Water Elemental

Screw up the Battlefield: Mist, Rain, Curse of Stones, Iron Bane, Storm, Rain of Stones, Earthquake, Fire Storm, Heat from Hell

Impede Enemies: Curse of Stones, Sulphur Haze, False Fetters, Earth Meld, Maws of the Earth, Prison of Fire, Slime, Slow

Eliminate Rival Thugs: Lighting Bolt, Steal Breath

Buff your own Thugs: Mistform, Mirror Image, Flight, Resist Lighting, Ironskin, Temper Flesh, Iron Will, Summon Earthpower, Earth Might, Resist Cold, Fire Shield, Phoenix Power, Phoenix Pyre, Phoenix Power, Quicken Self,

Ritual Magic

  • Transmute Fire & Alchemical Transmutation give you Money! You need Money. Everything you want is expensive.
  • Eternal Pyre & Earth Blood Deep Well give you extra Gems that you can convert into money!
  • Cloud Trapeze lets you slingshot your Giants all over the place!
  • Riches from Beneath gives you both Money and Resources!
  • Gigantomachia makes your Giants both cheaper and more plentiful!
  • Forge of the Ancients makes equipping your Giants cheaper, which is really important since Gems also provide Money!

Summons: Manifest Vitriol, Sea King's Court, King of Elemental Fire, King of Elemental Earth, Queen of Elemental Water, Queen of Elemental Air



Mekone Prioritizes Productivity scales and Magic scales scales. second with Growth scales and Order scales for money.

Could go Turmoil scales and Luck scales As you are going to gain constant boons to offset your yearly pop kills.

Expanders can be nice to get a head start on the economy. (It's not like you're allowed to take the omnipresent imprisoned rainbow chassis.)

For Blesses, Only giant Mages and thugs are sacred, so think of them when making a pretender.

Early Game

Early game is about Producing Giganti and filling the rest of your expansion party with Peltasts. Though they have bad moral, throwing a lot of Slaves at a province will let you take it (mixing in some Giganti to do the heavy lifting after the slaves catch the lances).

Would recommend having an Ephor in each of your forts before Autumn or else be stuck with a lot of Unrest and miss out on an Assassin Spawn.

When deciding were to build a fort, it is best to place it near provinces with high income but build it nearby in one with High Resources. The reason is that your Fort unrest will reduce your overall income from the area, so better …

Mid Game

Money is feeling tight as you need it for troops and building your expensive Labed/Temple/Forts (1600 Gold) ontop of Giganti Upkeed and lost money from unavoidable unrest.

At this point, the enemy will have Spells to Destroy or circumvent your Golden armour, (Lightning Ignores and magic armour only shrugs off the first few cast of Destruction)

At this point, Buffing Peltasts as line-holders grow in importance as they outnumber the opponent, But Giganti still holds relevance as they can still one-hit-kill most things.

Archons become more valuable as you likely hit most of your Researched goals (Army buffs, Battle AOE evocations, THug Spell).

This is also when you start thugging Archons for raiding.

If You are not going to win during the Mid Game, Should also be Gunning for Means to diversify your endgame magic. (see Magic Access)

Late Game

Late game, magic deletes both slave and gigantic, and your Income problems will likely be the most exacerbated as raids peaks.

Mekone game plan was never meant to be prolonged to the late game, and you will not win unless you do something unconventional.

Without a pretender designed to break you into Higher and new paths, There is not too much magic-wise to do late game other than, like other nations, Army-buffing your slaves and a few Gigante and hope to they can stand up to an equally buffed but better-equipped army.

A side hope is to go all the way into Construction 8 to get the unique gear for thugs. Most Nations Prioritizes High-level spells then items, so your often free to grab powerful boosters and thug weapons. Moving to a super combatant raider strategy.

Your real hope is not to be a Mekone, and use a pretender, find an indie super mage, and/or spend a lot of gems to climb into Death, Nature, or Blood for powerful battlefield magic and thugs like Vampire Lords.


Let's play

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