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Invulnerability represents certain creatures' resistance to nonmagical weapons; it is often found on highly magical creatures like angels (Harbinger), and can be granted with the spells Stygian Skin and Invulnerability.

A creature's invulnerability value will replace its natural protection value against nonmagical attacks if it is higher. If a creature's invulnerability value is less than its natural protection, it will have no effect.

It is a useful ability for thugs that want to survive against swarms of mundane troops, but does nothing to protect them from counterthugs or elites with magic weapons.

Sources of Invulnerability

Temporary Invulnerability is mainly a Death effect:

  • The Stygian Flesh Bless provides 10 points of Invulnerability to Sacred units; it requires death 55 on your Pretender, and that they're on the map.
  • 15 points of Invulnerability can be applied with the water of the River Styx. For this, the Stygian Skin spell at Alteration Level 4 lets death 11water 11 casters transmute regular water into Stygian Water to apply it to themselves, while the Stygian Rains spell at Evocation Level 7 lets death 33water 22 casters pay 2deathgem to make the Styx rain on the entire battlefield.
  • 25 points of Invulnerability can be self-applied with the Invulnerability spell, a Level 5 Alteration that requires death 33 (or death 22 and 1deathgem).
  • At Construction Level 6, death 44 mages can spend 25deathgem to create a Robe of Invulnerability that also provides 25 points.
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