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Projects arcane power into the physical world. If you want to cast spells that are traditionally associated with magic, like fireballs and lightning bolts, this is the school for you. Lots of battle magic. – Illwinter.

The most iconic Evocation spells are those that do damage directly. Most paths, especially elemental ones, have battlefield evocations that do direct damage: some examples are Lightning Bolt, Thunder Strike, Falling Fires, Fireball, Pillar of Fire, Falling Frost, Blade Wind, Magma Eruption, Shadow Blast, Breath of the Dragon, Stellar Cascades, and Astral Fires.

Evocation is also home to powerful "battlefield wipes", such as Wrathful Skies, Fire Storm, Earthquake, and Acid Storm. These spells are fundamentally game-changing, since they allow a small force to inflict disproportionate losses on a doomstack.

Evocation rituals follow this same trend: the most iconic of them send some force to inflict harm on a distant province. Fires from Afar, Flames from the Sky, Murdering Winter, Hurricane, and even Mind Hunt fit this trend.

Evocation has some utility spells, too. There are battlefield enchantments to change the weather (Rain, Mist, Storm, Stygian Rain, Wailing Winds), rituals to change the weather (Breath of the Desert, Wolven Winter), some site-searching spells (Astral Probing, Dark Knowledge), Magic Duel (a truly unique effect), and even a gem generating global (Maelstrom).

Air nations often want to get Evocation early for Lightning Bolt, Thunder Strike, and Storm. Evocation is famously a trap for fire nations; Fireball is not as good as it seems, but Summon Fire Elemental is excellent.



  • Fire gives you what you'd expect: a ton of fire-flinging spells. These do large amounts of Fire Damage, most of which is Armor-Piercing, and the spells get both more useful and more impactful as you Research deeper into the school.
  • Air primarily gives you Lightning spells, which do Armor-Negating Shock Damage and have a significant chance of stunning foes. There aren't a ton of spells that deal directly with the air, but you do get some weather-affecting Battle Enchantments from higher levels and Gems.
  • Water primarily gives you Ice spells, both on-land and underwater, which do Cold Damage. These spells generally aren't as powerful as the Fire or Lightning spells, especially since most of them can't get through armor, but they scale similarly to the Fire spells in the school. The path is a lot stronger underwater, where Water Mages will have a lot more to work with.
  • Earth doesn't give you much in the Evocation school, though it allows you to spontaneously Create & fire solid projectiles at foes, dealing non-magical damage. Later on, you can project energy into the Earth to get a response, a bit like what low-level Water Mages can do in the water (but a lot less focused). It's a lot more effective when given more power from another path.
  • Astral gives you Light/Positive Energy spells, but they're not straightforward damage-dealers; while Armor-Negating, this energy is generally rather bad at dealing damage to mundane beings, and is better used for giving them Fatigue or attracting Horrors to them – unless they're Undead, of course! It also has some Ritual-spell functions that aren't useful in battle, such as projecting your senses.
  • Death gives you Dark/Negative Energy spells, but not a ton of them. It's not particularly easy to get something from nothing with this path, and these spells generally require a bit more knowledge/power than their counterparts. They don't harm Undead foes, but they certainly do a lot to living targets, and they're also Armor-Negating.
  • Nature doesn't give you much in this school, and is limited a bit like Earth & Death. You get a Life Energy spell or two, a Poison spell or two, and a very-limited Creation spell or two.


  • Fire & Air give you burning-hot Air spells (Sulphur Haze, Breath of the Desert, and Scorching Wind); the last of those is exclusive to two nations, and is also accompanied by Jinn fire (Smokeless Flame).
  • Fire & Water give you Acid spells, which are all Armor-Piercing and damage Iron equipment; I should really say that Water & Fire give you these, though, since Water is the main path for this stuff. You also get a Hot Water spell called Geyser.
  • Fire & Earth give you Magma spells, which do large amounts of Bludgeoning Damage and have added Fire effects. Two nations get Liquid Flames of Rhuax, which does Fire Damage in a wide area.
  • Fire & Astral give you Astral Fires, which are Armor-Negating & ignore Fire Resistance but can be negated by Magic Resistance. Two nations get Strange Fire, which gets stronger when cast by better Astral Mages & deals extra damage to Undead foes.
  • Fire & Death give you Bane Fire spells (Bane Fire Dart and Bane Fire), which ignore Fire Resistance & inflict Decay if the target's Magic Resistance doesn't work (but are still only Armor-Piercing).
  • Air & Water give you Freezing Mist, which creates a cloud that can Freeze those who pass through.
  • Air & Earth give you Rain of Stones, a Battle Enchantment that rains mundane stones on the battlefield.
  • Air & Astral give you The Wrath of God, a Global Enchantment that makes lightning want to strike your foes outside of battle.
  • Air & Death give you two powerful "Bad Air" spells; Wailing Winds is a notorious Battle Enchantment that can cause entire enemy armies to rout out of Fear, while Wind of Death quickly strikes everyone with Decay.
  • Air & Nature give you Healing Mists, which creates clouds that Heal units within them.
  • Water & Earth give you Rust Mist, which creates clouds that damage the Iron gear of those who pass through.
  • Water & Death give you Stygian Rains, a Battle Enchantment that's like the Rain spell but also gives your friends Invulnerability.
  • Water & Nature give you Celestial Rainbow, a Global Enchantment that gives you the Luck of the Irish.
  • Earth & Astral give you Meteor spells (Gifts from Heaven & Meteor Shower), which will almost never hit their intended target but deal enormous amounts of Bludgeoning Damage to whoever they do hit.
  • Astral & Death give you Nether spells (Nether Bolt & Nether Darts), Dark Energy spells that are only Armor-Piercing and negatable by Magic Resistance but also permanently damage the minds of those affected.
  • Astral & Nature give you Healing Light, a "flashy" Healing spell with a decent range.

Combat Magic

Evocation 0

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fire Flies fire 11 Six burning sparks shoot forth from the wizard's hand. The sparks have very limited armor penetration and will be ineffective against armored troops. An inaccurate burst of six single-target shots that deal 6 AP Fire DMG each.
Freezing Touch water 11 The mage touches an enemy who will suffer from extreme freezing damage, possibly even die from it. This is an effective spell because armor offers no protection against this quite potent attack. On the other hand, it might be very hard to actually touch an enemy in the heat of battle. A fast melee spell (defense negates) that does 9 AN Cold DMG, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Flying Shards earth 11 The caster hurls several stones towards enemy units. The shards are not very powerful, but can severely injure lightly armored units. The number of stones hurled depends on the skill of the caster. An inaccurate burst of 4 single-target shots that deal 10 non-magical Slash-&-Blunt DMG each.
+2 shots per extra .

Evocation 1

Spell Paths Description Effect
Burning Hands fire 11 Flames will issue forth from the mage's hands, killing everyone in front of him. Quickly does 13 AP Fire DMG to those in a single square next to the caster, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Fire Darts fire 11 With this spell, a mage can fire many burning missiles towards his enemies. A powerful Fire mage can fire the darts in rapid succession over long range. The spell is quite useless against heavily armored men and is best used to eliminate or scare more poorly armored troops. A sorta-accurate burst of 3 single-target shots that deal 10 AP Fire DMG each.
+1 shot per extra .
Flame Bolt fire 22 With this spell, a mage can send a powerful bolt of flame towards a target. A long-range (but not that accurate) single-target shot that does 22 AP Fire DMG, scaling with (+2 Dmg).
Shocking Grasp air 11 Shocking Grasp causes a target to spasm violently as energies pass at close range from the caster's hands through his body. Shocking Grasp can cause considerable harm. Armor offers no protection. A fast melee spell (defense negates) that does 18 AN Shock DMG, scaling with (+3 Dmg).
It then does 0-1 AN Shock DMG to everyone in the target's square (including the target), whether or not the target was hit.
Slime water 11 The caster hurls a sticky ball of goo at his enemies. Enemies stuck in the slime will move and attack more slowly and have trouble defending themselves. The slime effect will wear off more quickly on targets with high magic resistance. An AOE 1 shot that Slimes targets, reducing their ATT, DEF, & CS by 50%. MR negates.
MR might let you recover later.
Geyser water 11fire 11 A steaming-hot bolt of water rushes from the caster's hands. The water splashes upon impact and affects everyone in a small area. Armor offers protection from the boiling water. A cheap, close-range AOE 1 shot that deals 6 AP Fire DMG, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Unlike most shot spells, it can be used underwater!
Water Strike water 11 This spell creates a torrent of Water magic that can rip flesh from bone. It can only be cast underwater. Instantly deals 13 DMG to a single target (but can still miss), scaling with (+2 Dmg).
Cold Bolt water 22 A bolt of intense cold issues forth from the caster's hands. It can be hurled over very long distances. A long-range (but not that accurate) single-target shot that deals 19 Cold DMG, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Acid Spray water 22fire 11 The mage extends his hands, spraying acid at his enemies. The acid sprays over quite a large area and the mage might also be hit if he is not careful. An AOE 3 shot with a 2-square range that deals 10 AP Acid DMG.
Star Fires astral 11 The caster focuses the lights of several stellar bodies and projects them onto his enemies. Instantly deals 5 AN DMG to two targets (but can still miss), scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Arcane Bolt astral 22 The caster fires an astral bolt that is deadly for magic beings but harmless for humans. A long-range (but not that accurate) single-target shot that deals 10 AN DMG, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Only hurts Magic Beings.
Vine Arrow nature 11 The caster shoots an enchanted arrow of vines against his enemies. The arrow will come alive and entangle the target if it hits.
Str +DRN vs 19 to get free. The difficulty is increased or decreased by the Growth/Death scale of the province and is also increased by +1 in Forests and reduced by -1 in Wastelands.
A medium-range (but not very accurate) single-target shot that deals 14 Pierce DMG, scaled with (+1 Dmg).
It also Entangles the target.

Evocation 2

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fire Blast fire 22 A powerful blast of fiery energies strikes a small area close to the caster. An AOE 1 shot with a very-close range that deals 14 AP Fire DMG & has an AOE 6 Heat effect (10 Fire Fatigue), both scaling with (+2 Dmg).
Sulphur Haze fire 22air 11 This spell creates several clouds of toxic mist that remain on the battlefield. Units passing through these mists will suffer from sore throats and poisoning. An AOE 4 cloud that lasts 4 turns, dealing roughly 1 AN Fire/Poison DMG and 10 Fire Fatigue per tick to those inside. Fatigue scales with (+2 Dmg).
+1 AOE per extra .
Flare fire 33 With this spell, a mage can send a ball of flame towards his enemies. The flare can hit several targets. A long-range (but not very accurate) AOE 1 shot that deals 19 AP Fire DMG & has an AOE 6 Heat effect (10 Fire Fatigue), both scaling with (+2 Dmg).
Lightning Bolt air 22 The mage hurls a bolt of lightning towards an enemy. The lightning bolt can be hurled quite accurately over long distances and is very useful for eliminating heavily armored targets. Instantly deals 14 AN Shock DMG to a single target (but can still miss), scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Also does 0-1 AN Shock DMG to everyone in the square the bolt hits (including the initial target).
Shock Wave air 22 An electric shock wave will hit a large area in front of the caster. This is a very dangerous spell to cast, as an unlucky caster might also be killed by the electric shock. An AOE 6 spell with a 2-square range, dealing 9 AN Shock DMG to everyone in those squares, scaling with (+1 Dmg).
Cold Blast water 22 A powerful blast of cold strikes a small area close to the caster. An AOE 1 shot with a very-close range that deals 19 Cold DMG, scaling with (+2 Dmg).
Rain water 22
Rust Mist earth 22water 11
Solar Rays astral 22
Web nature 11

Evocation 3

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fireball fire 22
Mist air 33
Acid Bolt water 22fire 11
Freezing Mist water 33air 11
Magma Bolts earth 11fire 11
Magic Duel astral 11
Healing Light astral 11nature 11
Shadow Bolt death 22
Sleep Cloud nature 22

Evocation 4

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fire Cloud fire 33
Thunder Strike air 33
Acid Rain water 33fire 11
Blade Wind earth 33
Nether Bolt astral 11death 11
Bane Fire Dart death 11fire 11
Bolt of Unlife death 22
Breath of the Dragon nature 22

Evocation 5

Spell Paths Description Effect
Falling Fires fire 33
Orb Lightning air 22
Storm air 44
Falling Frost water 33
Gifts from Heaven earth 33astral 11
Earthquake earth 44
Stellar Cascades astral 22
Astral Geyser astral 33
Shadow Blast death 22
Poison Cloud nature 33
Healing Mists nature 33air 11

Evocation 6

Spell Paths Description Effect
Flame Eruption fire 22
Wrathful Skies air 55
Cleansing Water water 22
Magma Eruption fire 22earth 22
Astral Fires astral 33fire 11
Blast of Unlife death 33
Bane Fire death 33fire 11
Wailing Winds death 44air 11
Stream of Life nature 33

Evocation 7

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fire Storm fire 55
Shimmering Fields air 66
Ice Strike water 22
Acid Storm water 44fire 11
Rain of Stones earth 33air 11
Nether Darts astral 11death 11
Stygian Rains death 33water 22
Cloud of Death death 44
Wind of Death death 44air 11
Storm of Thorns nature 22

Evocation 8

Spell Paths Description Effect
Pillar of Fire fire 22
Astral Tempest astral 55
Vortex of Unlife death 55

Evocation 9

Spell Paths Description Effect
Flame Storm fire 55
Chain Lightning air 33
Niefel Flames water 55
Meteor Shower earth 55astral 44


Evocation 1

Spell Paths Description Effect
Astral Projection astral 11

Evocation 3

Spell Paths Description Effect
Fires from Afar fire 33
Arcane Probing astral 11

Evocation 4

Spell Paths Description Effect
Breath of the Desert fire 33air 11
Fate of Oedipus fire 44
Hurricane air 33

Evocation 6

Spell Paths Description Effect
Perpetual Storm air 55
Mind Hunt astral 44
The Wrath of God astral 55air 33

Evocation 7

Spell Paths Description Effect
Murdering Winter water 55

Evocation 8

Spell Paths Description Effect
Second Sun fire 88
Maelstrom water 66

Evocation 9

Spell Paths Description Effect
Volcanic Eruption fire 44earth 33
Flames from the Sky fire 55
Tidal Wave water 55
Celestial Rainbow water 77nature 55
Strands of Arcane Power astral 77
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