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Astral is one of eight paths of magic. Its themes are:

* the mind and telepathy

  • Psychic attack spells: Mind Burn, Paralyze, Soul Slay, Enslave Mind, Mind Hunt, Master Enslave
  • Communions: Communion Master and Communion Slave

* the stars, the moon, and light

  • Stellar Cascades, Gifts from Heaven, Star Fires

* fortune and misfortune

  • Luck, Cheat Fate, Will of the Fates, Doom, Baleful Star

* the essence of magic itself

  • Antimagic, Dispel, Arcane Nexus, Magic Duel, Power of the Spheres

* astral projection and travel

  • Body Ethereal, Teleport, Astral Window, Astral Projection, Gateway, Astral Travel

* the void and horror marks

  • Horror Mark, Astral Geyser

The staple astral attack spells are in Thaumaturgy, along with the spells required for communions. These typically have long range and never miss, but can be resisted with Magic Resistance.

Astral nations typically also research Alteration for Luck and Body Ethereal.

The spell Magic Duel creates a unique dynamic around astral magic, in which a nation with plentiful astral mages can shut out a weaker astral nation from using astral mages on the battlefield. Low- mages are thus unsuited as heavy thugs and SC's, as they can be readily sniped.

Conversely, astral mages provide cover against Mind Hunt. Weak astral mages (particularly stealthy ones) can follow thugs and raiders around to protect them.

Powerful Astral nations include Pythium, Marverni, Bandar Log, and all ages of R'lyeh.

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