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Astral is one of eight paths of Magic, and one of the four paths of Sorcery. Its themes are:

  • The Mind,
    • Psychic attack spells: Mind Burn, Paralyze, Soul Slay, Enslave Mind, Mind Hunt, Magic Duel, Master Enslave
    • Communions: Communion Master and Communion Slave
  • The Stellar/Celestial Bodies (including the Moon) and Light,
    • Stellar Cascades, Gifts from Heaven, Star Fires, Solar Rays
  • The Fates,
    • Twist Fate, Luck, Cheat Fate, Will of the Fates, Doom, Baleful Star
  • Projection and Travel through Space,
    • Blink, Teleport, Astral Window, Astral Projection, Gateway, Astral Travel
  • "Pure" Magic, and the Essence of Magic itself,
    • Antimagic, Dispel, Arcane Nexus, Power of the Spheres, Astral Geyser, Horror Mark, Opposition
  • and the Fabric of Reality itself.
    • Time: Time Stop
    • Space: Body Ethereal
    • Both: Wish

Thaumaturgy contains most of the psychic spells in the game, including most of the staple Astral attack spells. The psychic attacks typically have long-range and never miss, but can be resisted with Magic Resistance. Basic knowledge of Thaumaturgy is also required for doing Astral Communions.

Alteration is also commonly researched by Astral nations, for Luck and Body Ethereal, and for the prospect of eventually being able to make Wishes.

Evocation and Enchantment also have some useful Astral spells; Evocation notably provides Mind Hunt and Magic Duel, while Enchantment provides Magic Resistance for countering other Astral nations.

The best counter for Astral is essentially Astral itself. The spell Magic Duel creates a unique dynamic around Astral Magic, in which nations with Astral Mages and Pearls to spare can choke out nations with fewer Astral Mages and/or levels. Quite a few otherwise-decent Mages are very dangerous to use against Astral nations due to their levels of Astral Magic. Conversely, even pathetic Astral Mages provide cover against Mind Hunt, a ritual that otherwise allows high-Astral nations to snipe their neighbors from several provinces away.

Powerful Astral nations include MA Arcoscephale, MA Pythium, MA Bandar Log, EA Marverni, and all ages of R'lyeh. In addition to these, many other nations are capable of cranking out novice or amateur Astral Mages in respectable quantities and can use Communions to try and match the powerful nations in battlefield power.


At Level 0, Astral enchanted Armor and weapons would be considered the bog standard of a magic item. Like the spells, Astral items can boost the casting range of Rituals, give Bonuse Magic LD, luck, and twist fate.

Many Astral weapons deal double damage to Magical Beings.

Several crosspath forging with death or nature Infict Curses.

Earth crosspaths give several interesting times including: *Slave matix, Master Matrix *Crystal Coin * Crystal Shield

A few standouts include:

  • Pendent of Luck
  • Amulet of Antimagic
  • Eye of the Void
  • Lucky Coin
  • Moon Blade
  • Spell Focus
  • Banner of the Northen Star
  • Ethereal Crossbow
  • Ring of Sorcery Ring of Wizardry
  • Starshine Skullcap
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