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Wish is a late-late-game spell at Alteration 9. An astral 99 caster can cast it for 100astralpearl to be granted a single wish.

How to use your Wish

  • Wish for the 'Gate Stone': an artefact that is both useful and very expensive to forge.
  • Wish for the 'Soulstone of the Wolves': an artifact that is strategically useful giving chaff and thug chassis every turn.
  • Wish for 'gems': While you can't wish for more wishes, this large lump of gems can help you finance future wishes while leaving you a surplus.
  • Wish for 'doom horrors': All doom horrors are capable of destroying thrones, and one of the six can do so even if there's a fort present. As a risky gamble, you can wish for a doom horror and send it to an enemy-controlled throne. There is a large risk that the doom horror will try to assassinate your mage, so make sure it's ready with e.g. bodyguards, Ritual of Returning and a Twist Fate item. Doom horrors also run a risk of deserting every turn.
  • Wish for 'kill <nation>'s 'pretender'. This can be a good way of taking down a global or two. It is very difficult to protect a human mage from the attacks that follow this wish.
  • Wish for 'armageddon' if you have the Arcane Nexus and Gift of Health globals up. You'll have the highest gem income in the game, and your enemies lose their gold income and many mages.
  • Wish for another nation's unique unit, that is equipped with expensive gear.
  • Wish for useful heroes:
    • 'queen of the city': Makelo - Queen of the City, a Berytian hero with lots of high access paths, 2 forms, healer, sailing, and master smith 1; note commanders wished-for appear as units and must have Gift of Reason or Divine Name cast on them.
    • 'first couple': Manco-Ocllo - First Couple, a Nazcan hero with innate caster 3.
    • 'stargazer': Cthugul - Stargazer, an R'lyeh hero with astral 55 and full slots, which lets him reach astral 99 to cast more wishes.

Warning: If you wish for a hero that is already in the game, it will often simply be moved to that province – you won't get a second copy. This has been the case since patch 5.42, which made most heroes unique.

What you cannot Wish for

These units have the [nowish] tag in the Dom 5 Mod Inspector.

What you can Wish for

Wish Outcome
nothing / exit / cancel Just like it says.
item A random item from Construction levels 0-6
artefact / artifact A random unique item from Construction level 8
sword Enchanted Sword
staff Staff of Storms
weapon Sword of Sharpness
(unit name) Gain control of a unit of the desired type. Entering the title of a commander summons them as a non-commander unit, unless the title is that of a horror. Entering the title of a unique commander under the control of another player will teleport it to the province of the caster, starting a defense battle. Entering the title of another player's unique unit steals it from their control.
(item name) Caster now wields the item specified. If an item of the type already exists in the game, one of them is teleported to the caster. This can be used to steal an artifact or expensive item. Items replaced by the new item are placed in the lab. Think carefully before you wish for a cursed item, or an item that you own.
blood slave / slaves / blood 250 blood slaves.
gold / money / wealth / riches 3000 gold
silver / copper / dough 1500 gold
gems / vis 25 magic gems for all types, but no blood slaves.
magical power / magic power / magic skill / magic master / magic might / ultimate power +1 to all magic paths of the caster (up to 10)
strength / physic / hitpoint / hit point / defense / defence / attack / stronger / power +20 strength, +50 hp, +5 attack, defense & precision on the caster. Subsequent casts add only half that amount.
armageddon / genocide / (death/end) (world/everyone/everything) Every province on the map loses 20% population. Every unit on the map has a 20% chance of being hit with an armor piercing attack of base damage 15 (+DRN).
dominion / divine power / divine authority Up to 20 additional dominion candles on the map.
troops / military / units / army / militia 300 Militia
food / supply / supplies / broth / wine / (no/stop/end) starv 2x Enormous Cauldron of Broth, 5x Endless Bag of Wine
population / people / populace / enemies / friends / peasants / commoners One random province's entire population and occupying units are teleported to one of your own provinces, selected at random. If enemy troops were taken there will be a battle.
kill (nation) pretender The named nation's pretender is hit one 50AN lightning strike, 25 untyped non-magical spear attacks each dealing 12 damage (defence can negate these), and Soul Slay with a fixed +5 penetration bonus. The soul slay counts as Astral, so astral pretenders have better chances to resist. Any bonuses to penetration on the caster such as additional Astral levels or penetration increasing items have no effect.
death / to die / a swift death Caster is hit by the giant thunder bolts, spears, and soul slay from hell described above.
(death/kill/die) (pretender/god/leader) Your pretender is hit by the giant thunder bolts, spears, and soul slay from hell described above.
provinces / lands / (large/huge) nation Up to 20 additional provinces, taken from enemies. There may not be units in them and less than 10 PD. All nations are shown the message: "There has been a major disturbance in ownership of the world's provinces. XXX suddenly owns provinces that had other rulers just a few minutes ago."
fame / experience / combat skill / fighting skill 500 experience points.
horror / eater of gods / eater of dreams / slave to unreason / king of the world / hunter of heroes / maker of ruins One of the unique Doom Horrors, which one is determined randomly. The Doom Horror has a 50/50 chance of being under control of the player, or attacking the Wish caster in an assassination setting. If all doom horrors are on the map a random greater horror answers the spell instead.
remove curse / uncurse Removes curse from caster
something / anything / whatever One randomly chosen of the following outcomes: A random item from construction level ⇐ 10, 3500 gold, or "a swift death".
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