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Not to be confused with the heroes memorialized in the Hall of Fame.

Heroes are national units, frequently unique, who appear in the capital by chance. They are range from fairly mundane commanders to supercombatants or super-mages with a plethora of paths. Most heroes are specific characters and cannot arrive more than once in a game. Others represent a more general class of heroic people, such as a famous order of knights or those born with sacred traits, and can arrive more than once in a game. For example, LA Bogarus' Bogatyrs are multiheroes.

The chance of getting a hero each turn is 3% + Luck in your capital.1) At 3 there is a 0% chance of getting a hero while at Luck3 there is a 6% chance of getting a hero;2) if the roll succeeds, a random hero is selected to arrive. If this roll fails, the game makes a second roll for a multihero to arrive at the same odds.3)

Particularly powerful heroes may have a minimum turn arrival limit; if the arrival of a hero is blocked by this turn limit, the roll is ignored as if it never succeeded.

Note: this is the current Luck scale in your capital which may be different from the scales you took during pretender creation if, for example, an event has modified the scales in your capital.
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