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Hall of Fame

The most famous commanders in a given game of Dominions are recognised by admittance into the Hall of Fame (HoF). Each commander in the Hall of Fame receives a Heroic Ability which continuously improves as long as they remain in the Hall of Fame. These heroes are not to be confused with national heroes which may randomly appear in the capital by chance.

Who is considered the most famous is decided by their number of kills, experience, afflictions and deaths. All commanders can get into the Hall of Fame, except for Pretenders, the God Vessels, the Legion of Gods, and monsters with the #unique tag, such as elemental royalty.


Qualifying for the Hall of Fame

To enter the Hall of Fame, a commander must have acquired a minimum (FIXME) HoF score. This score is calculated as follows:1)

Hall of Fame Score

$\text{HoF Score} = \frac{\text{Total Kills}}{5} + 2×{\text{Melee Kills}} + 8×{\text{Number of Deaths}} + {\text{Experience}} + 2×{\text{Affliction Score}}$

Affliction Score is one point for each affliction (including disease) or lost weapon/bodypart, except feebleminded/dementia which only count as one point even if a commander has both.

This calculation determines the order in which heroes are displayed in the HoF. It is possible for heroes to be ousted from a full HoF if they are already the lowest-ranked hero and a non-hero is able to accrue more score than them.

Ability Value

Heroic abilities scale according to the hero's assigned Ability Value, which continuously increases as long as the hero remains in the Hall of Fame. The Ability Value starts at 100, and increases by a variable amount each turn depending on the current value as shown in the table below (all dice non-exploding):

Current Ability Value Die Size
100-199 1d20
200-299 1d10
300+ 1d5

Heroic Abilities

When a commander enters the Hall of Fame they are given a single heroic ability. There is a 5% chance to be given one of the rare heroic abilities instead of a common. Ability Value is abbreviated to "Value" for the purposes of calculating the strength of these abilities.

Name Effect
Enormous Strength Increases strength by Value/40
Battle Prowess Increases attack skill by Value/50
Lightning Reflexes Increases defence skill by Value/50
Iron Will Increases magic resistance by Value/50
Valor Increases morale (Value/25), leadership (Value/4) and gives Inspirational ([Value - 75]/80)
Tough Skin Increases natural protection by Value/33
Heroic Toughness Increases hit points by a percentage equal to Value/2
Heroic Quickness Action time improves to (200/[200+Value]) of original, each point of Value adds 0.5% to combat speed
Heroic Precision Increases precision by Value/50
Heroic Endurance Gives reinvigoration (Value/50)
Heroic Obesity Increases hit points ([Value/40]%), strength (Value/60) and encumbrance
Extraordinary Agility Increases attack (Value/100), defence (Value/100) and gives ambidextrous (Value/50)
Name Effect
Awesome Presence Gives Awe ([Value-25]/25) and increases leadership (Value/2)
Battle Bellow Gives Fear (Value/20)
Legendary Command of the Undead Gives undead leadership (Value/2)
Adept Research Gives Adept Researcher (Value/10)
Third Eye Improves precision (Value/75) and magic resistance (Value/100)
Daftness Increases morale (Value/25), magic resistance (Value/50) and attack (Value/100), but decreases leadership.
Cruelty Gives Fear (5) and increases the chance of inflicting afflictions by Value/50
Soul Butcher Increases strength (Value/60), gives Fear (5) and produces (Value/100) death gems after every combat in which the commander has killed someone.
Fast Casting Increases spellcasting speed by (Value/10)%
Troll Blood Gives Regeneration (Value/20)

Further effects from being in the Hall of Fame

FIXME ritual of rebirth, the eyes of god, that double prophet trick

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