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Reinvigoration is a Fatigue recovery modifier. Units will recover 1 point of Fatigue at the start of each of their turns, 5 points if they are unconscious (from having 100 points of Fatigue or more). The amount of Reinvigoration a unit has directly increases how much Fatigue they will recover on each of their turns.

You can apply Reinvigoration to your Blessed units for earth 22 Bless Points per point of Reinvigoration. If you don't want to do that but still want early Reinvigoration, your early sources of Reinvigoration are:

  1. The Ranger's Boots, which require nature 11, 5 naturegemNature Gems, & Level 2 in Construction to create (for +2 Reinvigoration and some other stuff),
  2. and the Summon Earthpower combat spell, which requires earth 22 & Level 3 in Conjuration to cast (for +4 Reinvigoration & temporary +earth 11).

Mid-to-late-game you will get other options. FIXME Does anyone wanna list them?

The early-game blood 11 Reinvigoration spell does not provide Reinvigoration; it fully recovers the caster's Fatigue instead, for the low price of one bloodslaveBlood Slave. The late-game nature 55 Relief spell does not provide Reinvigoration either, instead reducing the Fatigue accrued by the caster and their friends for one battle for a single naturegemNature Gem.

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