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Regeneration is accelerated natural healing that happens in battle.

For example, at the start of a new combat round, a character with Regeneration (10%) will regain 10% of their maximum HP (or however much they're missing, whichever's less), rounded up. This even happens while a unit is Diseased.

Regeneration also decreases the chance of getting an Affliction (after the increase from being Cursed but before the decrease from having Affliction Resistance), making it even nicer on thugs:

Regeneration Percent Affliction Chance Multiplier
5% 1/1 (no change)
10% 1/2 (50% less)
15% 1/3 (67% less)
20% 1/4 (75% less)
25% 1/5 (80% less)
30% 1/6 (83% less)
n% 1/(n ÷ 5)

A Note for Pretenders and Prophets

A character's starting HP in a fight might not be their actual maximum HP. Regeneration only restores lost HP up to the maximum, and therefore doesn't start healing until after that maximum is plunged beneath.

Sources of Regeneration

Regeneration is a Nature buff:

  • The Regeneration Bless adds 10% Regeneration; it requires nature 77 on your Pretender.
  • Three Enchantment spells give it; these are Personal Regeneration at Research Level 2, Regeneration (AOE 1) at Research Level 3, and Mass Regeneration (a full-army buff) at Research Level 8. The first spell requires nature 22, the second requires nature 33, and the third requires nature 44 and 2naturegem (or, if you're desperate, nature 33 and 3naturegem). There's also Strength of Gaia (for the caster) at Conjuration Level 4, which requires nature 33earth 11.
  • Quite a few Items provide Regeneration, too.

Note that all of these provide Limited Regeneration, which doesn't work on the Inanimate. 10% Unlimited Regeneration is provided by the Reforming Flesh Bless, which requires death 66 on your Pretender, but that Bless effect only applies to the Undead.


  • All Regeneration Items stack, but not with item duplicates (e.g two rings of regeneration)
  • Spells do not stack with each other.
  • The bless stacks with all other effects.
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