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Afflictions and Disease

Units may suffer battle afflictions, referred to as Battle Wounds when clicked. Afflictions are denoted by a red heart. A unit may suffer from multiple afflictions, some of which (such as lost eyes or arms) can stack. These are typically permanent until removed by certain effects and abilities. Some spells or effects directly apply specific afflictions, but otherwise they come from suffering damage in a particular body part.

Disease is a special kind of affliction: diseased units may gain additional afflictions each turn. It also prevents natural regeneration of hp. Some units can gain the disease icon, but are immune to its effects: these are units with the nolinkundead, nolinkdemon or inanimate ability, or units tagged as stonebeing in the mod inspector (which in vanilla Dom5 is the cyclops, earth gnomes, and the 3 Kings of Earth/Illearth).

The base affliction chance is the damage suffered as % of the highest of max and current HP (including the damage just suffered). E.g. an infantry unit with a maximum of 10 hp will have a 20% chance of suffering an affliction upon taking 2 hp damage. This is further modified by other factors: being cursed increases affliction chance by a flat 15% every time damage is taken1), and regeneration reduces affliction rate to 500/(regeneration percentage) percent (E.g. 10% regeneration reduces afflictions by 50%). Additionally, affliction resistance has a 100% x (affliction resistance)/(affliction resistance + 1) chance to reduce the chance to 0.5%, regardless of the size of the original damage (E.g. affliction resistance 3 reduces afflictions by ~74.5%).

Note that afflictions are different from Curses or Horror Marks, which are very difficult to remove.

The afflictions and their effects are listed in the table below. The healing chances are listed as well, for when one of the circumstances that can heal afflictions is present. Underlined afflictions are major and are exactly half as likely to occur as minor ones.

FIXME We really need to add a column for areas (limps come from leg wounds, etc.).

Name Body Area Effect
Battle Fright Any morale -5
Profuse Bleeding Any Unit gains 10 Fatigue and loses 5% HP (with random rounding) each round.
Lasts only one battle. See Bleeding.
Lost an Eye Head Att -2, Def -2, Pre -3 (per lost eye)
Lost the Other Eye too Head Replaces cumulative "lost eye" effects with that of Blindness.
*Description for "Lost an Eye" if it leaves you with zero eyes (i.e. Grey Ones)
Blindness Head Att -9, Def -9, Pre -9
Mute Head Ldr -75%, levels in all Magic paths are reduced by 50% (rounded up) until cured
Dementia Head MR -2, Ldr -50%, -50% Research penalty (rounded up), randomly passes turns in battle
Feeblemind Head Att -1, Def -1, Prec -1, MR -5, Ldr -75%, levels in all Magic paths are set at zero until cured
Global enchantments cast by a unit are dispelled when it gets feebleminded.
Chest Wound Chest Enc +5, Str -1
Never Healing Wound Chest Max HP -20%
Diseased Chest Unit never heals, loses 10% HP each turn, and gains additional afflictions over time.
Regeneration prevents HP loss outside of combat and can regain HP in combat.
Limp Legs CS -50%, Att -1, Def -1, MM -4. Troops with a limp don't impede their squad's MM, but they have a 25% chance of becoming crippled if marched through more than one province in a month.
Crippled Legs CS capped at 2, Att -4, Def -4, MM -75%. Crippled troops don't impede their squad's MM, but they have a 50% chance of dying while marching between provinces, increased to 75% if marched through more than one province.
Weakened Arms Str -4
Lost an Arm Arms Str -1, loses their shield or two-handed weapons if down to under two arms, loses an Item slot.
Also applied by Slashing weapons if a blow would take half the target's hp, with a 50% chance.
Lost Head Head Instant death unless the target doesn't need its head.
*Only applied by Slashing weapons if a blow would take half the target's hp, with a 50% chance.
Lost Weapon/Bodypart Varies Can only be applied to certain units. Results in the loss of one of their attacks, see table below for further details.
Soul Slayed N/A Applied only by Soul Slay effects. Prevents Immortality, Twiceborn, Automatic Shape-changing, and Extra Lives from functioning.

Ways to heal afflictions

These are ways to cure afflictions:

  1. A unit with the Healer ability, or conferred through a magic item such as The Chalice. A unit with Disease Healer can heal disease, but not other afflictions. This does not heal Undead units.
  2. Some magic sites can heal afflictions like a healer.
  3. The global enchantment Gift of Health
  4. The afflicted unit having the recuperation effect, unless they are old. Recuperation can be natural, or granted through bless, including through the Shroud of the Battle Saint.
  5. The spell Pyre of Catharsis can heal Disease
  6. The spell Blood Feast
  7. Immortals may heal afflictions when reforming.
  8. Units with an involuntary shapechange mechanic (such as Jaguar Warriors of Mictlan) can sometimes heal afflictions when they change back to their normal shape.
  9. Pretender gods may heal afflictions when getting recalled
  10. Transformation (possibly gaining feebleminded)

Afflictions caused by cursed items such as Eye of Aiming and The Black Heart cannot be healed unless the item is removed first. Additionally, certain unit types such as the Grey Ones have special afflictions that cannot be cured by any means.

Healing Afflictions on Living Creatures

This section describes healing afflictions on units that are still alive. This includes abilities such as Healer, Recuperation, and effects such as magic sites. Blood Feast also heals this way, but it makes ten of these healing attempts per cast.

The order in which afflictions are attempted to be healed is predefined. The process starts at the top and finishes once one affliction is successfully removed.

  • Battle fright, 50%
  • Feeblemind, 25%
  • Dementia, 50%, only healed if unit is not feebleminded as well
  • Disease, 50%
  • Crippled, 25%
  • Blind, 25%, only if lost head not also suffered
  • One lost eye, 50%, only if lost head not also suffered
  • Weakness, 50%
  • Mute, 25%, only if lost head not also suffered
  • Lost head, 20%
  • Lost weapon/bodypart, 25%
  • One lost arm, 25%
  • One lost eye, 50%, another chance
  • Chest wound, 50%
  • Limp, 50%
  • Never healing wound, 10%

Healing Afflictions on Body Reformation

The process described here is applied in cases such as immortal units reforming their body, or upon recalling a fallen Pretender. Unlike the above, all of the below chances are rolled and the process does not end upon healing one affliction.

  • Soul slayed is always removed
  • Battle fright is always removed
  • Feeblemind is always removed
  • Dementia has a 75% chance to be removed
  • Disease is always removed
  • 75% to downgrade cripple to limp
  • If cripple wasn't downgraded this time, 25% to cure limp
  • 50% to cure a lost eye if not blind
  • 90% to heal blind
  • 50% to cure weakness
  • 75% to cure mute
  • 50% to cure chest wound
  • 75% to cure one lost arm
  • 75% to cure lost weapon/bodypart
  • Lost head always removed
  • 10% to cure never healing wound

Lost Weapon/Bodypart

This affliction is special in that only certain creatures or creatures with certain weapon IDs may suffer it. All instances of this are fully hardcoded and cannot be modded. Forcefully applying this affliction to any other unit gives an affliction that simply states "It feels like something is missing (no effect)"2).

Candidate Affliction Name Effect
Gorgon Lost a few snakes Snake hair loses two attacks, from 5 attacks to 3
Kraken Lost a tentacle Loses one tentacle attack
Abomination Lost some tentacles FIXME Seemingly removes weapon 63, which the abomination doesn't even have - verification required on whether this functions
Phoenix Beak chopped off Replaces beak with useless kick
Treelords Lost some good attacking branches Loses one branch attack
Void Lord Lost his life draining tentacle Loses life drain tentacle
Scorpion King Lost his pincers Loses pincers
Units whose first two weapons include Barbed Tail#68 Tail chopped off Loses barbed tail attack
Units whose third weapon is sleep vines Lost some sleep vines Loses a sleep vine attack
Interestingly the executable contains a reference to creature 462 "losing his stinger", however no such creature exists in the current version of the game.
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