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Twiceborn is an Enchantment 4 death 22 ritual that gives the caster a second life as undead. If the mage dies, it will return in the province where the ritual was cast. So long as the mage returns as a wight, any global enchantments they are holding are preserved. This spell also has the side effect of forcefully relocating the caster's home province (where they receieve their +1 morale bonus) to where the spell was cast.

Twiceborn costs 5deathgem per size: It would just cost 5deathgem for a Svartalf, whereas an Angakok would pay a hefty 20deathgem. Undead, demons and inanimates cannot be twiceborn.

The effect will fail if the unit's owner does not control the province where the ritual was cast, and there is no indication given of the original province. If the ritual was cast in a fort, the inside of the fort must be controlled in order for the mage to return. Thus a mage will return if the fort is being sieged by enemies, but not if the ritual caster lost the fort and is besieging it in an attempt to take it back. This also remains true if a twiceborned mage is charmed, except that its new owner will likely have no way to determine where the ritual was originally cast.

Additionally, the ritual will fail if the mage's living form was killed by any Soul Slay effect.

Modder's note: Twiceborn looks at resource size, not actual size. This keeps people riding horses from twiceborning into giants. It also means that the larger bless effect will not increase the twiceborn cost. Twiceborn can be copied for the unique cost as a function of size effect but it also resets the caster's home province and that effect can not be separated out.

If cast by a pretender, they will return as a wight like any normal commander when their normal form dies. When the wight dies, they die normally and must be recalled. Once they have been recalled as normal they will be their original form again. The exception to this are trinity pretenders: two parts of the trinity will not revert to the original form if recalled, but the third will.

Due to changing the caster's home province, this means that casting this spell with mercenary commanders causes them to become permanently owned by the caster1). This also means that the player is free to take any items or gems they might have. As it does not update the home provinces of troops under their command, the troops will still refuse to be moved to another commander, but they will not leave when their contract would have ended.

Chance for Death Boost

When a twiceborned commander it returns as a Wight Mage, it can return with an additional level in the Death magic path. Practical testing of approximately 20200 casts of twiceborn indicate this happens 20% of the time2), but that it cannot boost the mage beyond death 443).

Twiceborn Chassis

Notable features of wight mages include:

  • They all have no upkeep.
  • They are undead units with poor amphibian ability and chill aura 3. Wight forms which are amphibious when living (such as Atlantians) are fully amphibious instead.
  • They have 7~8 natural protection, 18 morale, high strength, ~12 base attack and defense skill and 22 map move. Except size, their stats and ability are unrelated to their previous living form. (These stats may vary slightly based on different chassis sizes or certain special chassis types. )


Image Name Requirment Description
Wight Mage Default Size 2 chassis
Wight Mage
Wight Mage C'tis Lizard Chassis
Wight Mage
Wight Mage Bakemono Sorcerer
Wight Mage
Wight Mage
Wight Mage
Wight Mage
Wight Hag
Wight Mage
Wight Hag
Wight Shaman Enkidu Chassis Only
Wight Murmurer
Necrodai Size 4 Aboleth chassis
Necrodai Size 6 Aboleth chassis
Wight Oracle Argarthan Oracle Chassis Only
Carrion Lady Karya - Grieving Dryad
Carrion Lord


  • Will a seduced unit still be Twiceborn?
    • Yes, but you can only guess in which province the ritual was cast, and it will likely be under control of your opponent.
  • Can I see which province a mage was Twiceborn in?
    • You can know if the mage is currently in their (new) home province by checking their Morale. Otherwise, no, so you should memorize it.
  • If the fort in the province where ritual was cast is controlled by me, but is under siege, will my mage come back?
    • Yes, the dead mage will come back inside the fort.
  • If I'm sieging the province in which the ritual was cast, will my mage come back?
    • No.
  • Does Soul Slay stop a Twiceborn mage from reviving?
    • Yes, Soul Slay will keep them dead.
Internally, being a mercenary is denoted by having the special home province ID of -2. Taking permenant control of mercenaries by changing this when casting twiceborn is quite possibly an oversight on Illwinter's part.
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