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Ritual of Rebirth

"The caster of this spell revives a previously slain hero via the ancient Ritual of Rebirth. The ritual mummifies the dead hero before bringing him or her back to life. Only great heroes from the Hall of Fame can be resurrected by this ritual. The ritual can be performed multiple times on a single hero. Inanimate or undead beings are not affected by this spell." – Illwinter

Do you miss one of your Commanders or Mages dearly? Is it because they accomplished something and made it in the Hall of Fame?

Well fret not! The Ritual of Rebirth will return your highest-placing Hero to you, for only 15deathgem!


The Ritual of Rebirth is a Level 7 Enchantment Ritual that requires a death 44 Mage and consumes 15deathgem on use.

Truth be told, it works a bit like Pet Sematary, irreversibly turning your guy into a Mummy that you can't hug. They lose all of their innate traits and attributes, other than Magic levels, Afflictions, Experience, and their Heroic Ability, and they get new ones instead. These are as follows:

The last trait is especially concerning, spreading Disease to anyone next to them.

There are three kinds of Mummies produced by this spell; the Giant Mummy (Size 4) is for everyone Size 4 or larger, the winged Mummy (Size 3) is for everyone Size 3 or smaller who has the Flying trait, and the normal Mummy (Size 2) is for everyone else. Giant Mummies have the same-sized "Plague Aura" as the other two. All three have high Strength and HP for their forms (compared to the living), decent Map Movement, 12 Attack, 8 Defense, 8 Precision, 8 Protection, 16 Magic Resistance, 30 Morale, and decent Undead Leadership.

As said in the description, Inanimates cannot be brought back by the Ritual of Rebirth, other than the Mummies made by this spell. You can keep bringing the same guy back as often as you wish, provided that they stay on the Hall of Fame and aren't outdone by another of your Commanders/Mages/Priests. Contrary to what the spell description states, however, the "living" Undead (such as Vampires and Ghouls) can be brought back by this Ritual.

Prophets brought back by the Ritual lose their Prophet trait if they've been dead for 6 turns, but they keep their boosted Priest levels. You can thus make the same guy a Prophet twice to get holy 44 or holy 55, or even holy 66 if they were one of those holy 44 Heroes.

The soul-slain cannot be brought back with this ritual.

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