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Magic Phase Movement

Magic phase movement refers to movement via rituals, which occur in the "magic phase" before ordinary map movement is resolved. For the price of a few gems, a commander and/or their army can move much further than ordinary map move would allow in one turn and arrive before enemies can move away. Magic phase movement is a powerful tool for unexpectedly reinforcing provinces and catching opponents off-guard, or 'catching' enemy armies/thugs that would have moved somewhere else in the ordinary movement phase. Commanders with magic phase-capable paths often make particularly responsive thugs; the Vanjarl of EA/MA Vanheim, Colossi Storm Captain of MA Phaeacia, and generic Golem with a Starshine Skullcap are common examples.

Magic phase movement cannot 'catch' opponents that go into stealth that turn. Conversely, stealthy units can fight in the magic phase if they attack the province they are currently in (without moving) at the same time as friendly commanders reach the province via rituals. If no commanders arrive during the magic phase, these stealthy units will instead fight during the normal phase.


  • Enchantment 4 air 22 for 3airgem: Cloud Trapeze (range 5)
  • Thaumaturgy 3 astral 33 for 2astralpearl: Teleport (range 6)

Commander And Their Army

  • Enchantment 5 nature 55 for 20naturegem: Faery Trod (range 10)
    Both the origin and destination province must be forests. Has a chance of landing in a forest province that neighbors the destination, if one exists.
  • Thaumaturgy 5 astral 44 for 10astralpearl: Gateway (range 6)
    Destination must be a friendly province that contains a lab.
  • Thaumaturgy 8 death 55 for 15deathgem: Stygian Paths (range 10)
    Although Stygian Paths is a movement ritual, it is currently bugged and does not trigger a magic phase attack to occur on its own. However, similar to stealth-attacking the current province, Stygian Paths-users will join other magic-phase attacks targeting the same province. Comes with a risk of injury or death, the latter being MR-negates. The rare Stygian Guide ability offers a % chance to avoid the MR-or-die effect; the value of Stygian Guide for a casting of Stygian Paths is the highest of the commander or any troops under their command.
  • Thaumaturgy 9 astral 55 for 25astralpearl: Astral Travel (range 5)
    No limitations on destination, but requires a lot of research to unlock!
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