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MA Phaeacia, Isle of the Dark Ships


Phaeacia is an island queendom of dark-skinned men of great stature, the Colossi. Their fabled Dark Ships traverse the seas without oars or captains. Once a colony of Berytos, the island flourished and became rich and influential, known for its traders, craftsmen and marvelous shipwrights. When Berytos was destroyed by the armies of Arcoscephale the island of Phaeacia was able to stave off the conquerors thanks to ample tributes and its remote location. The queendom has since grown in power and influence. Their traders and explorers have traveled to the far reaches of the world and brought one of the world’s greatest marvels back to Phaeacia, a sapling of the golden tree of the blessed gardens of the Hesperides. Now most inhabitants of Phaeacia live unnaturally long and blissful lives detached from the strife of the world beyond their island. Phaeacia is also the home of giants descendant of Mekone. When the Gigantes’ futile war upon gods came to a disastrous end,the Gigantes that did not join the armies of the God-slayer fled to Black Korkyra, an inhospitable island of the Phaeacian archipelago. The king of the Gigantes married the Colossi queen of Phaeacia and their daughters have ruled the island ever since. Most nobles of the island trace a legacy to the Berytian Colossi as well as to the Gigantes of Mekone. There are also a few of the pure blooded Gigantes remaining on Black Korkyra. Upholding the old bargain they arrive each spring to pledge the queen their allegiance. They are not cursed as their Phlegran kin and retain some of their former glory. – Nation Description

General Overview

Phaeacia might be one of the most versatile nations in the game, offering a wide range of extremely effective tools at your disposal. Phaeacians consist of Phaeacian Humans and more notably the Colossi race, size 3 people with 20+ hp and decent general stats. A unique feature of Phaeacia is that its capital always spawns on an island as long as there is one on the map, making it mostly out of reach for continental nations but also constantly under the threat of amphibious neighbors.

Phaeacia is characterized by:

  • extremely high oversea mobility from sailing commanders and the unique Dark Vessels ability
  • superior air magic, plus all-around elemental and astral crosspaths access across the mage lineup
  • crafting discounts and potential turbo communions with the Colossi Weavers
  • super cost-effective cloud-trapezing thugs made from Colossi Storm Captains

National Features

Race Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Size 3 units with 20HP and above human stats

Phaeacian Humans
+1 MR vs Humans
Longer Lifespan
Mixture of Human and Colossi Units

Strong Colossi Light Infantry

Mediocre lineup otherwise

Powerful Weaver Communions

Strong elemental and astral magic
air 44 (rare 5)
water 33 (rare 4)
astral 22 (rare 3)
fire 22 (rare 3)
earth 11 (rare 2)
nature 33 (hero)

Summonable fire 33astral 33nature 22
Cannot summon natively

Summonable death 11blood 11 Need to turn a troop into Commander
Recruitable: holy 11 sailing priest

Capital only slow to recruit holy 22 communion priest
Standard Forts

Coastal forts produce +10% Gold

Dark Vessels

When this commander approaches a coast, dark vessels will soon appear ready to transport him and his men. The dark vessels are only able to exist inside friendly dominion and both coasts on the journey must be inside friendly dominion. The dark vessles have no limit on how many or large the people aboard them can be.

Dark Vessels is an ability unique to Phaeacia which all Phaeacian commanders have. It allows the commander to sail from province to province with all troops under their command, as long as both provinces have their dominion. The detailed requirements are:

  • The commander must have enough map move to sail to their destination, dark vessels do not ignore map move
  • Both start and destination are within Phaeacian dominion
  • The commander can reach the destination by sailing (So you can't use this to jump from one body of water to another)

The biggest benefit of the Dark Vessels is that they allow Phaeacia to move mages around, even those that can't ordinarily sail. It also allows Phaeacia to circumvent the usual sailing size limit of units to their commander size, though you can't completely ignore it since you'll want to sail outside of your dominion at times as well.

Note: As awesome as Dark Vessels is, there are two ultimate Fuck-Dark-Vessels global enchantments, Perpetual Storm and Sea of Ice which prevent any form of Sailing ability across the globe including the Dark Vessels. Phaeacia is undoubtedly at its strongest with an island start (due to the huge starting bonus from Orichalcum Mine and amazing mobility threatening coastal provinces within reach), but having an island capital also makes Phaeacia extremely vulnerable to these two spells which completely cut off unit transfers to and from the capital and could thus cripple the military maneuverability of the entire nation. Perpetual Storm posts more of a threat between the two since underwater nations are far more eager to afford the gems for dispelling Sea of Ice while Phaeacia has to deal with Perpetual Storm alone. Playing against Phaeacia you should never forget Perpetual Storm as a strong strategical option and Phaeacia players should always be prepared to dispel potential casting of it in the late game.

The Gigantes of Black Korkya

Upholding the ancient bargain the Gigantes of Black Korkyra have mustered their forces. A Lochos and his retinue has arrived to the Orichalcum Palace to pledge allegiance to the Queen.

Each year in late spring (save the first year) a Lochos and his retinue of 2d6 Gigantes will appear in your capital. The Lochos will bear the magical Golden and Gleaming weapons and armor of Mekone, but the Gigante that spawn with him will bear mundane arms.

Capital Special Sites

The Orichalcum Palace Black Korkya Gold Apple Tree Orichalcum Mine
Enables recruitment of
Colossi Queen, Prince Consort and Orichalcum Guard
Produces 1airgem1astralpearl per turn
Produces 1watergem1earthgem per turn -5 unrest per turn
Produces 1firegem per turn
Slows down aging by 50%
150 per turn
100 per turn
*only spawns on an island start position

*will Prioritize spawning the Capital on an island Provence(a Provence with no more than one connection to above water Provence, including rivers) and gives the Orichalcum Mine as an additional site.

National Units

FIXME General description of the units in the nations rooster, any standouts, shared qualities aka temperature, any foreign rec, what makes a good basis for planning around


All your national Commander can use the Black ships to cross water provinces, with many also having normal sailing. You can run into problems if you can't spread your dominion into a province you what your communion to make landfall on, as the Colossi you want for communions lack regular sailing, so rely on spreading your candles to even leave the capital.

Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Phaeacian Scout
Sailing(2, Max 999)
mountain survival
forest survival
Scouts with more mobility thanks to Sailing.
Should be made your starting Prophet so that he can spread your dominion so you can use the blackships to make landfall.
Phaeacian Priest
holy 11
Sailing(2, Max 999)
The basic priest that can sail.
Can bless your sacreds or counter undead spam.
Phaeacian Captain
Sailing(2, Max 999) The cheaper Human commander.
Quick to produce in a pinch from any fort without a lab to sail your humans to a province outside your dominion. After you have spread your dominion, they can lead the giants.
Mage Pilot
air 11water 11 9
Sailing(2, Max 999)
Your cheapest Research monkey and decent sailing leader.
Colossi Weaver
air 11astral 11random1100% 11
Forge Bonus(1)
Communion mages, forgers and acceptable researchers.
You don't have a native way to forge Dwarven Hammers and more paths on other mages, but that Forge Bonus will make item creation more cost-effective (especially if you make a pretender or trade for Hammers).

As communion mages with good a hp pool they have the making of a turbo communion. With the help of a few Girdle of Might, Coral Blade and Shroud of the Battle Saint with a Regeneration bless and a nature mage (like an indie Lizard Shaman or a Hesperide) for Personal Regeneration, they will power all that magical madness.
Wind Caller
Coastal Fort Rec Only
air 22water 11random1100% 13
Sailing(3, Max 999)
Your masters of Air. Not a mage you want to use cap turns on but fine pumping out of Coastal forts.
Powerful air 33 or can go higher with Astral random.

Unlike others of his size, he can sail Colossi units outside Phaeacia's Dominion.
Colossi Storm Captain
air 22water 11 11
Sailing(3, Max 999)
The sailing commander and main thug of Phaeacia. One of the most cost-effective thugs in the game.

Cloud Trapeze allows for valuable magic phase assault. Scripted with Mistform, Mirror Image and Liquid Body he's very sustainable against non-magical attacks. Flight and Quicken Self and potentially Summon Air Elementals are good options for offense.
Colossi Queen
Capital Only
air 22water 22astral 11holy 22random1100%
Your Holy Communion Leader and general.
Has lower paths than Prince Consorts but are guaranteed to have Astral so your capital can guarantee a high Air, Water, and Holy caster.
Prince Consort
Capital Only
fire 11air 33water 22holy 11random1100%
resist shock(5)
An air booster crafter (pretty rare for any nation) and can forge Rune Smashers.
Need a Crystal Matrix to join communions (easily made by Weavers) but then offer unique cross paths spells like Magma Eruption.


To offset the nation's strong mobility and mages, Phaeacia's troop option is mediocre or very resource-intensive for the Middle Age with the exception of the Colossi Light Infantry. All troops can find usefulness as mass production and buffs spell become accessible later game.

Img Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Phaeacian Militia
Very cheap light infantry. Only good as extra efficient siege chaff.
Phaeacian Archer
Unimpressive EA archers in MA. Like any archer unit, can be a threat in number and magically buffed when the enemy was not scripted to handle mass ranged fire.
Phaeacian Light Infantry
Literally Indie Light infantry with javelins, aside from a slight bonus to Magic Resistance and longer lifespan common to Phaeacian humans.
Phaeacian Infantry
Light infantry with slightly better helmet, Att, damage, and situational slashing damage.
Phaeacian Heavy Infantry
Human in heavy armor. There are situations where they would be a more serviceable line than more cost-effective Colossi but that's not well documented.
Colossi Light Infantry
Your cost-efficient infantry, as most light armored giants with a javelin are.
Relatively cheap to produce and strong attack let them beat out indies and most player armies.
Colossi Heavy Infantry
Often better than Heavy Infantry. Only produce when overloaded in resources.
Can hold the line especially if you can get a Mass Regeneration spell going.
Orichalcum Guard
Capital Only
Decent but expensive with limited recruitment of 4 to 5 a turn.
Often see play as a situational unit, using their heavy magic gear to deal with partially big threats with a minor bless being optional.
They are also very diligent bodyguards to protect your Royalty from any Demon or Elemental with their magic sword.


Img Unit Name —-SpecialAttributes—- Comments
Melite - Aegaeide
Hero turn arrival Limit:15
water 33nature 33 13
Resist Cold(5)
Resist Poison(5)
disease healer(1)
Supply Bonus(30)
A very useful hero when she shows up, giving you nature mage (and more by summoning more Naiads)
She is also useful in claiming the land around your island capital by leading a contingent of Colossi.
Nausicaa - Phaeacian Princess
air 22water 11astral 11holy 11 13
Sailing(3, Max 999)
Not the strength of a Queen but will serve you best on gathering information on your opponent.
You only get one, so be careful. Flight and being able to cast Cloud Trapeze lets her get into places and run away relatively safely.


Magic Access

You are a Strong Air communion nation with decent access to Water and weak Astral, Fire, and Earth paths that can be improved with communions. With a Hero or empowerment into Fire and/or Astral you can summon Nature mages. With Gift of Reason you could then get Kers into communions to add Blood and Death.

National Magic & Summons

Pride of Lions: Conj 3 10naturegem, nature 22( Great Lionx10+) Fast animal chaff with two high damage attacks.

Summon Hound of Twilight Conjure 5, earth 22death 11 4earthgem, ( Hound of Twilightx1) A big Fear monster with a Patrol bonus of 20. Cheap for an Empowered earth 22 in death to spam and remove your fort's unrest. Decent patroller and Spirit-sight can catch elves.

Contact Hesperide Conjure 6, fire 33astral 11 35firegem, (summon Hesperidex1) A useful mage who not only removes a lot of diseases and unrest but also breaks you into Nature for rituals and communions. Requires two fire boosters or a pretender to cast. Can then summon more of themselves.

Call Ladon Conjure 6, fire 33nature 22 15firegem, ( Ladon - Drakon Hesperiosx1) Summon a big unique monster with a Hesperide. He may be decent (by the standards of a big monster commander with only head and misc slots), but the real purpose is to keep him alive so your can get an event in the spring that has a good chance to give you a Golden Apple, a decent morale booster and a way for important mages to become 10 years younger to increase their game relevance.

Bind Keres Conjure 6, death 22 12deathgem, ( Kerx3) Similar points to Lampads. Have to break into Death, they are blood/Death mages when commanders (Also too out-of-the-way). Keres are Ethereal, Invisible Two attack Fear flyers. Tears up weak back units, especially when they Paralyze enemy undead mages.

Dogs of Gold and Silver Construction 5, earth 11 7earthgem, (summon a Kuon Argyreos, Kuon Khryseos). Very resilient Patrollers and flanking hounds. Easy to cast but gem expensive to build a flanking force.

Craft Keledone Construction 7, earth 22astral 22 5earthgem, (summon 1 Keledone) Situational, Summon a Hard to kill immobile communion slave in case a fort gets besieged.

Forge Brass Bull Construction 7, fire 33earth 33 30firegem, (summon a Khalkotauros) A big Hard to kill Trample monster that breaths fire. Often a Skip as that Research and gems could be used for thugging.

Sow Dragon Teeth Enchantment 6, earth 22 1earthgem, ( Spartae x10) Combat Summons that only costs 1 Earth Gem for 10 magic being hoplites (not undead) with decent stats and magic gear.

Combat Magic

At heart, your main magic power comes from Colossi Weaver communions. When geared to turbo, they can efficiently output an unreasonable amount of Thunder Stikes. Weavers also are astral mages and may dabble in fire, earth, and water for more variety.

It's helpful to add Body Ethereal, Temper Flesh, and other defense spells to protect your investments from army wiping spells your or opponent may cast. (ie. Wrathful Skies, Meteor Shower, Heat from Hell).

Colossi Queens are your battlefield wide and holy communion spell casters.

Storm captains are your thugs, mix of water and air for all the good hard to hit, mobility, quickness, and Air Elementals.

Princes can also thug if they random earth, but their main role in combat is powerful air spell and other evocation crosspaths, especially if given a Crystal Matrix. Acid Storm.

Ritual Magic

FIXME What is the best ritual you could cast. Are there any globals you want up, any units you should be summoning? Are there any Generic rituals few nations can cast?

Magic Items

Is one of the few nations that can forge air boosters. Colossi Weaver are very efficient when it comes to making gear, getting an outstanding -3 gem discount if my mange to secure Dwarven Hammers.

in addition to manufacturing thug gear for your Colossi and Gigantie thugs, forging is also important to your turbo communions, Creating Girdle of Might, Coral Blade, Shroud of the Battle Saint with a Regeneration bless and Ring of Regeneration

National Items

  • Purple Silk Garments Constr 2 3astralpearl2watergem astral 11water 11: Simple and easy to make robes that give minor protection, Defence,+1 MR for mages, and Twist Fate.
  • Silver Silk Garments Constr 6 3astralpearl2airgem astral 11air 11: like Purple Silk but +2 MR and +2 Reinvigoration rather then Defence. Great on communions if not using a blessing in the turbo.
  • Windcatcher Sail Constr 4 10airgem air 22: Let a commander with Sailing to move one province further over water. One tile can mean a lot in a game with limited turns and players constantly making moves.


Phaeacia Island's start position makes it very difficult for other land nations to attack, while your own mobility allows for unexpected invasions. You raid to profit off coastal land, using highly mobile Air communions and thugs to take enemies by surprise.

Having an Island start does having many hard counters. Your army losses its mobility outside of casting a teleport spell in a labbed procence if Perpetual Storm or Sea of Ice is up to turn off all sailing (including Blackships). Will leave prevent your cap units from also leaving.

You also have to heavily negotiate with players if they play an amphibious nation. Phaeacia has great mobility going over water but no early game tools to fight someone under it. Having the power to constantly siege your capital with no repercussions, you have to keep them appeased if you want the chance to win. Keep open chanals with nations like Ys-MA, R'lyeh-MA, Agartha-MA, and Sceleria-MA.

Phaeacia is not at proper power until the midgame, so you will be gobbled by a rush nation if they can get too you and cannot negotiation some kind of treaty of protection.

Power Curve

This is probably the most difficult section to get consensus for. Describe how strong the nation is during expansion, the early, mid and late game, and what makes it strong/weak at each of those points. This should give readers an idea of where the weaknesses of a nation lie (if they have not been shown already) and when to take advantage of a nation's strengths.

Expansion Strategies

List some example expansion strategies here. If a strong bless or pretender is required then leave the specifics for the pretender section.

Example Pretender Builds

List some example pretender builds. Try to use the following format to keep authorship and pretender design rationale clear.

See More

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