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Unrest in a province causes a variety of detrimental effects. In particular, province Income and Resources are reduced.

Additionally, commanders and units cannot be recruited if a province has over 100 unrest.

Unrest is modified through random events, various rituals, blood hunting, pillaging, patrolling, blood hunting, spies instilling uprisings, units with the cause or reduces unrest abilities, and battles in the province. Certain magic sites also affect unrest: those which increase it are often blood sites, while those that reduce it tend to be holy sites. Additionally, some global enchantments such as Fata Morgana and Burden of Time affect unrest globally.

Unrest diminishes in three sub-steps during turn order sequence Step 40:

  • Subtract (1+(1 for each full 10 PD)+(Dominion/2, round up)).
  • Subtract (unrest/(10-Order), round down)

Hostile dominion may add unrest in the first sub-step.

Units with chaos power count 15 points of unrest as one scale of turmoil for the purposes of calculating their bonuses (still capped at Turmoil3).

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