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EA Berytos, The Phoenix Empire

The people of Berytos are the descendants of a civilization created by the Telkhines, titanic storm demons defeated by a previous Pantokrator. The Telkhines taught shipbuilding, sailing and metalcrafting to the human ancestors of Berytos.When the Telkhines were defeated, the humans fled across the sea, led by the Storm Callers, disciples of the Telkhines.With the knowledge of ironcrafting and the magical might of the Storm Callers, new colonies were founded on distantshores. Like a phoenix, the dying empire was reborn. But the Telkhine gods were dead and the humans sought divineleadership. They found the Melqarts of Hinnom. One of the colonies was situated near Ashdod and the bloody cult ofthe Melqarts soon spread through the Phoenix Empire. In the capital colony of Berytos, a great temple to the Melqarts was built.But soon another power found its way into the cult. Refugee Colossi, great men of the Machakan royal family, arrived in Berytos andestablished themselves as rulers of the bloody cult. Their sorceresses claimed divinity and called themselves Brides-in-Waiting. NowBerytos is a seafaring people led by sorcerer-queens from the great temple in Berytos.

General Overview

Berytos is nation with storng magic diveristy, has access to all the elemental paths, blood and a minor astral as well. Probably has the strongest hero lineup that can fill the missing death and natrue paths too. Troops are medicore, but at least have some usable options. The sacred half giants are not terrible, but should not be the reason to play Berytos. Se'irs, sacred berserking goat demons, which can be summoned with blood 3 are much better if you like good sacreds. To summarize, Berytos is not an easy nation to play, it can be weak early game and you have to know all the spells well to play them efficiently, but, if you do, they can be a real beast in the late mid game, end game.

National Features

Special Race Attributes Military Magic Access Priests Buildings
Sailing commanders

Coastal bonus income
Greek light to medium infantry,
Sacred half-giants,
National Blood summons
fire 33 (Rare 4)
air 33 (Rare 4)
water 33
earth 22 (Rare 3)
astral 11
blood 33 (Rare 4)
holy 22 Priests
Blood Sacrefice
Castles(good in early)

Capital Special Sites

FIXME add the site pic

Temple of Storms and Flames
Enables recruitment of Bride-in-Waiting, Colossi Warrior
Generates 2firegem3airgem2bloodslave per turn.

Notable Units


Sprite Unit Name SpecialAttributes Comments
Berytian Scout
Gold 25
Resources 3
Recruitment points 1
Stealthy (55)
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
Almost a basic scout just a little lighter and stealthier, still use indie scouts if you can and recruit mages in your forts.
Berytian Captain
Gold 100
Resources 17
Recruitment points 1
Sailing (Max size 2) A sailing leader of 80, but in Berytos everything can be done by mages. Mage Pilots and Storm Callers can sail 40 troops, Brides can lead 90, so you can rarely justify recruiting them.
Mage Pilot
Gold 80
Resources 2
Recruitment points 2
Coastal Fort recruitment only
air 11water 11 9
Sailing (Max size 2)
Sailing leader of 40. It doesn't have good path for combat but can spam frozen hearts and some lightning in a storm. It's not a bad idea to have one or two in each coastal fort so they can set sail with a small army when needed.
Storm Caller
Gold 205
Resources 2
Recruitment points 4
Coastal recruitment only
air 22water 22random1100% 15
Sailing (Max size 2)
Coastal recruitment
Another sailing leader of 40. Basically a stronger version of mage pilots. Best available W mage, 25% astral access, who can join your sabbaths to cast big spells. All can cloud trapeze where needed, spam elementals as raiders, with an item, go underwater to conquer with water elementals, fire ones can cast acid spells. A solid mage to have. You should have some coastal forts making these guys constantly.
Berytian Sage
Gold 80
Resources 4
Recruitment points 2
earth 11random1100% 11
Sailing (Max size 2)

Adept researcher(+2)
Your most gold efficient researcher, but lacks good combat value. Use them to build up a research core early when you need the gold for expansion and infrastructure. Later, focus on better mages like the Storm Caller and the Berytian Priest.
Berytian Priest
Gold 140
Resources 2
Recruitment points 2
blood 11holy 11random1100% 9
Sailing (Max size 2)
Your blood hunters, Sabbath Slaves and masters. Recruit as many as you can, don't forget to forge Sanguine Dowsing Rods if you blood hunt with a level one bloodmage.
Gold 415
Resources 8
Recruitment points 4
fire 22air 22earth 11blood 22holy 22random1110% 21
These ladies give you a lot of magic on a half-giant priestess who can lead 90 troops as well. They are not cheap but get as many as you can. The magic support they can provide is awesome and you are able to change an army script from storm, lighting spams, to firestorm, and elementals easily for the next battle. They have nice mobility already, but all can Cloud Trapeze too. Imagine flying in a small sabbath of them to Life for a Life an enemy SC. Just take care of them; they are brides after all.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Berytian Militia
Siege chaff or when you need a lot of bodies fast.
Berytian Archer
They are like indie archers, but you have access to Wind Guide and Flaming Arrows so they can be viable.
Berytian Spearman
Low protection, but massable javelin throwers just like indie light infantry. Can be useful against shieldless, low prot enemies.
Berytian Soldier
Like low prot indie heavy infantry with short swords, hard to find a good use for them.
Berytian Heavy Spearman
Formation fighter(2) Your highest prot troops 4 fitting a square. They have a chance to repel most other human troops. Not bad as line holders with some buffs.
Berytian Elite Soldier
They have 13 moral and same prot as a heavy spearman. They can be useful when you need more damage and morale on your lines, but short swords are just meh.
Berytian Lancer
Low prot, one attack, but only 20 gold for a 17 def unit. Good against low attack enemies like barbs and pale ones. Can be used as flankers or as a high mobility group with elephants(both MM 20). Note that you can't sail them.
Colossi Warrior
Half-giants with those short swords again and 13 prot. not good enough to focus on them, but they have their uses, especially with a utility bless like magic weapons, dark vision, etc. Can be nice bodyguards for brides when facing assassins. Also, note that you can't sail them.
War Elephant
With practice can be used for expansion. Make sure you pack them in a group with 5+ units for moral reasons, also if routed they can trample your guys so try to keep your lines clear behind them. With their lot of hp they take buffs pretty well. No sailing of course.


Sprite Unit Name SpecialAttributes Comments
Dis Mater - Bride of the Gods
Minimum Hero Arrival turn: (10)
fire 33earth 11death 33blood 33holy 22 25
Ba'al Hammon - King of the City
Minimum Hero Arrival turn: (20)
fire 33air 22blood 33holy 33 21
Fear (5)
Adept Sacrificer(1)
Resist fire (13)
Wasteland Survival
Gluttony (20)
Kills Population (80)
Cause Unrest (+8 Per Month)
Need Not Eat
old age(770/735)
Makelo - Queen of the City
Minimum Hero Arrival turn: (25)
fire 33air 44water 44earth 44nature 22holy 33 36
Fear (5)
Resist fire (5)
Resist cold (5)
Resist poison (15)
Resist shock (20)
healer (1)
supply bonus (20)
Sailing (Max size 4)
shapechanger (Makelo - Queen of the City)
master smith(1)(second shape only)


National Spells

FIXME national spell or summon cost and usecase, judgment if it's good.

  • Summon Mazzikim: nature 11 conj3 3naturegem. ( Mazzikx8)
  • Herd of Elephants: nature 22 conj3 25naturegem. ( Elephantx5+[lv/2])
  • Pride of Lions: nature 22 conj3 10naturegem. ( Great Lionx10+[lv])
  • Summon Lilot: nature 44 conj5 15naturegem. ( Lilotx1)
  • Summon Telkhine: water 55air 22 conj8 69watergem. ( Telkhine Telkhinex1)
  • Scapegoats: blood 11 Blood3 8bloodslave. Wasteland Only ( Se'irx2): Sacred, rage-filled, triple-attacking demons that come fairly cheap – cheaper than in Hinnom, in fact, though less efficient in terms of Mage turns – and that arguably carry whatever your bless is better than your Colossi. Being demonic, however, it takes a bit of extra work to bring them to the battlefield in large numbers. You also need a Wasteland to summon them, which can potentially be an issue.
  • Summon Shedim: blood 33air 11 Blood4 28bloodslave. Wasteland Only ( Shedx3): Though Hinnom gets them for all three Ages, Berytos has the easiest time summoning them by far. Unfortunately, there aren't that many heavily-armored troops in the Early Age for you to invalidate with these flying shockers, but Shedim are still practically made for Air nations. The only issue is that Berytos might not start on a Wasteland.
  • Call Melqart: blood 33fire 22 Blood6 99bloodslave. ( Melqartx1)

Magic Access

FIXME What magic path/mages define your nation, what can you level, e.g., thunderstriking, astral, elementals, earth buffs, blood, what is recruitable anywhere and good, what are some summons you are likely able to get and are useable

Combat Magic

FIXME What is the best spell you can use in combat. What spells the best support your national lineup, Is their weakness that you need to fix? Any tricks you should be aware you have?

Ritual Magic

FIXME What is the best ritual you could cast. Are there any globals you want up, any units you should be summoning? Are there any Generic rituals few nations can cast?

Magic Items

FIXME Do you have any National items(Construction Level, Price, and required Paths). Any unique generic items few other nations can forge? What item would be useful on your unit lineup (non-standard recommend thug gear)?

National Items

FIXME nation exclusive items

National Dicount Items

FIXME items you get national Discounted on (Reduced Price and required Paths). Any Reasons your nation may want to forge it?


FIXME do you have a game plan? Anything you should always be working toward? Any National weaknesses?


FIXME What kinds of scales dose your nation like? Do they require any to function? Any blesses your sacreds would like? Do you desperately need an awake expander? Examples of Pretenders?

Early Game

FIXME How to expand, potential pitfalls and how to get around them, obvious weakness strength, how much do you have to focus on war/infrastructure

Mid Game

FIXME what is the first big research rush, what is the first big powerspike, where do you shift recruitment to? what are the big magic diversity issues, are there particular globals you should gun for

Late Game

FIXME How do you close out the game if you are in it, is the high-level research stuff you can do uniquely well, does your nation fall off, aka do you have to force things to conclude swiftly

youtube of someone discussing the nation
guide page on steam??
forum thread or AAR

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