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Turn Order Sequence

When a turn is hosted, all players’ turn orders are resolved simultaneously. The game resolves orders according to the turn order sequence.

The Turn Order Sequence


  • 0) Unstealthed units switching to stealth for their upcoming sneaks
  • 1) Messages + attachments sent
  • 4) Recruitment
  • 5) Items forged
  • 6) Non-heretical preaching (also blood sacrifice?)
  • 7) Heretic Preaching (please verify this?)
  • 8) Thrones are claimed
  • 9) Site entering, pearl cultivation, etc
  • 10) Rituals are cast in random order

Magic + Extra-planar Battles

  • 11) Battles caused by rituals, including spells like Teleport and Wind Ride.
    • If a battle ensues in this phase, stealthy units set to attack the province will join. If not, battles involving those units are resolved in the 'main' battle phase. 1)
  • 12) Damage suffered due to being in Inferno or Kokytos 2)
  • 13) Battles caused by being on another plane or moving out of one
  • 14) Retreating caused by battles in this phase

The Godly Intermezzo

Horrors, Assassinations, and Raiding

Relinquish Province


  • 24) Movement between friendly provinces.
    • Friendly movement occurs, before movement to enemy provinces, thus allowing defenders to group up.
    • If an intended middle province was taken during the Magic Phase, the armies will not move.
  • 25) Movement to unfriendly provinces occurs, including breaking sieges


  • 26) Main battle phase.
    • Where movement has lead to opposing armies in the same province, neither hiding, battles occur.
    • Battles are resolved in random order.
    • Provinces may change hands as a result.
  • 27) Fort-storming battles. Some retreating enemies from the main battle phase may be inside the fort.
  • 28) Retreating caused by battles in this phase


  • 29) Global enchantment effects.
  • 30) Events occur. These can be random events from luck or misfortune, or caused by players.
    • The spells Wolven Winter and Breath of the Desert cause temperature-changing events which take effect here, not in the ritual phase.
  • 31) Event battles, e.g. barbarian attacks, dark vines, Call of the Drugvant, Dark Slumber.
  • 32) Retreating caused by battles in this phase

Item/Unit Effects

  • 33) Reaper, automatic summoning, item/monster enforced scales changes and so on happen here: after events but before income.
  • 34) Patrollers units find hiding units.
    • Happens after a Bane Venom Charm has already affected a province.

Admin Zone

  • 35) Sieging armies damage the wall of the fortress they are trying to take down. In Disciples games, the larger (siegier?) army gets to siege now.
  • 36) Building construction and destruction
  • 38) Pillaging, which comes after unrest reduction from monsters' inherent properties but before income
  • 39) Income, which is before patrolling's unrest reduction, and also before upkeep
  • 40) Unrest modification from Dominion, dominion level, scales, and reduction by patrolling
    • calculated after battles etc, so you can walk into a wasteland if your belly's full, once, and not want to run away or get diseased
  • 42) Upkeep.
  • 44) Dominion effects like innate popkill, insanity, spreading temp or turmoil happen here
  • 45) Magic site effects like disease occur now
  • 46) If your game features 150,000 units, some of the most numerous ones get deleted

Leftover Battles

  • 48) Leftover battles occur now
    • FIXME what kind of battles can happen here?

Finalizing the Admin Zone

  • 49) Units heal if able to and are affected by disease here
  • 50) If a unit goes insane, this is where it does that
  • 51) Mercenary bids are resolved and the troops appear where they have been recruited
  • 52) Heroes appear
  • 53) Units who have lost their commander are deleted if in enemy territory
  • 54) If nothing is sieging a fort, it will take the province back
  • 55) Scouting reports are produced
  • 56) Defeat conditions are checked
  • 57) Victory conditions are checked
  • 58) Stat graphs are generated
  • 59) Heroic Abilities are updated
  • 60) Immortals reform
  • 61) Province defense levels are reduced if the population can't support it (10 people/PD point)
  • 62) Aftermath (order validation, involuntary shape changing, etc.)


  • Change in temperature resulting from season changes happens after the battles. As a result from this and above mentioned event based temperature rituals, a good rule is "What you see is what you will fight in on the next turn."
Confirmed with testing 2022/08/30.
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