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The Prophet is the most loyal herald of the coming god. Every nation can appoint a Commander to be the one and only prophet of their nation's Pretender God. Upon becoming a prophet, the commander's Priest level is either set to holy 33 or increased by +holy 11, whichever results in a higher level, and their Morale is set to 30 if they're not Mindless. A prophet spreads Dominion just like a temple.

A few commanders have Prophet Shapes, changing their stats and appearances when they're given the role. The changes are usually minor; some have higher Magic levels than their normal forms, but these aren't path-boosts, so they don't carry over.

Just like a pretender, a prophet is affected by friendly and hostile dominion. For each candle of friendly dominion in their current province, they gain +10% max HP, +1 Strength, and +0.5 Magic Resistance (rounded down). Candles of hostile dominion are treated as negative candles of friendly dominion, resulting in negative stat boosts, although maximum hit points cannot be reduced below 10% of their maximum total. Stat changes caused by attacking a province with a different candle count occur before the battle starts, but actual hit point totals won't reflect their new maximum during the battle. Also like a pretender, a prophet is always blessed; unlike Pretenders, however, this is true even outside of friendly dominion. On the other hand, a prophet does not automatically bless their teammates just by being present.

If a prophet dies, the nation must go 6 consecutive turns without one before it can appoint a new one. Immortal prophets will always come back before then. You can't Charm a prophet, either, as they're immune to that; on that note, they're also immune to enslavement. On the other hand, LA R'lyeh and its whacky insanity may give it additional prophets.

No prophets are appointed in disciples games, as the disciples themselves act as prophets and spread dominion in the same manner. This complicates disciples games, since one of the benefits of prophets is that they can claim Thrones while their Pretenders are absent.

FIXME are prophets actually immune to enslavement?

FIXME strategy, importance of having a mobile H3

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