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nolink Mindless is a tag applied to some units, such as the Lobo Guards, Soulless, and Golems. Mindless units are immune to mind-affecting spells like Mind Burn and Soul Slay. They have 50 morale, a symbolic value to show that they will never back down from a fight while led: they will either win, or die trying. In situations where they would otherwise have to rout (such as not having any Commanders that can lead them), mindless units will immediately stop fighting and effectively die – this happens to your bloodslaveBlood Slaves. Even if the original leader of the mindless unit(s) dies, as long as there is another non routing friendly commander with magical leadership, mindless units will fight on.

This tag does not prevent units from casting spells, as demonstrated by the Golem and several Pretenders. In fact, Mindless Mages are less vulnerable to having their spells interrupted by damage, since they have no train of thought that can be derailed.

There are also other effects to Mindlessness, such as being immune to Horrors.

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