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Phoenix Pyre

Phoenix Pyre is a notable Buffing Spell from the path of Fire, in that it has an effect that isn't completely fire-related: Extra Lives.


The spell is a Level 7 Alteration spell that requires fire 22 and zero Gems to cast. It does nothing until the caster dies; when they die, they perform an AOE 50 Death Explosion that does 10 Armor Piercing Fire Damage, Blink to a random tile on the battlefield, and resurrect with full HP. This can happen multiple times; the only limiting factor is that it can't happen while the caster has 100 Fatigue or more, and that each resurrection accrues 30 Fatigue, with an expanding d20 added to the total.


  • The spell itself costs 20 Fatigue to cast, if you're at fire 22 or lower, plus Spellcasting Encumbrance; fire 33 makes it 10, and fire 55 makes it 5.
  • Shapechanger always triggers first, if it can. Even an especially-gruesome hit will leave you with a minimum of 1 HP.
  • Afflictions will remain.
  • Certain Mage corps may have counters at this point, such as astral 44, nature 33, and blood 22 Mages being able to just steal your guy.
  • On that note, water 44, astral 33, and death 22 Mages may have magical instakills, and the astral 33 option explicitly bypasses Extra Lives.
  • Your caster may blow up your other Mages, if you're not careful with your scripting.

Don't let this happen to you!

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