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Cure Disease

If you've got a Disease on one of your prized Commanders or Mages and nobody to heal it for you, fret not! Cure Disease will fix that right up!

It's a Level 4 Thaumaturgy Ritual that requires nature 44 to cast, and that consumes 5naturegem on use. It's not very efficient, but it's an emergency option.

What are some other options? Well:

  • Disease Healers can fix it, of course. True Healers can do it too.
  • If you don't have a Disease Healer, you can have a nature 55 Mage make one by crafting a Miraculous Cure All Elixir for 40naturegem. (req. Const 4)
  • Alternatively, you can have a nature 55 Mage summon a Disease-Healing Faery Queen for only 20naturegem. (req. Conj 8)
  • Gift of Health will cure it eventually, if you have a nature 66 Mage and at least 50naturegem lying around. (req. Ench 7)
  • If all you're worried about is their death, then any Regeneration Item will prevent that by allowing healing. (req. nature 22 & Const 4 at least)
  • If you don't have even nature 22, a nature 11 Mage (Ench 1), astral 11nature 11 Mage (Evo 3), or astral 33 Mage (Ench 4) can restore HP in battle.
  • If your Diseased guy is a death 22 Mage, then they can use Twiceborn to ignore the Disease while they're Undead. (req. Ench 4)
  • Otherwise, try to get their name in the history books for the Ritual of Rebirth, if you have a death 44 mage. (req. Ench 7)

The severity of Disease varies from guy to guy. If it's on your Pretender, then you're more worried about the other Afflictions it can cause. If it's on someone else, then you probably shouldn't care TOO much, unless your guy has a very-rare Magic spread (such as a 10% random) or something else.

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