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Hidden in Terrain spells

This article relates to the very closely related Hidden in Snow, Hidden in Sand and Hidden Underneath spells. All require Enchantment 6, a specific terrain type, 75 gems, death 11 and either earth 33 or water 33 to cast. Additionally, each spell can create some mixture of 4 types of undead units: a mage, a leader, a common troop and a rare troop.

Spell Terrain Paths Cost Mage Leader Common troop Rare troop Notes
Hidden in Snow Mountains, Highland water 33death 11 75watergem Unfrozen Mage death 11random450%
Unfrozen Lord Unfrozen Unfrozen Warrior Has different scale preferences, see below for details. All units have chill aura.
Hidden in Sand Waste earth 33death 11 75earthgem Dust Priest earth 11death 22holy 22random350%
Dust King Dust Warrior Dust Walker The mage is also a priest with reanimation capabilities. All units have heat aura.
Hidden Underneath Cave earth 33death 11 75earthgem Released Sage earth 11death 22random350%
Released King Released Warrior Released One All units have dark power 2.

Each cast is guaranteed to produce exactly one leader, and between 0 and 2 mages, in addition to variable amounts of the two types of troops. Despite what is suggested by the spells' descriptions, the chance of summoning mages appears likely to depend entirely on Luck scales, as follows1). The following table provides approximate chances for Hidden in Sand and Hidden Underneath:

Hidden in Sand and Hidden Underneath
Scale Chance of no mages Chance of 1 mage Chance of 2 mages
Misfortune scales 3 22.5% 71% 6.5%
Neutral 12.5% 75% 12.5%
Luck scales 3 5% 75% 20%

For Hidden in Snow, these values appear to differ slightly, resulting in a less consistent amount of mages:

Hidden in Snow only
Scale Chance of no mages Chance of 1 mage Chance of 2 mages
Misfortune scales 3 28.5% 61% 10.5%
Neutral 19% 63.5% 17.5%
Luck scales 3 11% 59% 30%

Rare troops

The amount of rare troops given per cast seems to have the random variance of a closed d8 plus a base value. The base value is 9, which is then modified for each order/turmoil and magic/drain scale in the province:

Spell Order scales Magic scales Turmoil scales Drain scales
Hidden in Snow -1 +1 +1 -1
Hidden in Sand +1 +1 -1 -1
Hidden Underneath +1 +1 -1 -1

Other scales have no effect.

Common troops

The number of common troops varies unpredictably, however the most likely number per cast regardless of the scales is 26. The mechanism by which the number of common troops is determined is not well understood and proves difficult to study due to the fact that the total number of rare+common troops can never exceed 50. Priority is given to the rare varieties.

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