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Grants magical properties to men, items or the land. You can cover entire provinces with protective domes, or grant long-lasting increased health to your subjects. – Illwinter

Enchantment is a path with a variety of effects, including buffs, a variety of rituals including summons and globals, and some very powerful battlefield-wide enchantments.



  • Fire Enchantments can add Heat and Fire to people (Fire Shield), places (Vafur Flames, Heat from Hell), and things (Flaming Arrows, Eternal Pyre), in ways that don't harm the subject. Fire Magic can also be used to provide Fire Resistance.
  • Air Enchantments can grant the caster or their friends favor with the atmosphere, allowing for vastly-improved (or vastly-hindered) movement within it for both people (Flight, Cloud Trapeze) and things (Trade Wind, Seeking Arrow). Air Magic can also be used to provide Shock Resistance.
  • Water Enchantments can add bitter coldness to people (Breath of Winter) and places (Grip of Winter) without harming the subject, but they're also able to gain favor from the oceans (Friendly Currents, Thetis' Blessing) and/or make it rise against the land (Quagmire, Wrath of the Sea). Water Magic can also be used to provide Cold Resistance.
  • Earth Enchantments are rather limited in battle, since it takes time to add enough magic to most stone to illicit a response; there is one very handy Strengthening Enchantment (Strength of Giants), however. Outside of battle, one can Enliven Statues and even gain the favor of the earth's crust (Riches from Beneath). Earth has a lot more variety in the school when used with other paths.
  • Astral Enchantments often work with "pure" Magic and other energies, whether by strengthening them (Astral Healing, Solar Brilliance), focusing them (Stellar Focus, Arcane Nexus), strengthening people against them (Antimagic), or even cancelling them out (Opposition, Dispel). A few of them seem to give you the favor of space itself (Ritual of Returning, The Eyes of God).
  • Death Enchantments include perhaps the only Enchantment that hurts its direct subject (Rigor Mortis), if only mildly, but most of them add "life" to what was once dead. You might be surprised by just how many complete skeletons are embedded in each battlefield. Some Enchantments even add "life" in a way that can keep a person's mind and soul – or maybe just one of those things – in their body after their death (Twiceborn, Lichcraft).
  • Nature Enchantments can work wonders on the living; they can Heal and relieve just about anything if given enough time and power, a couple of them improve physical capabilities (Gift of the Hare, Haste), a few stimulate and please Nature's less-mobile creatures (Forest Dome, Awaken Treelord, Gift of Nature's Bounty), and another two gain the favor of some of Nature's other forces (Faery Trod, Dragon Master). Nature Magic can also be used to provide Poison Resistance.


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