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Summons powers and beings from other worlds. Many spells in this school will bring you additional units. – Illwinter

True to its name, the Conjuration school has the most Summoning spells, in Combat & Ritual form. It's not the only school with summons, however; for example, Death nations will get cheaper and potentially more useful summons out of Enchantment.

Conjuration also contains path-boosting spells that are incredibly useful in combat, at least when they can be used:

  • Phoenix Power boosts Fire Magic & Fire Resistance.
  • Summon Storm Power boosts Air Magic, but only under a Storm. (If cast without storm, the caster will get the boost if a storm starts later in the battle.)
  • Summon Water Power boosts Water Magic, but only underwater.
  • Summon Earthpower boosts Earth Magic & Reinvigoration.
  • Strength of Gaia boosts Nature Magic & provides some combat buffs, but requires more paths than the rest to cast.
  • Light of the Northern Star boosts Astral Magic, but for everyone on the field, not just the caster. It also costs 2 Astral Pearls.
  • Power of the Spheres boosts all Arcane paths that the caster has, but it also costs an Astral Pearl.

If you don't set Research goals, then all of your Research points will go to Conjuration. This isn't too bad, since Conjuration contains Summoning Rituals that are important for almost all nations, but neglecting the other schools is an easy way to fall behind later on.

Non-Summon Combat Magic

Conjuration 1

Spell Paths Description Effect
Spirit Curse death 11
The caster summons a malign spirit from the underworld and coerces it to curse an enemy. In return, it is set free to wreak havoc on the living. The spirit never joins battle. Instantly applies a Curse to a single target. It never misses.
Tangle Vines nature 11 Vines will ensnare anyone in the targeted area. The ensnared victims cannot move or attack anyone until they have destroyed the vines holding them. The stronger a victim is, the faster the vines will be destroyed and the more fertile the province is, the stronger the vines will be.
Str +DRN vs 19 to get free. The difficulty is increased or decreased by the Growth/Death scale of the province and is also increased by +1 in Forests and reduced by -1 in Wastelands.
Instantly Entraps in an AOE of 1, with the severity shown. Strength checks are possible immediately upon being Entangled and whenever the Entangled unit may take a turn.
For its relatively-short range, Tangle Vines is rather accurate.

Conjuration 2

Spell Paths Description Effect
Summon Storm Power air 11 During a storm, this spell can be used to channel the power of the storm through the mage. This enables the mage to cast more powerful Air magic spells. This spell only works during a storm.
Grants Air magic bonus +1.
Grants a +air 11 pathboost (akin to carrying a path-boosting item) in-battle, but only while the Battle Enchantment known as Storm is up. It may be cast before Storm.
Summon Water Power water 11 The mage gathers power from the surrounding water to enable him to cast more powerful Water magic spells. This spell can only be cast underwater.
Grants Water magic bonus +1.
Grants a +water 11 pathboost (akin to carrying a path-boosting item) in-battle, but may only be cast underwater.

Conjuration 3

Spell Paths Description Effect
Summon Earthpower earth 22 The Earth will lend its endurance to the mage. All Earth spells will be less demanding to cast and the mage will be constantly invigorated by the Earth's power.
Grants Earth magic bonus +1 and Reinvigoration +4.
Grants a +earth 11 pathboost (akin to carrying a path-boosting item) in-battle, along with the listed trait. The Reinvigoration is still passed on to Earth-less Communion Slaves.
Phoenix Power fire 22 This spell enables the mage to cast more powerful Fire spells and also grants him resistance to fire.
Grants Fire magic bonus +1 and Fire Resistance +5.
Grants a +fire 11 pathboost (akin to carrying a path-boosting item) in-battle, along with the listed trait. The Fire Resistance is still passed on to Fire-less Communion Slaves, though it doesn't stack with most other sources of the resistance.
Power of the Spheres astral 11
This spell makes the caster more powerful in all paths of magic.
Grants a +1 bonus to all magic paths
Grants a +fire 11air 11water 11earth 11astral 11death 11nature 11blood 11holy 11 pathboost in-battle; though, since it's akin to a path-boosting item, only paths those affected by the spell already have will be boosted.

Conjuration 4

Spell Paths Description Effect
Maggots nature 11
The mage conjures thousands of maggots, which will start to feed upon an undead being. The maggots will slowly but surely consume the undead. Large undead can survive the maggots by removing them after they have become satiated. Ethereal undead are rarely affected by the spell.
An unresistable poison effect that only targets undead.
Instantly afflicts an Undead foe with 50 nonmagical AN Poison DMG, at somewhat-short range. It never misses, except against Ethereal foes, who will dodge the spell 75% of the time. Since all Undead possess 25 Poison Resistance at base, you can expect around 25 actual poison damage to be applied.
It works underwater, where something else eats the undead.
Strength of Gaia nature 33earth 11 The caster connects himself with the might of the living Earth. This connection gives him regenerative abilities, increased strength, a rougher skin and increased Nature magic power.
Grants Nature magic bonus +1, Regeneration 10%, Barkskin and +4 str.
Grants a +nature 11 pathboost (akin to a bath-boosting item) in-battle, along with the effects of Personal Regeneration, Barkskin, and Strength of Giants (for those affected). The specific variety of Regeneration doesn't work for the Inanimate.
Light of the Northern Star astral 33
This spell makes all wizards on the battlefield more powerful in Astral magic.
Astral magic bonus +1 to entire battlefield
A Battle Enchantment that provides a +astral 11 pathboost (akin to a path-boosting item) to everyone in-battle. This works underwater and in caves, suggesting that the light comes from the caster.

Conjuration 5

Spell Paths Description Effect
Ghost Grip death 11
Howl nature 33

Conjuration 8

Spell Paths Description Effect
Wild Growth nature 44

Non-Summon Ritual Magic

Conjuration 3

Spell Paths Description Effect
Dark Knowledge death 11
The caster summons a spirit of the Underworld and coerces it to reveal knowledge of sites of Death in a distant province. The spell can not be used to find magic in enemy provinces. A Site-searching Ritual with a 3-province range. ()

Conjuration 4

Spell Paths Description Effect
Voice of Apsu water 22
The caster conjures the dreams of Apsu, the Fresh Water Underneath. He has knowledge of all sweet water. The voice of his dreams, when rightly interpreted, reveals sites of Water power located above the surface. The dreams will find their way to everyone living in the targeted province and the magical sites will no longer be hidden. A Site-searching Ritual with a 3-province range. ()
It can't be used on underwater provinces. It can be used on enemy provinces, but they'll get the results as well.

Conjuration 5

Spell Paths Description Effect
Raven Feast air 44
The caster summons an unkindness of ravens and sends them into a distant province to feast upon the newly dead. The ravens consume the rotting corpses and return to be slaughtered for the raw death essence they then contain. Provinces struck by plagues or containing recent battlefields can give the caster large amounts of Death gems. All unburied dead in a province are consumed. Enemy provinces can be targeted.
Death gems gained from a province with about 100 unburied corpses: 5. Death gems gained from a province with about 400 unburied corpses: 10.
Destroys all of the corpses in a single (land) province up to 5 provinces away, and gives you from the corpses at an inverse-exponential rate.
Wind Ride air 55
The Air mage summons a whirlwind in a province of his choice. The whirlwind will try to find a commander in the province and transport him to where the Air mage is located. This spell is an effective way to rescue cornered commanders, but it can also be a very effective way to get enemy commanders out of the way. Large beings are difficult or impossible to lift and might fall to the ground somewhere along the way, possibly dying upon impact. Powerful Earth mages are likewise difficult to transport.
Size 6 targets, Earth mages with skill 4 or more, and Ethereal beings are impossible to lift. Skilled Air mages will take less damage falling damage if the spell drops them on the way.
Moves a random Commander and their Bodyguards in the selected province, up to 3 provinces away, either directly to the caster's province or 0-to-1 provinces closer to them. Falling DMG occurs if the caster's province isn't reached; it's AN, it's halved if the target doesn't leave their province, it scales with Size (from 15 to 45), and it also scales with the target's (-5 Dmg). Bodyguards and Flying Commanders won't be hurt.
Enemy Air Mages have a +10% chance to resist movement per .
This complicated Ritual has its own page!
Voice of Tiamat water 22
The caster conjures up the dreams of Tiamat, the Raging Sea. She has knowledge of all that lies underneath the sea. The voice of her dreams, when rightly interpreted, reveals all sites of Elemental power in a sea. The dreams will find their way to everyone living in that province and the magical sites will no longer be secret. This spell can only be cast under water. A Site-searching Ritual with a 4-province range.
This only works for the ocean or lake you cast it in, and it can't be cast on land.
Vermin Feast nature 44
The caster makes vermin like rats and cockroaches (or shrimps and crabs) attracted to the supply stores of a besieged castle. The vermin will make sure that the supplies do not last very long. The more gems spent in this ritual the longer it will last. Having more than one Vermin Feast ritual active on the same province will not add to the effect and the ritual has no effect on an unbesieged castle.
Doubles the supply loss in a besieged castle.
An attack Ritual with a 4-province range, causing an event each turn that it's active (with a default of one turn) that doubles the supply loss of the besieged castle. The duration is increased by one turn for every additional put into it. As mentioned in the description, multiple castings will not stack, and this does nothing to an un-besieged castle.
Acashic Record astral 22
This spell lets the caster access the acashic records to find out the history for one nation. The spell must be targeted on a capital to give any useful information. Provides the event history of the selected province, viewed by pressing "I" while the province is selected, from up to 10 provinces away. If cast on a capital, it also provides its original owner's score graphs.
Winged Monkeys nature 33astral 22
The caster summons a troop of winged monkeys and sends them away to fetch a commander from a distant land. The monkeys will try to grab and fly away with the helpless commander, but will attack if the target is too heavy. The monkeys are afraid of mages and will never try to snatch a mage from the ground. The monkeys leave after they have accomplished their mission. A remote Assassination spell that sends 8 Independent Winged Monkeys to a non-Mage Commander or Priest up to 5 provinces away from the caster's province, though not over underwater provinces. If the target is Size 3 or smaller, the Monkeys stop after bringing the target to 100 Fatigue, and will carry them to the caster.
This spell has a page!

Conjuration 6

Spell Paths Description Effect
Acashic Knowledge astral 33
This spell lets the caster tap information from the memory of the Spheres to reveal the presence of all magical sites in a given province. The spell cannot be used to find magic sites in enemy provinces. A Site-searching Ritual with a 10-province range. (All paths, even )
Locust Swarms nature 33

Conjuration 7

Spell Paths Description Effect
Wild Hunt nature 66
Living Castle nature 44water 11

Conjuration 8

Spell Paths Description Effect
The Kindly Ones fire 66nature 44
Earth Attack earth 55
Well of Misery death 66

Conjuration 9

Spell Paths Description Effect
Enchanted Forests nature 77
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