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Winged Monkeys

Winged Monkeys is a nature 33astral 22 ritual at Conjuration 5 that costs 10naturegem. The spell is a remote attack that sends Winged Monkeys to abduct an enemy commander.

A random non-mage enemy commander in the chosen province is targeted. Priests can be targeted as long as they don't have any magic paths. An assassination battle happens between the commander and 8 Winged Monkeys, whose sleep touch inflicts MR-negated fatigue damage. If the commander reaches 100 fatigue and is not larger than size 3, the assassination is interrupted and the commander carried to the caster's province, where it will fight any patrolling troops and province defence.


Due to its high cost and requirements, Winged Monkeys is only situationally useful. It can be used against an unsuspecting player to target army commanders, resulting in the army's troops staying while vulnerable mages move on without troop support.

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