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Battle Enchantment

Battle enchantments are spells like Light of the Northern Star and Storm that create an ongoing effect that affects the entire battlefield until the caster leaves the battlefield by any means. Typically this occurs through death or retreat, but can more rarely happen through returning or becoming banished to another plane.

These generally require gems, a lot of fatigue, and high paths, but can be extremely powerful. Some battlefield enchantments do continual damage to all units of a particular type; these are particularly powerful if your army is resistant or immune but the enemy's army is not. Examples of these include Rigor Mortis, Foul Vapors, Fire Storm, and Wrathful Skies.

Battle Enchantment Paths Gems Research Effect
Light of the Northern Star astral 33 2astralpearl Conjuration 4 +1 Astral to all astral mages on the battlefield.
Howl nature 33 3naturegem Conjuration 5 Wolves gradually appear on the battlefield edges and fight for the caster. Twice as many appear in forests or mountains.
Shark Attack water 33 3watergem Conjuration 6 Sharks appear at the edge of the battlefield when wounded. They mostly, but not always, attack enemies.
Solar Eclipse fire 33astral 11 1firegem Alteration 5 The battlefield becomes dark, applying darkness penalties of -3 to attack, defence, and precision.
Darkness death 44 4deathgem Alteration 6 The battlefield becomes dark, applying darkness penalties of -6 to attack, defence, and precision.
Rain water 22 1watergem Evocation 2 It starts to rain on the battlefield. Heat aura effect is reduced, Fire magic fatigue is doubled. Creatures on fire are very likely to stop burning quickly. If cast in cold it snows instead, which does not double fire magic fatigue.
Mist air 33 1airgem Evocation 3 Base precision is halved, rounding down.
Storm air 44 1airgem Evocation 4 Flight is prevented for all creatures without storm immunity. 50% of missiles are lost. All creatures without storm immunity have their precision halved. Also applies Rain.
Wrathful Skies air 55 2airgem Evocation 6 Strikes 0.3% of the battlefield with 15 AN shock damage every 320 ticks. Storm doubles the area struck.
Wailing Winds death 44air 11 2deathgem Evocation 6 Strikes 5% of the battlefield with a strength 1 Fear effect every 320 ticks. Does not affect friendlies.
Rain of Stones earth 33air 11 1earthgem Evocation 7 Every 320 ticks, strikes 1% of the battlefield with falling stones that inflict 5 nonmagical blunt damage to a creature in the affected square. Appears to be more likely to hit heads.
Fire Storm fire 55 3firegem Evocation 7 Strikes 3% of the battlefield with 6 AP fire damage every 320 ticks.
Acid Storm water 44fire 11 3watergem Evocation 7 Strikes 3% of the battlefield with 4 AP acid damage every 320 ticks.
Astral Tempest astral 55 2astralpearl Evocation 8 Every 320 ticks: Strikes 2% of the battlefield with 1 AN magic damage, negated by MR. Additionally strikes 4% of the battlefield with a difficult MR effect that may interrupt casting.
Meteor Shower earth 55astral 44 3earthgem Evocation 9 Every 320 ticks, makes five rolls each with a 15% chance of success. Each success drops a meteor randomly on the battlefield which inflicts 150 magical blunt damage.1)
Quagmire water 44 1watergem Enchantment 5 Creatures without swamp survival have -1 attack, -1 defence, +2 encumbrance, and -20% combat speed.
Friendly Currents water 33 1watergem Enchantment 5
Foul Vapors nature 33water 11 1naturegem Enchantment 5 Strikes 1% of the battlefield with 5 AN poison damage every 320 ticks.
Rigor Mortis death 44 3deathgem Enchantment 6 Strikes 3% of the battlefield with 10 AN fatigue damage every 320 ticks. Undead and inanimates are unaffected.
Relief nature 55 1naturegem Enchantment 6 All friendlies lose 1 fatigue per round.
Heat from Hell fire 44 2firegem Enchantment 6 Strikes 3% of the battlefield with AN fire fatigue damage every 320 ticks. The amount of damage dealt is 5+Heat scale, -3 if raining. Does nothing if Grip of Winter is also active.
Grip of Winter water 44 2watergem Enchantment 6 Strikes 3% of the battlefield with AN cold fatigue damage every 320 ticks. The amount of damage dealt is 4+Cold scale. Does nothing if Heat from Hell is also active.
Solar Brilliance astral 55 3astralpearl Enchantment 7 Every 320 ticks: 5% of the battlefield must make an easy MR check or become blinded. 5% of the battlefield is struck for 5 AP damage if undead.
Mists of Deception air 66 2airgem Enchantment 8 Applies Mist. Summons 1 phantasm per turn for each air level of the caster.
Fields of the Dead death 55earth 22 1deathgem Enchantment 9
Demon Cleansing water 55 1watergem Enchantment 9 All demons on the battlefield take double damage.
The Ravenous Swarm nature 33 1naturegem Thaumaturgy 5 A random undead target takes 7 AN damage per round. If there are no undead, it begins attacking the living instead.
Growing Fury nature 44 1naturegem Thaumaturgy 5
Soul Drain astral 55death 55 5astralpearl Thaumaturgy 8 3% of the battlefield suffers 2 AN magical life steal every 320 ticks. Magic resistance avoids the damage.
Blood Rain blood 33 3bloodslave Blood 7 All units on the battlefield suffer -4 morale.
Divine Channeling holy 55 All friendly holy 11 priests gain +1 holy level.
Dance of the Morrigans (EA Fomoria) death 55air 22 4deathgem Conjuration 8
The Ark Caused by the presence of the The Ark artifact in battle. FIXME Strikes 3% of the battlefield every 320 ticks with an MR negating effect that applies blindness and some amount of AN magic damage.
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