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nyeh Demons are types of units with a number of properties. They require undead leadership, but are not subject to the Banishment line of holy spells. They are also unaffected by a number of other undead-only counters, such as Dust to Dust and Wither Bones. Instead, they have some of their own counters.

Non-national spells which counter demons are:

A number of items also have significant bonuses versus demons. These include:

  • Holy Scourge (x3 DMG, Undead too)
  • Just Man's Cross (x3 DMG, Undead too)
  • Flambeau (x3 DMG, Undead too)
  • Herald Lance (x3 DMG, Undead too)
  • Demon Bane (x2 DMG)
  • Bell of Cleansing (nukes Demons and Undead near the holder)
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