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Heat Aura

Units with a heat aura radiate heat into squares surrounding them. The ability value denotes the base size of the aura, which is increased by one by each level of Fire magic they have and by one for each point of Heat scales, but decreased by cold scales. The aura inflicts 2 points of armor negating heat fatigue damage three times per turn to anyone in the affected squares. Heat resistance counts double against this damage because it is fatigue damage.

Units with a resist fire(3) or greater are practically immune to the effects of heat Aura.

FIXME Less effective in Rain

FIXME don't work underwater exept for partiular units like Flame Jelly


The ability to quickly induce fatigue penalties during a protracted fight is very helpful. the enemy also has a higher chance to become ignited if they stand near them for too long.

This tactic of fatiguing the enemy works even better when fighting with a large group of heat aura units, as the amount of damage an enemy takes from each aura stacks.

Be aware of your units will also be affected if they are in a heat aura without heat Resistance.

Going heat is a greater way to leverage your scales if going in with heat aura units, As it increases how much heat a unit takes before getting into combat and effects a greater radius of them.

Note that Having a High cold in a province of the battle is a way to reduce their effect.

Chill auras do become a wasted ability if your enemy has or can give his units heat Resistance.

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